Bungie Used Mac And Cheese To Record Audio For Destiny 2’s Parasite Exotic

Bungie used the sound of mac and cheese when recording audio for the exotic Parasite.

The Witch Queen introduced a ton of new content to Destiny 2, including new exotic weapons. One such weapon is the Parasite, a grenade launcher that fires swarming worms at enemies, then explodes in a cloud of slime. As you can imagine from this description, it’s a pretty unique weapon that requires a unique sound.

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As reported by GamesRadar+, the Parasite’s silent noises come from macaroni and cheese. In a panel interview, Bungie audio lead Evan Buehler revealed the startling news when asked about the audio design behind some of the new weapons.


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Buehler said, “With Parasite, the Wormcaster, some of the sounds incorporated are sounds you might find around your home. I know if you’ve ever made fresh pasta, especially beef and cheese macaroni, and you mixed them around a bit, some of those sounds were used to create that. Maybe not so great or weird, but it’s something you can experience or understand at home.

That’s not the only audio detail revealed about the Parasite. Buehler also revealed the work that went into creating the worm’s voice: “That’s the kind of question we always have to answer with an extension like this. We’re going to say, what does a worm sound like? the voice actor that’s voicing it, that’s a lot of the character you hear and then there’s a lot of audio processing that’s going on to make it sound a certain way, it’s kind of a collaboration between processing and the actor to make it sound the way we want it to sound. Our intention is to make it interesting and memorable when this worm speaks.

If this news surprises you, you might want to go find out how they make some of the sounds you hear in bloody games like Mortal Kombat.

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