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PUBLIC health officials in Warrington are urging people to restrict the mixture where possible to reduce the risk of transmission, as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in the city, with an estimated 92% of the Delta variant.

In Warrington, stubborn pockets of COVID have emerged in some local areas and cases are increasing across the borough. In the past seven days through June 4, there have been 116 new confirmed cases, which is increasing daily.

While some restrictions have eased in recent weeks and we now have more freedom to see our friends and family, it is important that people make careful choices and decisions to limit the spread of the virus.
Socializing outdoors is a good way to protect yourself and those around you, as the fresh air can drive out COVID particles.
Other practical steps people can take include reducing travel, limiting mixing with other households, and keeping a note of who you have had “close contacts” in case contact tracers have you. contact.
Remembering the basics of “hands, face, space and fresh air” is also more important than ever when meeting people outside your home, especially as people start to leave their homes more and more. home to work and socialize.
Cllr Maureen McLaughlin, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Welfare, said: “The increase in the number of cases in the community is becoming of increasing concern – the coronavirus is still here and, even if you may only experience mild symptoms if you get it, other people can still get seriously ill.
“As always, you should have regular symptom-free testing to make sure you don’t have the virus while still having no symptoms, and if you start to develop symptoms, go home and isolate yourself immediately and book a NHS (PCR) test as soon as possible.
“If the National Testing and Traceability Service has told you to self-isolate, or through council contact tracers, it is essential that you stay indoors throughout the isolation period as you can still be contagious.
“If you need help when isolating yourself, Warrington Voluntary Action’s Good Neighbors program is available to help – email hello@warringtonva.org.uk or call 01925 246 881 for advice . “
So far in Warrington, 54% of eligible people have received both doses of the vaccine and 75% have received their first dose of the vaccine, helping to reduce hospitalizations and protect those most vulnerable.
Across the country, there are patterns of hospital admissions to areas with much higher infection rates than in Warrington, but our case rates are increasing. Fully vaccinated people are less likely to contract or spread coronavirus, but it’s important to continue to follow the rules.
Thara Raj, director of public health for Warrington, said: “There is no denying the effectiveness of the vaccine deployment in Warrington, but the Delta COVID-19 variant is spreading rapidly and is the dominant strain in Warrington with around 92% of our cases being the Delta variant.
“Please play your part in reducing the number of our cases – making small changes such as meeting people outside rather than inside, especially now that we have better weather, will help to make a difference. huge difference for the transmission in the district.
“If you are meeting friends and family to watch the England vs Croatia game this Sunday, remember to follow the social distancing rules and look forward to a great game.
“The coronavirus is far from over, so we all need to do what we can to help stop this spike in cases.”
For more information on the coronavirus in Warrington, visit warrington.gov.uk/coronavirus

New COVID-19 cases in Warrington more than doubled in one week

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R-Truth sympathizes with Roman Reigns for mixing Jey with Jimmy Uso https://replicarec.com/r-truth-sympathizes-with-roman-reigns-for-mixing-jey-with-jimmy-uso/ https://replicarec.com/r-truth-sympathizes-with-roman-reigns-for-mixing-jey-with-jimmy-uso/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 20:15:00 +0000 https://replicarec.com/r-truth-sympathizes-with-roman-reigns-for-mixing-jey-with-jimmy-uso/

Roman Reigns is the current WWE Universal Champion and one of the best superstars in the business right now. He has proven to be an excellent champion with excellent character work and skills in the ring.

Roman Reigns cousin Jey Uso has been his right hand man throughout his reign as tribal chief, but Jimmy Uso has not supported what Roman Reigns is doing and refuses to work for him.

In last week’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns and Jey Uso were involved in a behind-the-scenes segment. However, Roman Reigns mistakenly referred to Jey as Jimmy during the final moments of the segment and Jey Uso was not happy with it.

WWE on FOX Official Instagram handle uploaded the clip and it looks like none other than R-Truth decided to comment on the post the way only he knew how to. He said Roman Reigns had “an R-Truth moment” and sympathized with Roman Reigns.

