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  • Technology continues to change the way music is created, discovered and experienced.
  • Insider asked industry professionals and readers to name the most innovative music startups to watch.
  • Here are 14 companies that made our list and how they’re impacting the music world.

Technology is constantly transforming the way music is created, discovered and heard.

From the rise of radio to MTV, Spotify, Apple Music and now TikTok, artists and labels have been forced to adapt to the latest technologies to run their businesses.

“When you had the radio, you could drink and dine some people,” said Stefan Heinrich Henriquez, co-founder of music-making app and former TikTok executive. “You can’t influence that much anymore. All you have is a TikTok algorithm that you can’t really control.”

Some technological changes are democratizing the music industry. Social media, for example, has allowed any artist to be discovered. He continues to be a mainstay in music promotion, influencing everything from artist discovery to record sales.

Other developments are changing the way music is created, distributed and owned.

A new breed of startups like are building platforms that make it easier for the average person to create music. Companies like UnitedMasters and Epidemic Sound are developing new ways to distribute music. And some upstarts like Royal and Stationhead are helping to forge closer bonds between fans and artists – even allowing people to own pieces of their favorite song.

Insider asked readers and music industry professionals to name the most innovative companies to watch for our inaugural list of music startups. Whether through technology, data or social media, these companies are reinventing what it means to produce and consume music.

The 14 startups are listed below, in alphabetical order:

China-hifi-Audio Unveils Willsenton R8 Audiophile Tube Amplifiers Equipped with High-Quality Components for Quality Audio Production Mon, 26 Sep 2022 23:11:23 +0000

China-hifi-Audio presents a good range of premium audiophile tube amplifiers such as vacuum tube hi-fi stereo integrated amplifiers, high-end CD players, cables, audiophile valve preamps, power amps or speakers.

China-hifi-Audio offers the widest selection of audiophile tube amplifiers, including vacuum tube hi-fi stereo integrated amplifiers, high-end CD players, cables, audiophile valve preamps, power or speakers from all major brands. This store has one of the best international selections customers will find on the web, with over 10 years of experience selling to thousands of satisfied customers around the world. While it offers many audiophile tube amplifiers for sale online, it also cares about its customers and provides them with 12 months warranty service. All items sold on their site are original and genuine factory direct items while offering the cheapest and easiest shipping options. They guarantee that all transactions are 100% safe and secure when using credit cards or PayPal accounts, so customers can shop with confidence on their site. Customers can always get a quick response from their professional customer service staff on every inquiry or inquiry regarding audiophile tube amplifiers. They also provide technical support to every customer for proper installation, operation and maintenance.

One system that stands out is the Willsenton R8. This is one of the most affordable tube amplifiers in this store and its quality is on par with more expensive products. With its handcrafted output transformers and high-quality tubes, this tube amp is no gimmick. It not only provides excellent sound, but also has a solid construction and provides a very entertaining sound experience in users’ homes. This affordable tube amp is ideal for those looking for low distortion, wide dynamic range and the ability to deliver incredible power. Along with its super small size, this premium tube integrated amplifier also has built-in audio devices that deliver crystal clear highs, mids and lows without any static or interference.

Another high-end tube amplifier from China-hifi-Audio is the Willsenton R800i. This high-quality tube integrated amplifier also has a minimal footprint and produces superb sound that users are sure to appreciate at such a low price. It is specially designed to have the same look, feel and output sensation as the amplifiers found in international high end audio systems. Additionally, this tube amplifier is designed to sound great with any audio system connected to it, therefore customers need not worry about how the tube amplifier will perform with their own audio system.

About China-hifi-Audio

China-hifi-Audio is a leading brand supporting the high fidelity audio industry worldwide. They sell a wide range of products such as vacuum tube hi-fi integrated amplifiers, high end CD players, cables, audiophile tube preamps, power amps and speakers from all major brands . This store has been selling to thousands of satisfied customers worldwide for over 10 years. With over 12 years of experience in the audio industry, it always lists only genuine factory direct items for sale online. It provides the best service and support for every customer who has an inquiry or inquiry regarding a product on their site.

