Sound recording – Replicare C Wed, 28 Sep 2022 11:21:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sound recording – Replicare C 32 32 Ferne McCann called Sam Faiers a ‘fat c*** with big thighs’ in shocking voice recording Wed, 28 Sep 2022 11:21:24 +0000

Ferne McCann’s close friendship with Sam Faiers is in tatters after Ferne was accused of calling her former TOWIE co-star a ‘fat c***’ in a leaked recording, MailOnline can reveal.

In the shocking audio, Ferne, 32, also appears to be ashamed of Sam, 31,’s body, describing her thighs as “so big”.

The voicemail was reportedly sent by Ferne on WhatsApp to a friend in June, just a month after Sam gave birth to her third baby, Edward.

Sam’s mother, Suzie, was so appalled by the message that she posted it on her Instagram page, accessible to her 270,000 followers this morning.

Suzie wrote: ‘So after a few days of pain and upheaval I can no longer sit and say nothing.

Shocking: Ferne McCann’s close friendship with Sam Faiers is in tatters after Ferne was apparently overheard referring to the former TOWIE co-star as a ‘big c***’ in a leaked recording, MailOnline can reveal

‘Sam is lost’: The voicemail was said to have been sent by Ferne on WhatsApp to a friend in June, just a month after Sam gave birth to her third baby, Edward (pictured July 2019)

'Shocked': Sam's mother Suzie posted the <a class=audio recording and statement to her Instagram account on Wednesday morning, saying ‘nobody should ever talk about their friends like that'” class=”blkBorder img-share” style=”max-width:100%” />

‘Shocked’: Sam’s mother Suzie posted the audio recording and statement to her Instagram account on Wednesday morning, saying ‘nobody should ever talk about their friends like that’

“The vile voice note has been circulating on social media, and now news articles are calling it a ‘feud,’ which it isn’t.

“It was a complete shock for me and my family. Ferne has always been a very close friend of family to all of us over the past 20 years.

“It appears this voice note was sent just weeks after Samantha gave birth in May. Since this voice note surfaced, more have been sent – very upsetting nasty stuff.

“We are as shocked as you! No one should ever talk about their friends like that!

“My daughters are everything to me and I will do anything to protect them. I have nothing more to say on this subject.

'Vile': Sam's mum Suzie (pictured) was so appalled by the message that she posted it on her Instagram page, accessible to her 269,000 followers this morning

‘Vile’: Sam’s mum Suzie (pictured) was so appalled by the message that she posted it on her Instagram page, accessible to her 269,000 followers this morning

A source told MailOnline: “Understandably Sam is incredibly hurt and upset by these comments, particularly from someone she considered a good friend, she doesn’t understand why Ferne has decided to speak out. her in such a disparaging way.”

Sam unfollowed and blocked Ferne on Instagram after hearing the message, which read in full: “Sam Faiers is a big c***, his thighs are so big and I looked really skinny today and uh yeah.”

Reality TV stars Ferne and Sam have been close and living friends for more than two decades.

In their TOWIE heyday, the pair partied in Essex, haunted Sugar Hut and supported each other through their dramatic stories, including when Sam split from boyfriend Joey Essex.

They have celebrated milestone birthdays together, the arrival of their children, and Ferne is also close friends with Sam’s sister, Billie, 32, who attends her bachelorette party, wedding and baby showers .

Ferne shared a touching tribute to Sam on his 30th birthday in 2021, declaring his love for his former co-star on Instagram.

She said: ‘Wow, it was emotional looking at all those photos. So many laughs, parties and special memories created. You, my darling, have given me so many memories that I will cherish forever.

Ferne even performed at Billie’s 2019 wedding in the Maldives, with the reality star saying her BFF’s surprise performance was a moment she will never forget.

Sam and Ferne’s relationship has been marred in the past amid various fallouts – but they’ve always managed to redeem themselves.