Big Uce had an R-Truth moment 😐 we all forget sometimes🤷🏾‍♂️👀

R-Truth remains one of the funniest superstars in WWE history and his whole gimmick revolves around him being confused and mistaking things for what they aren’t. As for Roman Reigns, he will likely face Rey Mysterio at the WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view this month. We will have to see how the match will unfold.

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Suspect charged with mixing alcohol, driving and shooting | The JOLT https://replicarec.com/suspect-charged-with-mixing-alcohol-driving-and-shooting-the-jolt/ https://replicarec.com/suspect-charged-with-mixing-alcohol-driving-and-shooting-the-jolt/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 01:06:00 +0000 https://replicarec.com/suspect-charged-with-mixing-alcohol-driving-and-shooting-the-jolt/

By Danny Stusser

An allegedly intoxicated man admitted to firing a gun from his vehicle just before midnight last night, claiming a passing man stood in the middle of a downtown intersection and threatened his car, according to his recorded interview with the Olympia police.

From the driver’s seat of his car, he allegedly fired a shot in the direction of the passing man and fled at full speed, only to be arrested by the Olympia police four minutes later on suspicion of driving with Impaired. The events happened on Tuesday June 8 from around 11:37 p.m.

The suspect, identified as Mark K. Sura, 27, of Lacey, told the OPD he was walking down Franklin St SE to the intersection of Franklin and 7e Avenue SE, when he claimed he had stopped a red light and the homeless man crossed the road in front of him. The homeless man was stopped in the middle of the road when the light turned green.

Sura told the police he said, “Excuse me sir, could you go? At the homeless, but the homeless yelled back, “acting like a madman,” then started hitting the front bumper and hood of Sura’s white Honda Accord, according to Sura.

Sura admitted to using his brother’s .40 caliber handgun, put a bullet in the gun and said he shot in the air, but not at the homeless man. He called it a “warning shot” because “he was attacking my car”.

The weapon Sura used was in her backpack, with two cans of beer and an open can of Coors Light beer in the center console.,

Sura detonated a .199 on the Draeger. Washington’s legal blood alcohol limit is 0.08.

OPD attempted to have several contacts with the homeless, Marty Bacon, including video recordings, but Bacon was rambling unintelligible things and was very agitated after the incident.

Sylvester Park security camera footage across the park shows Sura’s white Honda Accord stopped, then either a muzzle flash from gunfire or the flashlight mounted to the front of the gun . See video, above, at: 28.

Sura then gave a different account in a second interview after the OPD said her ID did not match her description or the photo on the ID. Sura said it was “legitimate” but then admitted to being “dishonest” to OPD in the first interview. Sura told OPD that he saw Bacon yelling at “an old lady” as he passed the park and that Bacon never blocked his car at an intersection. Both recorded interviews are available under this story.

Sura was incarcerated in Thurston County Jail for impaired driving and felony assault.

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East Lancs Covid boss: new drive means extra caution when mixing https://replicarec.com/east-lancs-covid-boss-new-drive-means-extra-caution-when-mixing/ https://replicarec.com/east-lancs-covid-boss-new-drive-means-extra-caution-when-mixing/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 12:31:00 +0000 https://replicarec.com/east-lancs-covid-boss-new-drive-means-extra-caution-when-mixing/

Residents of East Lancashire have been urged to use ‘more caution’ when mixing with people outside their homes to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

Blackburn and Darwen Council chief executive Denise Park issued the warning after the government announced a stepped-up support program to the county to fight an increase in the Delta variant of Covid-19 first identified in India.

Ms Park, who chairs the Lancashire Resilience Forum, said residents should be careful to avoid further restrictions.

The support program includes additional testing capacity, accelerated vaccination program, military support, home visits, supervised school testing, improved contact tracing and jabs for all over 25 years.

He extends the measures already in place at Blackburn with Darwen and Burnley to the rest of Lancashire including Hyndburn, Ribble Valley, Pendle and Rossendale.

Ms Park pointed to Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s advice for residents to meet people outdoors rather than indoors and to “minimize travel.”

She said at an LRF press conference: “In terms of hospitality, the advice is to meet outdoors when possible. It is safer to meet outdoors or in well ventilated areas.