Media Contact
Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
Contact person: Yong Lee
E-mail: Send an email
Call: +86-1371134 6090
Town: Canton
Country: China

How A+E Networks cross-promotes podcasts to improve discovery Fri, 23 Sep 2022 04:07:30 +0000

A major challenge for just about anyone with a podcast these days is the issue of discovery. As more and more publishers invest in producing podcasts, it becomes increasingly difficult to find and grow an audience. At A+E Networks, one way to overcome this problem is to cross-promote, both internally and externally.

“Cross-promoting your podcast and other podcasts remains the most effective way to find a new audience,” said Jessie Katz, vice president of audio programming and podcasting for A+E Networks, on Wednesday at Digiday. Publishing Summit in Key Biscayne, Florida. .

A+E Networks offers 13 podcasts, with a mix of podcasts paired with TV shows on the A&E, Lifetime, and History channels; podcasts derived from these original shows and podcasts.

A+E Networks markets its podcasts to its large television audience, with the coordination of marketing teams that support the company’s podcasts and television shows.

“We get a lot of airplay, with promos and bumpers and lower thirds promoting our podcasts,” Katz said. On the podcast side, “we always reserve promotional space on our podcast to promote our on-air initiatives, our specials and our premieres”.

As a result, A+E’s podcasts often experience a surge in listeners for at least a few weeks when the shows are promoted on TV. “For example, we might see a 40% increase in listens after promoting a podcast on air. audience after that,” Katz said.

That tactic doesn’t always work, Katz admitted, and A+E is still testing that strategy.

On the other hand, getting deals with other production companies and platforms “has been huge for us,” Katz told DPS. A+E Networks is working with WNYC and Cadence13 on some of its podcasts, which are “companies that already have their own massive, highly engaged audiences,” and content roster, Katz said. Working together has “boosted” A+E Networks’ efforts, bringing production and sales resources closer together.

Partnerships are also helpful for podcasts to reach larger audiences, Katz said. Both companies can advertise the shows they do together, as well as run promos for other shows on their own networks. Co-produced podcasts find an audience “faster” than those without a partner, Katz said.

But the trade-off is to split the revenue with someone else. A+E Networks makes money from its podcasts with advertising, specifically host-read and dynamically-inserted ads, or programmatic ads that run in unsold inventory.

A+E considers a number of factors before deciding to bring in an outside company: whether or not the show can be produced in-house by A+E Networks’ small in-house team, where intellectual property and how much money each partner will market the podcast, Katz said.

“These things are all the pros and cons that we weigh when we think about how much revenue we’re willing to share,” she said. But spitting out some of a podcast’s revenue is worth it, if it means reaching a “really large audience,” Katz added.

How A+E Networks cross-promotes podcasts to improve discovery

Sonos’ prices for its subwoofers make them a tough sell Sun, 18 Sep 2022 11:00:35 +0000

REVIEW: Sonos’ latest product is out – although it’s not like it’s a surprise. There have been whispers about a smaller sub since late last year, the only surprise is how long it took.

And the launch of the Sub Mini struck a familiar note as previous Sonos subwoofers – it’s quite expensive.

It’s not like there aren’t expensive subwoofers on the market. KEF has a subwoofer that costs £1300, Bose’s Soundbar bass module is £800, while Sony’s current range of bass amplifiers have one that costs £649. If you are a home theater lover after the best performance, you will pay what you deem appropriate.

But it feels like Sonos keeps repeating the same mistake with its subwoofers, in that each one is as expensive, if not more so, than its partner speaker. The Sonos Sub Gen 3 has an RRP of $749 / £749, not far off the Arc’s RRP of £899. The Sonos Sub Mini is $429 / £429, which is only slightly less than the $449 / £449 of the Sonos Beam Gen 2. If you wanted to pair the Sub Mini with the Ray, it’s a lot more expensive than its asking price of $279/£279.

There’s a hole – possibly the same one in the Sub Mini – that Sonos never really threaded the needle with its subwoofers. The Sony HT-A7000 (£1299) can be paired with the £699 SWA-S5 – pricey to be sure – but at nearly half the price, if you’re willing to pay that much for the soundbar itself, the sub does not. also seem exorbitant. Compared to the speakers they’re supposed to pair with, Sonos’ subs are very expensive, limiting its appeal only to those who feel compelled to add a sub to their system. It’s not a sub for more casual users and it could have been.

