Axalta opens a new finishing plant in the Netherlands

6. Oct 2021 | Markets & Companies

Axalta officially opened its new plant in the Netherlands with the intention of further strengthening its refinish business in the Netherlands.

Axalta’s facilities are located in the Medel de Tiel business park.

Image source: Axalta.

The facility in the Municipality of Tiel is intended to enable Axalta to provide more customers with paint and non-paint products and services.

The facility includes the new Dutch Academy of Axalta Refinish, which is an innovative body shop environment for training bodybuilders. It also features the recently released Daisy Wheel 3.0, which for the first time enables fully automated end-to-end color mixing and works seamlessly with Axalta’s digital color management.

Automated warehouse

A separate mixing room – part of Axalta’s direct distribution point – is fitted with a dual paint mixer to make it quick and easy for customers who need large amounts of top coatings. The new facility also includes expanded three-storey offices and a large automated warehouse.

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