“So if you can, meet outside – if you can’t, make sure you wear masks when you move around, disinfect yourself, and follow the basic tips. -the ‘it’s all about doing it safely – and the safest way is outside.

“It’s the same with travel – it’s not about not traveling, it’s about considering your travel arrangements. If you are traveling by car with other people, is it well ventilated? If you are on public transport, do you wear a mask?

“It’s not a travel ban. This is additional support and additional guidance for taking extra precautions. We did not want measures that would result in additional restrictions.

“We understand that we have to learn to live with this virus and manage the variants and so these are measures that support our residents – and the key is to ensure maximum uptake of the vaccine.”

The message on the vaccine was reinforced by the Lancashire County Council Public Health Director who said: “There has never been a situation where we have never run out of vaccines, so our main pressure is now to ask anyone over 18 in Lancashire check website and go – we’ll help you find out if you’re eligible or not.

“We will continue to advocate for Lancashire … to be given a head start in the next step, when vaccine eligibility falls in the youngest age group.”

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Will Australia join Canada in approving AstraZeneca and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine mix? https://replicarec.com/will-australia-join-canada-in-approving-astrazeneca-and-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-mix/ https://replicarec.com/will-australia-join-canada-in-approving-astrazeneca-and-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-mix/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 19:00:00 +0000 https://replicarec.com/will-australia-join-canada-in-approving-astrazeneca-and-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-mix/

Australian health officials say there are no plans to approve the mixing and pairing of COVID-19 vaccines here, although the Canadian regulator recently cleared the use of combined doses.

In Canada and several European countries, people who received AstraZeneca for their first dose can now receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for their second dose.

But closer to home, experts predict Australians may not be offered a vaccine combination until the end of the year, if at all.

Burnet Institute epidemiologist Mike Toole said that even if Australia were to approve the mixing and pairing of vaccines, there would not be enough Pfizer to offer it to people for their second dose.

Canada’s move comes after regulators in Australia and abroad concluded AstraZeneca was the likely cause of a rare side effect called thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS).

Professor Toole said that almost all of the TTS cases reported to date have occurred after the first dose of AstraZeneca, which meant Australians might feel safe having their second dose.

But what does early science tell us about the safety and effectiveness of mixing vaccines?

And why is Canada in such a different position from Australia?

Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to search, up and down arrows for volume.

Federal government scrutinizes vaccine figures

Trials in Spain, United Kingdom

Spanish researchers recently concluded a study of 600 people, in which participants received either one dose of AstraZeneca or one dose of AstraZeneca followed by a second dose of Pfizer.

“They found a very good antibody response to this [mixed regime] combination, ”said Professor Toole.

“The antibody response was much higher than what you would get with two doses of AstraZeneca.”

In the Spanish study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, participants in the mix and match cohort reported mild local side effects (such as headache and chills) comparable to those who just received AstraZeneca. .

In the UK, researchers are examining whether the vaccine mix will give longer lasting immunity against SARS-CoV-2, testing different combinations of approved COVID-19 vaccines.

More than 800 people are participating in the research.

The UK study has yet to release efficacy data, although it has published safety data: finding those in mix and match groups report more vaccine-related side effects (such as fever) than people who have received two doses of the same vaccine.

Why does the vaccine mix work better?

RMIT vaccine expert Kylie Quinn said scientists often experiment with mixing and pairing different vaccines as this could result in a higher level of immunity than using the same one.

AstraZeneca is a viral vector vaccine that uses a chimpanzee adenovirus to deliver genetic material into our cells, eliciting an immune response.

“Think of it as a vehicle and a cargo: so the vehicle is the adenovirus, and the cargo is the instructions on how to peak. [protein] SARS-CoV-2, ”said Dr Quinn.

Dr Quinn said that although the body has developed its strongest immune response to the spike protein, it has also responded to the chimpanzee adenovirus.

She theorized that the mixed diet might work better in this case because the body was not responding to the “vehicle” delivering the “cargo”.

“If you keep the same cargo but find a different way to deliver it, you escape your immune system,” she explained.

Canada vs. Australia

Professor Toole said Canada is in a position to approve vaccine mixing and pairing because it has enough mRNA vaccines to give people their second dose.