Sonos Sub Mini press shot

If it was me, I would have to think long and hard before making this decision. It should be a relatively simple decision to make.

The price of subwoofers makes them less of an impulse buy and more of a decision you make later. I would say the bass is an integral part of the cinematic experience – some may disagree, but that’s a matter of taste – and the price sends the wrong message, putting it on the back burner.

Or it says the right thing: that bass is a key part of the experience and you have to pay the requisite value. But to me, the direction the soundbar/home theater sound market is heading with single bar systems often not including a subwoofer, and the sub is seen as an accessory and not the main meal.

And so, I wonder how many people will grab Sonos to buy the Sub Mini. It’s a good idea for those with smaller rooms, but I imagine the market for that type of person leans towards a more casual market, and Sonos’ pricing for its subwoofers makes it a tougher sell.


jimmy kimmel & Cousin Sal to co-produce original videos with Omaha Productions

LOS ANGELES, September 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Omaha Productions today announced that “Cousin Sal” Iacono and Mush Media are partnering with Omaha Audio Network presented by Caesars Sportsbook.

Omaha Productions

All seven Mush Media shows, including the popular Cousin Sal against all odds and Bonus points podcasts, will now be part of of Omaha original podcast programming. Omaha will also produce full video versions of each podcast for ESPN’s YouTube channel.

As part of the collaboration, Mush and Omaha will also team up with jimmy kimmel to write and produce original videos and other programs for distribution on Omaha Productions’ social media channels.

“I am very happy to join the Omaha family. Over the years I’ve made so much money betting on Peyton and Eli that I feel like I should pay them. But since the contract is already signed, I think everything is fine,” said Cousin Sal, co-founder of Mush Media.

“Cousin Sal has been making sports fans laugh for two decades. He’s built a stellar reputation for delivering content to fans in a fun and authentic way,” said the founder of Omaha Productions. Peyton Manning. “Having the opportunity to team up with him and Jimmy to create original audio and video is an exciting next step as we continue to build Omaha.”

“The expansion of the Omaha Audio Network has been impressive,” said Sharon Otterman, Chief Marketing Officer at Caesars Digital. “Cousin Sal is a great addition to an already strong lineup. As Presenting Sponsor, we at Caesars Sportsbook look forward to continuing our collaboration with Omaha to bring more unique content and unforgettable events to life.”

“We look forward to this new collaboration with Omaha Audio,” said ESPN’s vice president of digital production. Mike Foss. “The addition of Cousin Sal’s podcasts will further expand our sports betting content across multiple platforms, providing even more options for our passionate fans in this space.”

Minus three with dave dameshek; covered in glory with Toby Mergler and Brett Koremenos; Wired Waiver with Eddie Spaghetti and Jen Piacenti; Megan sports fun with Megan Galey and Megan Connolly; Lemon Pepper Bet with Does Blackmon and Martin Weiss; and The Degenerate Trifecta of Harry, Brother Bri and Darren “The Parlay Kid” will also be part of the network.

Omaha Productions’ expansion into audio was announced jointly with Caesars Entertainment and ESPN in June, resulting in the launch of a series of shows with iconic hosts including Vince Carter, Cameron Heyward, Greg McElroyand Katie Mox. Earlier this month, Kyle Brandt and Mina Kimes joined The Omaha Audio Network before the NFL season.

All new Mush podcasts will be featured on Caesars Sportsbook and live in the ESPN Podcast Library, which already features more than 35 original shows and is available on all podcast distribution platforms. Caesars Sportsbook is the presenting sponsor of the Omaha Audio Network providing all odds and game data for podcasts and digital content on the network. Moreover, Caesars and Omaha will continue to create unique live events for members of the best-in-class Caesars Rewards loyalty program, and most recently announcement the Caesars Sportsbook & Casino Truck Tour visiting top sporting events across United States.

About Omaha Productions

Omaha Productions is an entertainment company launched by Peyton Manning after retiring from the NFL. Omaha focuses on developing content that champions hard work, encourages the pursuit of passion, and celebrates community. Omaha Productions Executive Produces ESPN’s Emmy Award Winner Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli as well as alternative TV shows for college football, golf, and the UFC. The company is also an executive producer on NFL Honors and ESPN+ PLACES franchise with series of Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Abby Wambach, Vince Carter, David Ortis, Ronda Rousey, Sue Bird, PK Subban and John McEnroe. The company also offers series on A+E Networks, NBCUniversal, and Netflix.

