Adonit’s new iPad and iPhone stylus is also a voice recorder


A little like Apple AirTag, Apple Pencil was a product this has happened and has largely decimated much of the competition. Adonit is a company that has continued to deliver all kinds Apple Pencil alternatives, but the last goes even further. Adonit AI-Vocal not only leverages iPad palm rejection technology like Logitech Crayon and others, it sports a secondary mode that also allows it to behave like an iPhone stylus. An even more notable addition is the built-in voice recorder, which has enough internal memory to hold nine hours of audio. Read on to find out more.

Adonit’s new iPad and iPhone stylus is also a voice recorder

Adonit AI-Vocal is the company’s latest digital writing and drawing tool. It officially supports the palm reject mode found on most modern iPads, but with the push of a button it converts into an iPhone stylus ready to work with any screen. tactile.

Two integrated omnidirectional microphones also allow it to function as a voice recorder with “professional DSP noise reduction technology”. Adonit boasts that he can pick up intelligible sound “up to 2 meters away”. There’s 2GB of internal storage, which the company cites as enough to hold nine hours of recordings.

Using the Adonit One app, audio can be converted to text along with several other functions. Adonit AI-Vocal has enough battery to withstand 12 hours of continuous use before needing to be recharged. As you hope, a USB-C cable can accomplish this task.

Pricing and availability

Adonit AI-Vocal is now available for pre-order. Initial shipments are scheduled to ship on May 18. The price is fixed at $ 84.99, which allows it to easily reduce the cost of both first and 2nd generation Apple Pencil models. Although not as profitable like Logitech Crayon, Adonit AI-Vocal works with the iPad and also works as an iPhone stylus. A built-in voice recorder also contributes to the overall value.

Taking 9to5Toys

The versatility and cost of Adonit AI-Vocal certainly make it a notable competitor in the iPad and iPhone stylus space. While existing iPad Pro and new ipad air owners will probably prefer Apple pencil 2 given its ability to attach magnetically to the side, Adonit AI-Vocal could make a lot of sense to almost anyone.

All the features are hard to ignore. Rumors teased the idea that the iPhone will receive Apple Pencil support multiple times, but nothing concrete or convincing has yet surfaced. This could allow Adonit AI-Vocal to become one of the best stylus solutions for iPhone. Only time will tell.

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