Canada has agreements for up to 76 million doses of Pfizer and 44 million doses of Moderna.

It also has agreements with AstraZeneca (20 million), Johnson and Johnson, Novavax, Medicago and Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline.

By comparing, Australia got 40 million doses of Pfizer and 25 million doses of Moderna, but the bulk of those will not be available until the end of 2021.

Australia’s biggest vaccine deal is with AstraZeneca (with deals to buy 53.8 million doses).

“We are too dependent on AstraZeneca until the fourth quarter, when we have a lot more Pfizer, Moderna, and maybe Novavax,” Professor Toole said.

Australia has ordered 51 million doses of Novavax, a protein-based vaccine, but it has yet to be approved by regulators.

“The fourth quarter will be an abundance of wealth,” said Professor Toole.

ATAGI recommends a “full course”

A spokeswoman for the Federal Department of Health said the Australian Immunization Technical Advisory Group (ATAGI) will continue to monitor evidence as it arrives.

But for now, their advice has remained unchanged.

“It is important that a person completes the full cycle of a vaccine in order to provide the highest possible level of immunity to COVID-19,” the spokesperson said.

Dr Quinn said it was a sensible move by the regulator, given that science has shown that two doses of the same vaccine (whether two doses of Pfizer or two doses of AstraZeneca) provides a robust protection against COVID-19.

“And what we do know right now is that these vaccines have gone through the gamut of phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 clinical trials, and have performed incredibly well and are very protective.”

Dr Quinn said it was difficult to speculate if, or when, Australians would be offered a mix of vaccines.

“What we are deploying right now are the first generation vaccines,” she said.

“It’s quite likely that if we need any boosters we’ll switch to what they call second-generation vaccines.”

Professor Toole said he could not see Australia offering mixed vaccines until October at the earliest, when the country had more vaccines.

But by then, Professor Toole said, it might be pointless to do so as Australia would have millions of additional doses of mRNA vaccines available.

The two experts agreed that the most important thing for all Australians to do was take the vaccine offered to them and roll up their sleeves as soon as they were eligible.

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Necromunda: Hired Gun’s first patch fixes sights and audio mixing https://replicarec.com/necromunda-hired-guns-first-patch-fixes-sights-and-audio-mixing/ https://replicarec.com/necromunda-hired-guns-first-patch-fixes-sights-and-audio-mixing/#respond Mon, 07 Jun 2021 21:22:20 +0000 https://replicarec.com/necromunda-hired-guns-first-patch-fixes-sights-and-audio-mixing/

A first patch has arrived for the FPS Warhammer 40K Necromunda: Hired Gun game. Barely a week into the game’s launch, this patch brings some much-needed improvements, although some of the bigger issues will take a bit longer for the developers to resolve.

A significant issue addressed in this first patch is incorrect offset that occurs randomly in sight alignment resulting in a slight offset of the sights. Hired Gun is, of course, a first-person shooter, so it’s pretty important to align sights correctly (although auto-aim is remarkably forgiving, especially when running at the wall). If you’re playing Hired Gun with a controller, there’s been an overhaul of aim assist when switching to iron sights, which should be a welcome fix as well.

Several audio issues have also been fixed, including an odd voiceover mix and an issue with no sound effects in the levels. This means you’ll be able to hear every syllable of Space Cockney as you bust mercenary skulls in the Underhive. Pleasant!

“This is only a first step and we continue to work on various topics, including the stutters that some of you are experiencing,” says developer Streum On Studio in the Steam update, where you can also read the full patch notes.

While we weren’t hugely impressed with our review of Necromunda: Hired Gun, giving it a 6/10, there is certainly fun to be had with its hard-hitting shooter and high-speed acrobatic traversal systems.