About ESPN Podcasts

ESPN Audio launched its first podcast in 2005 and is a leader in the sports genre with more than 35 original offerings, plus broadcasts from ESPN radio and television. The offers focus on sporting passions, storytelling (30 for 30 and ESPN Daily) and compelling personalities (including The good moment with Bomani Jones, That’s what she said with Sarah Spain and Jalen & Jacoby). ESPN Podcasts are available wherever you download your podcasts and on

About Mush Media

Co-founded by America’s favorite gamer – “Cousin Sal” Iacono – Mush Media develops multimedia content focused on sports, betting, comedy and pop culture. The Extra Points podcast network currently offers seven popular shows, including the long-running hit against all odds. Additionally, the Extra Points website, which offers daily picks and free contests with the ability to compete against all the different personalities on the network, provides a home for all your sports betting needs. The company was created in the midst of the global pandemic of 2020, proving once and for all that no one loves gaming more than Cousin Sal.



Show original content to download multimedia:–mush-media-partner-with-peyton-mannings-omaha-productions-301626538.html

SOURCEOmaha Productions

How gas rationing at Germany’s BASF plant could plunge Europe into crisis | Gas Thu, 15 Sep 2022 15:10:00 +0000

Eeverything is connected at the Ludwigshafen site of the German chemical company BASF, a 10 km² industrial complex so large that the company operates its own bus network to take employees from its doors to their place of work.

By-products from the manufacture of ammonia, for example, are transported through a 1,771-mile (2,850 km) network of pipes from one end of the site to the other, where they are recycled to produce fertilizers. , disinfectants, diesel exhaust fluid or carbon dioxide for soft drinks. .

the said verbose The (composite) principle was the key to BASF’s rise in 157 years from “Baden Aniline and Soda Factory” to the largest chemical manufacturer in the world. Today, when Vladimir Putin has severely restricted energy exports to Europe, this ingenious interconnectivity could be his downfall.

The site in southwestern Germany depends on gas as a raw material and as a source of energy, consuming roughly as much each year as the whole of Switzerland, and BASF has played an active role in ensuring that much of this gas is imported cheaply from Russia.

If the German state were forced to ration gas for industrial use this winter, BASF says it can reduce its consumption to some extent, by limiting individual factories or replacing gas with fuel oil at certain stages of production. . It has already reduced its ammonia production locally, instead of shipping the chemical from overseas.

However, since Ludwigshafen’s 125 production plants constitute an interconnected value chain, there is a point where a drop in gas supply would lead to a site-wide shutdown.

“Once we can meaningfully and permanently receive less than 50% of our maximum requirement, we will have to shut down the entire site,” said Daniela Recchenberger, a company spokeswoman. “This is something that has never happened in BASF’s history, and something that no one here would want to see happen. But we would have little choice.

With German gas storage 87% full, there is growing optimism that rationing can be avoided this winter. But even then, high gas prices could force companies like BASF to halt production. With large parts of verbose A site that has operated around the clock since the 1960s, BASF says it is unclear whether production could simply be restarted afterwards or whether the drop in pressure would cause some machines to break down.

The consequences of a shutdown in Ludwigshafen would be far-reaching, not just in Europe’s biggest economy, but across the continent. Buyers still associate BASF’s initials with audio and video cassettes, but it sold off that business arm in the mid-1990s and today its sales are mostly business-to-business; its products more invisible but also more essential.

The Ludwigshafen Acetylene Plant. About 20 factories at the site use the chemical as a building block for many everyday products, including plastics and solvents. Photography: Andreas Pohlmann/BASF

Chemicals produced by BASF are used to make everything from toothpaste to vitamins, building insulation to diapers. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ibuprofen for painkillers and the automotive industry accounts for 80% of its sales, which means that the spraying of pipelines in Ludwigshafen would have a direct impact on automotive manufacturing regions such as Emilia-Romagna, Catalonia or Hauts-de-France.

One of the few end products still produced in Ludwigshafen is AdBlue, a liquid used to reduce air pollution from diesel engines. This is a legal requirement for HGVs, so a shortage could cause trucks across Europe to stop.

