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The grade 12 student turned a partially filled 500 ml plastic bottle 37 times in 60 seconds.

An Indian teenager broke the world record for the most flips of a plastic bottle in 60 seconds.

Joel Mathew, a 12th grade student at GEMS United Indian School in Abu Dhabi, received his Guinness World Records title on Monday, after beating American Josh Horton’s feat of 27 bottle flips in 60 seconds.


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Horton had achieved his feat blindfolded.

Mathew was also blindfolded and managed to flip a partially filled 500ml plastic water bottle 37 times in 60 seconds, breaking Horton’s record.

The challenge was to flip the bottle so that it did a 360-degree somersault and then land upright on a table.

An ecstatic Mathew told the Khaleej Times he saw a video online five years ago that inspired him to take up the challenge.

“I saw a video online where I saw a youngster take this trick of flipping a partially filled bottle on a table several times. I found it quite interesting and unique. Soon I started to practice. However, I saw something more difficult last year. I watched Horton do the same flips blindfolded – so I too decided to try and set a new world record, ”said Mathew.

He added that he has been honing his skills to flip a bottle for an hour and a half a day for the past five years.

Last year, he improved his game and tried it blindfolded, including a two-hour daily routine.

Elaborating on the difficult aspects of the record, he said: “The hardest part was finding the bottle after it landed because I was blindfolded. So I had to focus on the sound of the bottle landing. take the bottle from the table.

In January, he sent the video to the Guinness World Records team.

The video shows him turning the partially filled plastic water bottle upside down on a table blindfolded. On the table is a timer, which ticks off the seconds steadily as Mathew flips the bottle over and over, causing it to land like a straight wand.

His father, who recorded the video, can be heard counting the number of flips for Mathew as he tried to break the world record.

Mathew’s learning of the feat once again emphasized that hard work is the key to success.


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“Now I understand the meaning of the moral aphorism: practice makes a person perfect. It paid me rich dividends. Concentration and focus are the two principles that have played an important role in my success. Since I was blindfolded, I had to be very focused on my movements, such as the swing, the action and the force required to land the bottle vertically, ”said Mathew, a computer science student.

He said he was inspired to break more records, including 50 bottle flips in three minutes, and that too while blindfolded.

The management of the Indian school GEMS United are delighted with Mathew’s success and urged him to organize a training session for other students to hone their skills in flipping bottles.

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