{“schema”: {“page”: {“content”: {“headline”: “Necromunda: Hired Gun’s first patches target viewfinder and audio mix”, “type”: “news”, “category”: “necromunda -hired-gun”}, “user”: {“loginstatus”: false}, “game”: {“publisher”: “Focus Home Interactive”, “genre”: “FPS”, “title”: “Necromunda : hired Gun “,” genres “:[“FPS”]}}}}

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Kenwood Cooking Chef XL stand mixer review: a kitchen in itself https://replicarec.com/kenwood-cooking-chef-xl-stand-mixer-review-a-kitchen-in-itself/ https://replicarec.com/kenwood-cooking-chef-xl-stand-mixer-review-a-kitchen-in-itself/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 23:23:26 +0000 https://replicarec.com/kenwood-cooking-chef-xl-stand-mixer-review-a-kitchen-in-itself/

You’d be forgiven for thinking you just ate more than you could chew when the new Cooking Chef XL from Kenwood. Considering its multitude of accessories, the device comes in an oversized box that looks like what you just bought from a mid-size bar fridge. Open it up though, and things look a lot more manageable. Despite the “XL” label, the new look and function of Kenwood Cooking Chef fits perfectly on a table top and is just edgy enough to look great while doing it.

As Kenwood’s most advanced stand mixer to date, it’s the multi-functional beast of a kitchen helper, and uses no less than 24 attachments for the best others when it comes to everything from weighing and from whipping to melting, leavening, steaming, slow cooking, frying, and more. Think of it as a cheat code that overrides just about every other kitchen appliance you own and outperforms them in their individual functions with precision and reliability.

Design and performance

Although it weighs around 10kg and is taller and wider than I would have liked, I cannot understand how attractive the Kenwood Cooking Chef XL is. It’s clear that the team has been thinking as much about design as it is about function. The large, solid body contributes to the brand’s reputation for producing devices with longevity in mind, and most of the accessories are made of stainless steel, adding a bit of weight but ensuring a cachet of consistency that it would be unreasonable to buy. expect less quality cuisine. Appliances. Plus, dishwasher compatibility certainly helps, as the accessories are all so versatile and easy to use that you are likely to have to clean several of them almost daily.

The heavy, high-capacity bowl where all this culinary theater will take place is cleverly designed with a narrow bottom, so bakers can easily put more dough and nail the texture of any cupcake – and unsurprisingly, this Giant stand mixer will turn you into a zero to hero variety baking pro in no time.

Considering the price, you hope Kenwood paid attention to the little details. They have. Even the slit the cable passes through is wide and generous enough that the cord is flexible and adaptable to your space. It can be as short or as long as you want, which definitely helps complement the ergonomic design.

Another strong feature is a light that can be turned on and off so you can see exactly what you are doing in the bowl. It’s these little features that help complete the Kenwood Cooking Chef XL and build on a heritage stretching back decades, further boosting the brand’s reliability in painless kitchen appliances. This is the most refined stand mixer I have ever seen.

The built-in EasyWeigh scales help accurately measure just about anything and display it in big, bold print on the 4.3-inch CookAssist display. Not only is this touchscreen easy to navigate, its great readability and the ability to customize it visually (you can even choose from different backgrounds) make it easy to follow every step of a recipe.

Being able to knead dough or steam an entire dish with the push of a button saved immeasurable time in the kitchen and quickly made Cooking Chef XL an integral part of my daily routine.

Being someone who leaves the apartment at 8am and returns at 8pm, I unwittingly joined the ranks of those home cooks who are running out of time and end up giving up and starting to love ready-to-reheat meals. Since I added Cooking Chef XL to my paltry kitchen, I can prepare a generous and nutritious meal as part of my busy schedule, and I finally have time to get back to cooking without having to wait for the Sunday.

The other important feature of the Cooking Chef XL, especially compared to other appliances on the market, is a clearly well-designed capacity for induction cooking. Kenwood claims the widest, most consistent, and most accurate temperature range of any blender to increase the amount of food you can cook. The range, from 20 * C to 180 * C, definitely plays into this statement, and I have found that the bowl can easily handle dense mixing and produce incredible results.

A good example was the Thai vegan green curry provided as part of Kenwood’s growing stock of easy-to-follow recipes (also accessible through the Kenwood World app). Not only was the preparation incredibly easy and intuitive thanks to the scale system, but also the ability to cook at exactly the right temperatures without having to wait for a heat source to do its job – invaluable. The results were something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring to a dinner party.