Under German law, private households would be excluded from gas rationing along with other “protected” customers such as nursing homes or hospitals. The weight of the reductions is expected to be carried out by industry, responsible for about a third of the country’s demand.

The federal grid regulator has forced large industrial consumers to submit their needs to a centralized database set to go live this fall, to assess where outages would have the most devastating ripple effects. The chemical industry should be in the front line for exemptions.

The question is how fair is it for the government to help BASF out of a dilemma in which it played a part and continues to profit?

BASF's Ludwigshafen site at night
One of the end products produced in Ludwigshafen is AdBlue, a liquid used to reduce air pollution from diesel engines. A shortage could cripple trucks across Europe. Photography: Andreas Pohlmann/BASF

The chemicals company’s ties to Russia’s state energy company Gazprom date back to just after German reunification in 1990, when it tried to use newly opened gas routes from the east to break the monopoly of Germany’s own trader, Ruhrgas. . Through its subsidiary Wintershall, it co-financed the construction of Nord Stream 1, the gas pipeline with which the Kremlin tried this year to ransom the European Union, and Nord Stream 2, which was stopped just before the invasion of the EU. Ukraine in February.

The collaboration flourished despite mounting evidence of Moscow’s aggression: in 2015, a year after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Wintershall handed over Western Europe’s largest gas storage tank in Rehden to Gazprom in exchange for shares in gas fields in Western Siberia.

The swap was “politically desired and politically backed” at the time, says BASF, and strategic gas reserves were not considered a priority by then-Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But the role BASF has played in the current energy crisis may not be so easily overlooked in the long run. Its chief executive, Martin Brudermüller, who in April strongly opposed a Russian gas embargo, came across as “an arsonist who sets the house on fire first and then claims that he alone is capable of extinguish”, writes the editor of the Taz newspaper in a recent comment.

The chemical company’s lucrative link with Gazprom continues to this day despite Russia’s war in Ukraine, which prompted the EU to impose sanctions on several figures linked to Gazprom, but not the company itself . BASF ended its business operations in Russia and Belarus in July, but implemented exceptions to support food production and retains its stake in Wintershall, now known as Wintershall Dea.

The chemical company made strong profits in the first half of the year, mainly due to the fact that this subsidiary benefited from high oil and gas prices.

BASF owns two-thirds of Wintershall Dea, with the rest held by Russian-Israeli oligarch Mikhail Fridman, who faces European and British sanctions. The energy company’s adjusted net profit in the first half of this year was 1.3 billion euros, as its pre-tax profit in Russia increased fivefold from the same period in 2021.

A steam cracker at BASF's Ludwigshafen site, the largest individual plant in the facility.
A steam cracker at BASF’s Ludwigshafen site, the largest individual plant in the facility. Photography: Detlef W Schmalow/BASF

BASF says these profits come from gas produced by Gazprom sold on the Russian market, rather than to the EU.

The company has tried to make up for lost time in recent months, starting to build a solar farm in Brandenburg and a large wind farm off the Dutch coast to ensure that renewables meet more of its energy needs. But keeping Ludwigshafen’s value chain intact without gas can be an insurmountable challenge.

The essential centerpiece of the site are its two steam crackers, in which giant gas furnaces “break” crude oil derivatives into smaller components by rapidly heating them to 84°C.

A test site using electricity rather than gas to crack hydrocarbons was unveiled in early September at BASF’s premises on the Rhine but will not be fixed for next winter. “It’s not something you can do in two months,” says Nonnast. “It might be possible in five years, but only because we started thinking about it five years ago.”

Unveiling of the limited-production 2023 Chrysler 300C Tue, 13 Sep 2022 22:01:26 +0000

Announced at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the 300C essentially plugs the Charger/Challenger’s 392 cubic-inch (or 6.4-litre) V8 under the hood of the stately 300. While the 300S already offers a loud 5.7-liter V8 engine with 363 horsepower and 394 lb-ft of torque, the 300C goes up to 485 hp and 475 lb-ft. Chrysler says the 300C sprints from zero to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds. For reference, we clocked a time of 5.7 seconds for a 300 with the 5.7-liter engine, so there’s no doubt the 300C will be a significant upgrade.

Additional performance bolts include Brembo brakes and adaptive dampers, but we’re not convinced the included all-season tires are really appropriate given the large amount of power in store here.

