All-in-one drum mixer plug-in

Harrison consoles and distribution partner Plugivery announced the new AVA Drum Flow, All-in-one AAX / AU / VST / VST3 drum mixer plug-in from Harrison Consoles, for macOS / Windows / Linux platforms. Here’s what they have to say about it …

AVA Drum Flow is a channel strip plug-in designed for drum mixing. It contains 6 routable processing elements and a master section with input, output and routing controls.

Items included are:

  • Drum Character: A unique equalizer that detects drum hit transients and allows the attack and tail sections of the envelope to be individually equalized.
  • Expander / Gate: A versatile dynamics processor that can be used as an expander or gate.
  • Signal Generator: A triggered signal generator that can synthesize various types of signals to enhance drum hits.
  • Compressor: A simple yet effective compressor with Ratio, Attack, Release and Makeup controls.
  • 32C Channel EQ: An emulation of Harrison’s famous 32C channel strip equalizer.
  • Filters: a pair of high pass and low pass filters.

In detail :

Drum character:
The Drum Character is an equalizer that detects the transients of drum hits and allows you to equalize their attack and tail ranges separately.

Expander / Gate:
The Expander / Gate is a dynamics processor that attenuates signals below a set threshold. This is useful for removing unwanted portions of a signal that have been picked up due to microphone purging.

Signal generator:
The Signal Generator provides a convenient way to enhance drum hits with different types of synthesized signals, such as white noise on a snare drum or a low frequency sine wave on a bass drum. The generated signal is fed through a gate which is disabled from the main input allowing the signal to be triggered on battery hits. The generated signal can then be mixed with the main input signal in parallel using the Wet and Dry faders.

The compressor is based on the Harrison Mixbus channel strip compressor with the addition of attack and release controls.

32C Channel Equalizer:
The 32C channel equalizer is modeled after the analog equalizer found on the Harrison 32C channel strip. It has four bands with frequency and gain controls, optional high and low shelf filters, and an output tuning control.

The Filter module contains a low-pass filter (LPF) and a high-pass filter (HPF) with variable slopes. Set the corner frequencies of the filters by adjusting their frequency knobs or entering values ​​directly into the corresponding frequency control labels.

Module commands:
Processing elements are separated into modules which can each be individually bypassed, soloed, and reset using the following controls on the top bar of each module.

The Reset button resets all the parameters of a module to their default states.

The Solo button bypasses all processing outside of the soloed plug-in, with the exception of the main controls (polarity, input and output trim). This allows individual modules to be auditioned exclusively without hearing the effects of any of the other modules.

The In button toggles the activation of each module. If disabled, a plug-in’s processing is bypassed and its effects will not be heard.

Main control section:
The main controls consist of the Input, Output, and Routing sections at the bottom of the Plug-in Editor. The controls in these sections allow you to reverse the input polarity, adjust the input and output trim, and set the routing order between processing elements.

AVA Drum Flow is available from pro-audio resellers worldwide for an introductory price of $ 89 (listing $ 179).

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