All the expected accessories are there, allowing you to squeeze, slice, grate, chop, knead, etc. without much effort. What’s really remarkable is how sturdy and well-designed all of these accessories are. They all come with a lifetime warranty, are fully dishwasher safe, and have clearly been refined with some of the more common stand mixer complaints in mind. Being able to easily adjust them in seconds is one, while another would be able to scrape every bit of liquid off the sides of the bowl to help with precision.

Because that’s really what Kenwood Cooking Chef XL is all about. Precision. Everything here is so beautifully thought out to reiterate the fact that when baking, baking, or doing absolutely anything in the kitchen, the details matter more than anything else. And sometimes the smallest adjustments can make the biggest differences in flavor.

Of course, this is obvious. But it’s so easy to cut corners in recipes and think that little shortcuts won’t have much of an impact. With the Cooking Chef XL, I don’t have to take any shortcuts, which helps me gain confidence in the kitchen.

Verdict & Value

The performance is indisputable. While I haven’t played with as many of these high-end kitchen appliances as I would have liked, the Kenwood Cooking Chef XL is one of those appliances where even after a short while you can’t imagine what you were doing before it happened.

This kind of excellence comes at a very high price. $ 2,000 high. The price of these types of devices always fluctuates soon after release, so you could probably buy them a little cheaper in a few months – regardless, that’s a hefty investment.

But it’s worth it. As long as your kitchen isn’t already loaded with appliances that can do a pretty good job. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has just left home or to chefs who are short on time and want something a little more sophisticated and advanced to help them improve their cooking game. Plus, it’s a great showcase to show just how perfect induction cooking can be when it’s designed well.

Considering the price, you might want to consider whether you need the extra bowl capacity that comes with the XL version compared to the non-XL version. You’ll also want to consider it based on your individual schedule. For example, if you are short on time like me and like to do various things in the kitchen (or want to hone your cooking skills) then the value of this machine is obviously going to be dramatically increased. However, if you’re already smart and efficient enough in the kitchen, calm down and have enough time on weeknights to prepare a meal, the value will go the other way around.


Strong points: A wide range of easy to clean and intelligently designed accessories; large capacity bowl; thin despite its weight; reliable induction cooking with a good temperature range; the touchscreen and the app work seamlessly; Kenwood has a large store of recipes; smart replacement for many other kitchen appliances.
Weak points : Very expensive so you really should need before making the investment.
Maker:: Kenwood
Price:: $ 1,999
Available:: Now

Device provided by Kenwood for review.

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Cusimax Stainless Steel Stand Mixer is just $ 125 on Amazon https://replicarec.com/cusimax-stainless-steel-stand-mixer-is-just-125-on-amazon/ https://replicarec.com/cusimax-stainless-steel-stand-mixer-is-just-125-on-amazon/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 13:04:36 +0000 https://replicarec.com/cusimax-stainless-steel-stand-mixer-is-just-125-on-amazon/

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may earn a commission.

Any home baker who has used a stand mixer is well aware of the invaluable value of the appliance in the kitchen. The powerful machine does the heavy lifting for you, whether it’s quickly whipping egg whites into stiff peaks or kneading bread dough until it’s luxuriously smooth. And while a much more affordable hand mixer will certainly do the trick for small projects, it’s nowhere near as easy as going back to a stand mixer and letting it do all the work for you.

While KitchenAid stand mixers have become one of the most popular electronic mixers in the bunch, home bakers don’t necessarily need to invest in the expensive appliance if they want to own their own. A much more affordable option that Amazon buyers recommend is the Cusimax stainless steel stand mixer, which is on sale for just $ 125 – less than half of what a KitchenAid typically sells for.

The Cusimax is built with a powerful motor that can handle any baking project, from cakes and breads to cookies and muffins. Six speeds and a pulse function let you mix mixes at high and low accelerations, and the 6.5 quart stainless steel bowl is large enough to hold large batches of cookie dough, locking into place for more security and control. The mixer comes with three attachments, including a dough hook, flat beater and wire whisk, as well as a protective spout cover that prevents flour from flying around.

