Asmongold Calls YouTube Gaming: “Mixer Was Better”

Asmongold is one of Twitch’s top creators and known for sharing his opinion on a wide variety of topics. From politics to World of Warcraft, the founder of OTK is never afraid to give his opinion. And in a broadcast on April 28, the Twitch star shared his thoughts on YouTube Gaming while watching a video from popular YouTube streamer Ludwig.

The discussion began when a viewer of Asmongold’s chat informed him that Ludwig had uploaded a video discussing the monetization changes reported by Twitch. Asmongold was immediately on board to react to the 10-minute video uploaded to Ludwig’s Mogul Mail channel, explaining he was “curious” to see what the YouTube content creator had to say.

Near the end of the video, Ludwig compares Twitch and YouTube Gaming, saying the Amazon-owned platform has “more to offer” new creators, especially in terms of discoverability. He went on to point out that YouTube’s live streaming section isn’t the best bet for viewers to find a creator that matches their interests. That’s when Asmongold decided to step in with harsh words for the platform.

“Ludwig is under contract; non-disparagement clause. I’m not,” the streamer said. “It’s fucking garbage; it’s absolute garbage; this is probably the worst thing i have ever seen. Mixer was better than that, and Mixer is in the toilet. If YouTube was built around live streaming, it would be trash. Fix it tomorrow.

Although Ludwig can’t explicitly say it himself, the content creator most likely agrees with Asmongold, at least somewhat. He even had a browser extension built that makes his YouTube Gaming chat look more like Twitch.

Despite the platform’s shortcomings, many top Twitch streamers continue to switch to YouTube Gaming. Massive streamers like Valkyrae, DrLupo, and Timthetatman are just a few of the many who have flocked to its shores.

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