A newspaper for the visually impaired needs volunteers

A JOURNAL service that caters specifically to the visually impaired is looking for volunteers to help relaunch the service after a difficult period of confinement.

Ayrshire Talking newspaper has lost many members and listeners throughout the pandemic, but now hopes to attract people for a variety of roles including sound engineer, reader and secretary.

Working in partnership with the Kilmarnock Blind Club, which restarts on Monday, September 20 at 1pm, the newspaper sees itself as a “lifeline” for many.

Rikki Farquharson, Production Manager at Ayrshire Recording Services, said: “The Talking Newspaper is a vital service for the visually impaired, they say it’s a lifeline for knowing what news and events are local.

“It seems difficult to find the right volunteers, in fact we have no interest in advertising on all social media platforms. We are looking for three sound engineers to produce, edit and work with two players. Training will be given. It’s really fun.

“We are also looking for a professional secretary to help us communicate with the business sector, write letters and send emails on our behalf. It would benefit our charity to find funding to expand and develop our services. Another volunteer would be great if they are good at video and audio promoting videos for our YouTube channel.

“These positions would be suitable for anyone with a few hours a week, whether a student learning the television and radio trade or a retiree.

Visit Ayrshire Talking Newspaper on Facebook.

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