Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer (MicLive 6-CH, UC8000) Reviews

Podcasting as we know it today is much easier to get into than it was when I started my first podcast 16 years ago. The equipment was larger, required all types of cables and the software was not very user friendly. Today, we have products like the Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer that allow you to easily create a quality podcast on the go or without setting up a full home studio.
For the past few years, everyone has either started a podcast, been on a podcast, or live-streamed their epic gaming battles. I had my first podcast in 2006 – and we didn’t have as many audio options as we do today. This was before USB mics became popular, and finding hardware that plugged into a computer was prohibitively expensive. Today, joining the world of podcasting is much more accessible.

Let’s take Aten Podcast AI, Audio Mixer, for a spin and see how it works.

Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer Specifications

Price: $277
Sampling rate: 24 bit 96 kHz
Weight: 0.93 pounds
Size: 5.14 x 7.12 x 2.47 inches
Power supply: 48V phantom power

Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer MicLive 6-CH Price and Availability

The list price of the Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer is $277, but I found it for sale on Advantage for $185, which is good value for what this little blender can do. In the box you will find the Podcast AI audio mixer, a USB-C cable and a user manual.

Design Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer MicLive 6-CH

The Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer (6-Channel MicLive, UC8000) is made entirely of sturdy black and white plastic and the visual aesthetic is clean and simple. When you look at it, the control knobs and buttons sit on the main flat surface with an easy-to-read white font.

Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer (MicLive 6-CH, UC8000) Reviews

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XLR, 3.5mm and USB-C input ports run along the rear edge.

Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer (MicLive 6-CH, UC8000) Reviews

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The two 3.5mm headphone jacks are on the right side.

Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer (MicLive 6-CH, UC8000) Reviews

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Weighing just 0.93 pounds and measuring a tiny 5.14 x 7.12 x 2.47 inches, you can throw the mixer in your backpack, along with a mic and a laptop, and you’re ready to podcast from scratch. anywhere.

Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer MicLive 6-CH Audio Recording Quality

I opened the box, took everything out and got straight to the point. I settled in like I was a mobile podcast from a cafe. I pulled out my laptop, plugged it into the Aten, plugged in an XLR mic and started the free audio recording software – and I was off to the races.

Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer (MicLive 6-CH, UC8000) Reviews

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Podcast AI audio mixer has 24bit 96kHz sample rate, so you will get quality audio recording with it. Especially when using an XLR mic, record great sound – and I did. The XLR mic was powered by the mixer’s phantom power, which is drawn from your computer, in this case the HP ZBook Studio G8. Since I was using my laptop unplugged it drained my battery faster, but I got a good hour and a half of recording time while testing out all the different EQ features and sound effects like laughs and the applause of the crowd. The Auto Ducking function worked perfectly when I recorded music, lowering the melody so that my voice was in the spotlight.

You can use 24 different pre-programmed vocal effects. I quickly played with them and they worked well. Honestly, the Aten Podcast AI audio mixer would be perfect for beginner podcasters and streamers. I found my recordings to be crisp, clear and fun thanks to the built-in effects. Buttons and knobs are easy to control, solidly built and sturdy. The soft touch pads are nice without being too squishy. Input level knob rotation is continuous with no minimum or maximum physical limit. Some may prefer pots that have a limit, but in this case I don’t mind as I can hear the difference in levels while monitoring the audio. The two headphone outputs on the side of the device worked well and provided excellent audio quality while monitoring my recording.

When I listened to my mock self-interview, the recording matched the quality of a small studio. It sounded like most podcasts you hear today.

Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer MicLive 6-CH Software

Aten OnAir audio software is user-friendly with a clear and self-explanatory interface. You have full control over every aspect of your recording. It’s so simple, it’s foolproof. With the software soundboard, you can control volume, mute microphones and external audio sources, implement special effects, and add reverb if desired.

It’s not as robust as something like the Rode Procaster Pro II, but at less than a third of the cost it offers many of the same features in miniature.


If you are looking to start a podcast or if a member of your family wants to start one, the Aten Podcast AI audio mixer is a perfect starter option. It is a good device to get started in podcasting and will allow you to record quality podcast audio at a reasonable price. The mixer has enough basic features that even budding young podcasters will find it easy to use while giving you a few more advanced tools to grow with. . It may lack some of the most powerful tools you’ll find from competitors, but with its blend of portability, audio quality, user-friendly software, and affordability, the Aten Podcast AI Audio Mixer is a great choice for beginners. .

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