6 tips to improve the taste of your cocktails

Whether you’re throwing a small party or pulling out all the stops for an event, one surefire way to create a memorable evening is to serve the best cocktails. Cocktails are fancy cocktails; they are a combination of liqueurs, bitters, sweeteners and ice. These drinks are always popular with people who love this kind of drinks. Let your visitors taste these appetizing cocktails and enjoy every moment of the occasion!

Making these drinks on your own might not be as easy and good as the ones you get at a bar. However, it is still possible to do so if you have the right ingredients, tools and equipment, such as a cocktail smoker, shaker and shot glass. Here are some tips to improve the taste of your cocktails.

1. Chill your glassware

One of the most important parts of creating a delicious cocktail is minimizing dilution. Chill your glassware beforehand in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. You can also try a quicker method by filling the glass with ice or ice water and letting it sit for a minute while you prepare for the drink.

The cool glass contributes to the excellence and pleasure of cocktails. It keeps your cocktail cold longer without diluting your ingredients and gives a nice frost to the glass. Thus, do not forget to do so when preparing this drink.

2. Measure ingredients

Use a stainless steel jigger to ensure you make better cocktails. It’s all about measuring your beverage ingredients correctly and consistently. You will be able to get the same cocktail each time you serve it to your visitors. If you don’t, your cocktails will taste different and people might complain about the inconsistency in taste. Once you measure correctly and use the correct technique, everyone will enjoy your cocktail.

3. Use fresh ice

When it comes to making cocktails, ice matters. After chilling a cocktail, serve it over fresh ice to lock in your desired flavor. You must use ice cubes that measure at least one inch on a side. Crescent-shaped ice that comes out of ice makers and mini cubes are discouraged. However, those of your ice cube trays that make large, thick ice cubes are the best to use. Also, it’s a good idea to have a container that you can put ice cubes in from your tray. This allows you to prepare a lot of ice cubes when preparing your cocktails. Adding lots of ice makes your cocktail colder and the ice lasts longer, so there will be less dilution, giving you a more enjoyable experience.

4. Prepare the cocktail garnish

Details always matter, even when making cocktails. Make your cocktails beautiful and tasty with a nice garnish. It can add some flavor to drinks, although its main purpose is ornamental. Depending on the recipe you are preparing, take the opportunity to get creative. You can add a pinch of spice, a plump cherry, a sprig of mint, a slice of lemon, or an orange wedge. The garnish is a necessary part of a well-presented cocktail, so be sure to prepare it ahead of time and execute it well at your cocktail party.

5. Learn some shaking and stirring techniques

Almost all cocktails are made by shaking them with ice in a cocktail shaker or by stirring the contents over ice in a mixing glass. Agitation is the recommended mixing technique for non-carbonated beverages. This is also done when a drink contains dairy, citrus, and other ingredients that require vigorous stirring. Thus, you need to invest in a cocktail shaker. On the other hand, some drinks simply need to be mixed. You can stir a cocktail with an extra-long bar spoon or a cocktail stirrer. This technique is used for beverages containing only alcohol. Indeed, the right way to mix a cocktail depends on its ingredients.

6. Practice more

As they say, practice makes perfect. Don’t be disappointed or depressed when you don’t get the cocktails taste right on your first try. Keep practicing and know that each drink helps improve your mixing skills. You just have to be patient and take your time to learn all the techniques well.


Cocktails are one of the favorite drinks of many. It makes an event livelier and more joyful whenever there are cocktails served. If you want to learn how to improve the taste of your cocktails, apply these useful tips specified above. Your drinks will improve instantly and you will learn various proper techniques. It takes a lot of practice, though, but you’ll get there and you’ll make it perfect. So prepare the best cocktails for your next gathering and show off some of your mixing skills!

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