American Idol winner Laine Hardy faces arrest; left audio recorder in LSU student’s room, source says | Entertainment/Life

LSU police were planning to arrest American Idol winner Laine Hardy on Friday, and a source told The Advocate it was related to a complaint that he listened to a student with a recording device.

A source, who requested anonymity because she was not authorized to discuss the matter before Hardy’s official treatment, spoke out the morning after Hardy posted a generic statement on his Facebook page saying that LSU police were investigating the allegations against him.

University records show that a complaint was recently filed alleging unlawful interception and disclosure of wire, electronic or oral communications. The offense is punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and a prison term of 2 to 10 years. It was not immediately clear whether Hardy’s arrest stemmed from that complaint.

Hardy’s statement Thursday did not address the nature of the charge.

“Earlier today, I received a warrant due to allegations against me and have fully cooperated with the Louisiana State University Police Department,” he posted Thursday. evening. “I understand that my career has propelled me into the public spotlight, and I wholeheartedly embrace that because my whole world belongs to my music and my fans.

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“However, due to the sensitive nature of this allegation, I humbly request privacy at this time. I have the utmost respect for the law and will assist in their investigation if necessary to move forward. forward,” the post said.

The type of device used was not known, although modern technology easily allows remote monitoring. Smart speakers and similar devices are constantly “listening” to a word to “wake it up”, and recordings can be listened to remotely via online accounts. Other recorder types are always on.

Hardy, 21, was born in Baton Rouge but now lives in Livingston Parish. He shot to fame in 2019 when he became the first Louisiana native to win the American Idol crown in the singing contest’s season 17 finale.

TV listings show he is to appear on American Idol on Monday as part of a 20th anniversary special.

This is a developing story.

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