Other features include black exterior accents to give the 300C a sinister look, as well as carbon fiber interior trim, leather seats, a 19-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, ventilated front seats and a full suite. driving aids.

Edmunds says

If all of this sounds good to you, go to and make a reservation for the 2023 Chrysler 300C, which will start at $55,000. Only 2,000 will be produced for the United States, and deliveries are expected to begin in spring 2023.

Meghan Markle suspends podcast episodes after Queen Elizabeth’s death Sun, 11 Sep 2022 21:04:31 +0000

Meghan Markle Podcast Archetypes debuted last month, but following the death of Queen Elizabeth on Thursday, September 8, new episodes are to be restrained until further notice. Meghan and Prince Harry announced their partnership with Spotify at the end of 2020, which would work with their recently established production company Archewell Audio, named after their firstborn, Archie.

When Archetypes was announced in a press release, it was planned as a podcast that investigates “labels trying to hold women back.”

The Duchess of Sussex would welcome guests to “discover the origin of these stereotypes and have uncensored conversations with women who know all too well how these typographies shape narratives”.

His first guest was tennis great Serena Williams, who had recently announced her impending retirement from the sport. It was titled “The Misconceptions of Ambition” and was released on August 23. Two days later, it was the number one podcast in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada on Spotify.

The second and third episodes featured Mariah Carey and Mindy Kaling. It’s unclear when future episodes will return to Spotify, but the Queen’s funeral is scheduled for September 19. The Sussexes are currently staying at Frogmore Cottage, their UK home on the Windsor Estate.

The couple were seen on a surprise Queen’s Tribute tour which was held at Windsor Castle, accompanying Prince William and Kate Middleton, who recently became Prince and Princess of Wales. They were invited at the last minute by William in what was apparently a show of solidarity after several years of strained family relations. Meghan and Harry had quit as working royals and moved to California, causing internal strife for the royal family as a whole.

A royal source said People that it was “an important show of unity at an incredibly difficult time for the family”.

They added: “This is such an extraordinary and deeply personal historic moment for the family that you hope and believe all family members will unite and support. [the King] above all. And maybe some of those wounds can be healed in the process.

CJTF-HOA Fri, 09 Sep 2022 05:37:55 +0000

The gallery contains 9 images

Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) and Camp Lemonnier Public Affairs Directorates conducted a knowledge exchange from August 29-31, 2022, with Djib-Live TV, RTD: Téĺé Djibouti, Agence Djiboutienne d’Information – ADI, and Journal La Nation, in coordination with the Embassy of the United States in Djibouti and the Ministry of Communication, responsible for Posts and Telecommunications.

Nearly 30 members of public affairs and media gathered at the U.S. Embassy’s American Corner to discuss advanced photography and audio-visual techniques at an inaugural relationship-building event.

“Technology is changing rapidly, so we have to move with it,” said Aden Ibrahim Aden, cameraman and photographer. “This training included basic elements, and we will bring it back to our jobs to implement it.

“And it’s not just for us here at this training – it’s for young Djiboutians who will enter this career field later,” he added of the ongoing partnership effort. “Some of us did our initial training at the University of Djibouti, but nothing after that – my education was great, but I realized I needed more once I started working .”

The event focused on the different stages of news storytelling: pre-production, production and post-production. Each stage has different requirements and sometimes even different teams of people are responsible for creating the final product that viewers read in the newspaper or see on television.

“Overall it was very interesting,” said Deka Mahamoud Barkat, video editor for local television studio RTD. “The highlight for me was meeting all the other Djiboutians to see what software they’re working on, to see what other programs they’re using, and just generally to collaborate within the Ministry of Communication.”

The news media in Djibouti is state-controlled, which means that media entities in Djibouti work with or for the Ministry of Communication. All entities were present at the knowledge exchange.

“The future is bright for Djiboutian media as we move forward alongside other countries,” Barkat said. “Today we compared our technologies and learned effective, fast and powerful techniques.”

Having these other media experts in the same room also proved invaluable to Moussa Isman Gafaneh, a photographer from The Nation. He said he enjoys collaborating on the technical side of his camera settings because he’s been using his camera for years, but most of his experience was self-taught.

