Amazon Alexa: Tiktoker Finds Folder With Thousands Of Audio Recordings From Gadgets

An Amazon user revealed her shock when she discovered thousands of voice clips she claims the company collected from their devices.

A woman who owns several Amazon gadgets was shocked to find out how much the tech giant has collected about her.

The woman, who is called on TikTok, posted a now-viral video explaining that she asked to see what data Amazon collected about her, but didn’t expect to receive so much .

“I requested all of Amazon’s data on me and this is what I found,” she said in the video.

She revealed that she has three Amazon smart speakers. Two are Amazon Dot speakers and one is an Echo device.

Her house also contains smart bulbs.

“When I downloaded the ZIP file, those were all the folders that came with it,” she said.

She then clicked on the audio file and revealed thousands of short voice clips that she claims Amazon collected from their smart speakers.

She described them as “so scary” and played one of them talking about turning on a light.

There would be 3534 short audio clips in this single file.

She also received a “Contacts” file.

“Turns out they have a full list of my contacts from my phone and I never remember syncing it,” she said.

“The very last thing I didn’t know they had, I would have assumed they had it but I don’t like them having is my location.”

She revealed another file that apparently showed the exact location of her Alexa smart speakers.

The social media star often makes videos about data privacy and technology.

“I’m not totally comfortable with everything they have,” she said.

The video has been viewed millions of times.

A shocked viewer wrote: “It’s scary that people with Echo Dots and Alexas etc don’t know that Amazon is recording you and keeping the records.”

Another joked, “Can someone explain to me why this is ‘scary’? I’m not interesting enough to care if they have my contacts or the audio.

An Amazon spokesperson said, “We give customers transparency and control over their Alexa experience.

“Customers can easily view and delete their voice recordings, or choose not to record them at all, at any time.

“Customers can import their contacts on their mobile phone into the Alexa app so they can use features like hands-free calling and messaging; this optional feature, which customers must configure, can be disabled at any time.

“Finally, you can allow the Alexa app to use certain data, such as the geolocation of your mobile device, to deliver relevant results (eg weather, traffic, restaurant recommendations), and you can manage these permissions in the app. “

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reprinted with permission

Originally posted as “So scary”: Woman Stunned by Amazon Hidden Files

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