Blogger’s Park: Mixing Bollywood and Animation

The success of exciting movie-inspired IPs like Golmaal Jr. and Fukrey Boyzzz has proven that Bollywood and animation go perfectly.

By Abhishek Dutta

It is common to make an entry with the question, “Swagat nahi karoge hamara? or calm your nerves with a quick, “All it’s going well “. These dialogues are anchored in our minds, whatever the age of the films. Over time, the fascination with all things Bollywood has transcended the big screen and is creatively repackaged for television, especially for young fans. There are many collaborations between youth content platforms and film production houses. Bollywood-inspired shows offer memorable celebrity-inspired characters with potentially limitless and never-before-seen storylines. This offers relevant local content for fans and promising prospects for advertisers.

Children today are exposed to a multitude of content, online and offline. So a fan-focused strategy works best to grab and hold their attention. In the context of our country, this translates into characters inspired by India and local stories that evoke familiarity. With local content as an anchor, there are now well-defined genres such as burlesque, slice of life, action-adventure, magic / fantasy, and silent comedies, among others.

In the quest to identify genres that appeal to younger fans, Bollywood has been discovered – a treasure trove of inherently local and relatable stories, waiting to be exploited by the animation industry.

Bollywood and the big money

The success of exciting IPs inspired by cinema like Golmaal Jr. and Fukrey boyzzz have proven that Bollywood and animation go hand in hand. Creating multiple shorter stories and episodes using the characters, their universes, and nuances of a 2.5-hour film is not without its challenges, including making the content child-friendly, but the process is well worth it. worth it.

The enthusiasm around Bollywood-inspired programming is not limited to the country’s young viewers, but also extends to the advertising and marketing landscape. The mass appeal of a Bollywood-inspired animated show can turn into several lucrative advertising vehicles.

Tentpole shows can guarantee opportunities for brand integration, licensing partnerships and the production of branded content. It’s no wonder, then, that Bollywood-inspired content is now launching on all major children’s TV channels, with an increase in advertiser interest at the same time.

Otherwise, why does it work? TV content thrives in the conventional living room setting, where the whole family consumes content together. Considering that 98% of India still has households with only one television, co-viewing is a defining feature of the television industry.

The trend of co-viewing children’s content means intergenerational promotion for marketers, who can showcase their brands to younger and older family members, increasing advertising potential.

The road ahead

What has also helped this evolution of children’s content is the concurrent development of the animation industry. Indian animators are a wealth of talent, and it is thanks to their skills that the transition from characters from the big screen to the animated world is possible.

Animation has become more sophisticated; the plots became more understandable, and the characters – they were iconic to begin with. Add to that a catchy title song created with the musical pillars of Bollywood, and there’s a recipe for success with just the right amount of film. tadka to satisfy the palates of our young viewers.

The future will not be short of blockbuster animated content derived from popular Bollywood films. As this genre continues to evolve, we can also expect the most admired movie franchises from across the country to be turned into animations that retain the spirit of the original characters while telling new stories with new narratives. . It’s just a matter of time!

The author is responsible for the South Asia Network, Cartoon Network and Pogo

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