“This type of training is special,” he said. “I was so happy to be here, the atmosphere was incredible, and I can’t wait to report this information to my colleagues. This will certainly help U.S.-Djibouti relations as we move forward as partners.

The next steps in this media training campaign are Djiboutian and US collaborative events at news sites throughout the region. The two teams will identify meeting places to walk through the stages of production to experience the unique nature of African news coverage.

‘AGT’ 2022 semi-finals: Angry fans blame show’s poor sound system for Travis Japan’s poor performance Wed, 07 Sep 2022 05:10:00 +0000

PASADENA, CA: Dreaming of being named one of the world’s biggest stars, J-Pop boy band Travis Japan joined Season 17 of “America’s Got Talent” to show off their exceptional talents. From singing and dancing to performing acrobatics, the talented members of this J-Pop group do it all.


After wowing the judges and the audience during the auditions, Travis Japan managed to earn a place in the semi-finals. Hoping to recreate the magic, the boy band took to the stage in their eye-catching silver outfits and charming smiles. As the group prepared to perform on “Party Up Like Crazy,” they ran into some technical issues. Thanks to the poor sound system and microphones, the audience and judges couldn’t catch the first few seconds of their performance. Unfazed by the technical glitch, the band continued their performance but ran into another obstacle, Howie Mandel’s buzzer. The famous comedian buzzed at the group because he was too confused by the chaos on stage. Fortunately, the other “AGT” judges – Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum, gave the group the chance to finish their performance.



‘Howie is the new Simon’: ‘AGT’ fans slam judge for calling Jojo & Bri’s singing ‘gimmicky’

Metaphysic and Mike Winfield advance to 2022 ‘AGT’ finals, fans say ‘Lily was robbed’


You can watch Travis Japan’s performance here:

Although the other judges praised Travis Japan for carrying on with his performance with confidence despite the technical difficulties, the fans however felt that the boy group could not show their full talent due to the show’s poor sound system. . Many fans took to the show’s YouTube channel and Twitter to vent their frustrations. One fan tweeted, “Howie is an a** for Xing Travis Japan. Sounds like a technical issue with their Mike’s #agt.” “That was a great performance, #TravisJapan! Ignore Howie’s buzzer! #AGT,” one fan wrote. Another fan commented on the YouTube music video of their performance with, “Show Must Go On! Kudos to them for continuing to dance and sing when the buzzer goes off. It’s a shame their charm didn’t resonate with Howie, but these are people who could put on a much better performance. I would love to see them on stage next! Simon’s words are all I have to say, love you TravisJapan!”


Travis Japan on ‘AGT’ Season 17 (NBC)

Another fan shared, “Most American audiences don’t listen to Jpop. I literally can’t hear a fucking word they sing because AGT’s sound system is so bad. #AGT.” “Travis Japan Mic and audio didn’t work like other contestants so hopefully it can have another chance. (Their dancing and sparkly jackets looked beautiful as before) #AGT #TravisJapan,” one fan said . “Travis Japan looked like they had mic issues. And they were nervous, of course. But I know they can sing better. I know Travis Japan’s performance is nice. I hope they will have the last chance to play Please vote for Travis Japan! #AGT #TravisJapan,” a fan chimed in.


“It’s a shame that their mics didn’t seem to be working properly which would make me nervous too and bother me. They shouldn’t get buzzed about that. They were well in sync and it’s a real shame that their audio production is bad that they may not do it to the best of their ability/potential. It’s very hard to sing and dance at the same time live and they are brave to do it on the agt stage. I look forward to supporting them at future and I’m glad they have to promote themselves on agt,” a fan added. “It’s a shame they had an audio issue but still a decent performance. They shouldn’t have been buzzed for technical difficulties. Yet they were still professional,” echoed one fan.



Help your favorite artists to progress by voting! Visit to vote or you can do so through the ‘AGT’ app (available through Google Play and the App Store).


Season 17 of “America’s Got Talent” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC, followed by the results to air Wednesday nights between 8 and 9 p.m. ET/PT. For viewers who wish to tune in to the show without cable, they can do so using one of the following streaming services: Sling TV, fuboTV, Hulu With Live TV, AT&T TV, or YouTube TV.


This article contains comments made on the Internet by individuals and organizations. MEAWW cannot independently confirm these and does not support any claims or opinions expressed online.