Buy: Cusimax Stainless Steel Stand Mixer, $ 125 with coupon (originally $ 209) at amazon.com

Over 2,600 Amazon buyers have given the Cusimax stand mixer a five-star rating, with many reviewers mentioning that it is an “exceptional mixer” that is “as good as the most expensive”. Several customers also notice how much they “like the lightness” of this model, since others are often quite heavy. Even a professional chef said they “recommend Cusimax for beginners and seasoned cooks alike.”

“I’ve looked at KitchenAid blenders for a very long time, but then came across these fool killer blenders,” said one five-star reviewer. “After comparing the technical specifications, the cost savings were obvious. I have been using it for two months, several times a week and it is faultless! Do not hesitate on this purchase. It is [a] Powerful, high-quality mixer, does not overheat and has a shield so you won’t be hit by flour bombs while mixing. “

“I bought this blender because I love to cook,” shares another buyer. “I have used it so much, my colleagues love me! The accessories are easy to attach and clean. It’s not too loud and it blends well, even in the background and sides. accomplished job!”

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Manitoba vaccine official says vaccine mix is ​​part of pandemic ‘big human experiment’ https://replicarec.com/manitoba-vaccine-official-says-vaccine-mix-is-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bpart-of-pandemic-big-human-experiment/ https://replicarec.com/manitoba-vaccine-official-says-vaccine-mix-is-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bpart-of-pandemic-big-human-experiment/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 21:58:50 +0000 https://replicarec.com/manitoba-vaccine-official-says-vaccine-mix-is-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bpart-of-pandemic-big-human-experiment/

OTTAWA – Dr. Joss Reimer, medical director of the Manitoba Vaccine Implementation Working Group, says new vaccine recommendations from the National Immunization Advisory Committee on the mRNA mix vaccine will be a form of ‘trial and error.

“Well, in some ways during a pandemic everything we do is a great human experience,” she said in an interview with CTV’s Question Period that aired on Sunday. “Because we all have to learn together at the same time, which works best. “

On Tuesday, NACI changed its guidelines to allow Canadians to mix and match AstraZeneca with the mRNA vaccine from Moderna or Pfizer. There was no current data on the interchangeability of mRNA vaccines.

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam said NACI always recommends sticking to the same mRNA vaccine regimen for both doses, but you can mix it up if there are problems with it. availability.

“People who have received the first dose of an mRNA vaccine, so the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines, should be offered the same mRNA vaccine for the second dose,” she said in a statement. briefing Tuesday.

The NACI said in a statement that there was no reason to believe that using a different mRNA vaccine for your second dose would cause additional safety concerns.

Reimer says mixing and pairing vaccines is not a new practice in medicine.

“We have a lot of experience in this area in the past,” said Reimer. “And what these little trials have done is reassure us that it doesn’t look like COVID vaccines will be any different from our previous experience.”

There are currently two COVID-19 vaccine mixing studies, both in Spain and the UK, with preliminary results indicating that AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccine mixing and pairing is safe.

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https://replicarec.com/manitoba-vaccine-official-says-vaccine-mix-is-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bpart-of-pandemic-big-human-experiment/feed/ 0
MyJane Hempowerment Virtual-Mixer will feature women leaders in the CBD wellness space https://replicarec.com/myjane-hempowerment-virtual-mixer-will-feature-women-leaders-in-the-cbd-wellness-space/ https://replicarec.com/myjane-hempowerment-virtual-mixer-will-feature-women-leaders-in-the-cbd-wellness-space/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 18:49:00 +0000 https://replicarec.com/myjane-hempowerment-virtual-mixer-will-feature-women-leaders-in-the-cbd-wellness-space/

Since a year, My Jeanne brought together (virtually) women from across the United States to engage in a dialogue about CBD wellness with doctors or industry experts, gain advice for personal and professional development with renowned professionals as well as opportunities networking and entrepreneurship. MyJane’s HEMPowerment virtual mixer also features notable artists, from comedians to musicians and actors.

“This year, we decided that our Virtual HEMPowerment event would represent the diversity of the United States. The last was in New York and this month (June 10), it will be in Texas, ”said Hélène Blanchette, president of MyJane.

“It celebrates the individual cultural aspects of each state to help showcase what unites us. CBD education, wellness, business opportunities and cultural discovery are at the heart of each of our events.

Register now: https://www.myjane.com/virtual-mixer

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