They were feuding over their rival TV shows after Ferne landed First Time Mum following the success of Sam’s ITVBe series The Mummy Dairies.

'Precious memories': Ferne shared a tribute to Sam on his 30th birthday in 2021, declaring his love to him on Instagram and sharing photos of them over the years

‘Precious memories’: Ferne shared a tribute to Sam on his 30th birthday in 2021, declaring his love to him on Instagram and sharing photos of them over the years

Throwback: In their TOWIE heyday, Sam and Ferne would party in Essex, haunt Sugar Hut and support each other through their dramatic stories

Throwback: In their TOWIE heyday, Sam and Ferne would party in Essex, haunt Sugar Hut and support each other through their dramatic stories

In 2018, Sam confirmed the couple had put their differences aside, saying: ‘To be honest over the last couple of years Ferne and I hadn’t agreed on a number of things and sometimes, in as friends, you walk away. .

“I’m in Hertfordshire with my family and she’s doing her thing with her family. There was never a big argument, we just drifted apart but it was actually fine because at my sister’s bridal shower it was fine, and we were catching up with the babies and that’s really it .

Sam, who gave birth to son Edward in May, is also mum to six-year-old Paul and four-year-old Rosie, whom she shares with longtime partner Paul Knightley.

Ferne is mother to a four-year-old on Sunday from her relationship with Arthur Collins, who is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence after being convicted of an acid attack in 2017.

In the same year, it was reported that Sam had advised Ferne to end her romance with Arthur and their friendship had suffered from his imprisonment.

She got engaged to fiancé Lorri Haines in July after a seven-month whirlwind romance, telling her Instagram followers: “So luckily afternoons do exist.”

Representatives for Ferne declined to comment when approached by MailOnline, but a source close to Ferne suggested the partial recording, which has been made public, may have been edited or taken out of context.

Protective: Suzie dismissed recent claims that Sam and Ferne were 'arguing' and said the past few days had been very 'hurtful' and 'upsetting' (Suzie pictured with her daughters Sam and Billie)

Protective: Suzie dismissed recent claims that Sam and Ferne were ‘arguing’ and said the past few days had been very ‘hurtful’ and ‘upsetting’ (Suzie pictured with her daughters Sam and Billie)

Fallout: Ferne is also close friends with Sam's sister Billie, but relations between the two turned sour after the shocking recording

Fallout: Ferne is also close friends with Sam’s sister Billie, but relations between the two turned sour after the shocking recording

Sam joined the TOWIE cast as an original in 2010 while Ferne became a regular on the show three years later.

Ferne is currently starring in the C4 Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins series.

During Sunday night’s episode, she confessed to being known as ‘b****’ during her time on TOWIE – but insisted she looked different away from the cameras.

She said: ‘I think on TOWIE I was probably seen as the b**** but in real life that character is not aligned with who I am.

‘I don’t like confrontation. I find it very difficult.

Moving on: Ferne, who is engaged to Lorri Haines, is a mom until Sunday of her relationship with Arthur Collins, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence for an acid attack in 2017

Moving on: Ferne, who is engaged to Lorri Haines, is a mom until Sunday of her relationship with Arthur Collins, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence for an acid attack in 2017

DISTURBED collaborated with ANN WILSON of HEART through their cover “Sound Of Silence” Sun, 25 Sep 2022 18:07:01 +0000

Disturbed announced their new album Divide last week, which surprisingly revealed Heart singer Anne Wilson on the song “Don’t Tell Me”. Of course, this prompted many people to ask what was the connection between Wilson and Disturbed, and how it came as a guest. In an interview with WRIF, Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan said it was all down to the band’s must-see 2015 cover of “Sound Of Silence” and Wilson professing his love for her in an interview.

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“At the beginning of our career, we really wanted to establish ourselves without having guests. We didn’t really talk about it a lot, but just [felt], ‘This is the group.’ Not that we’ve ever been against it, but so far in our career… We’re always pushing ourselves, trying to do different things musically. And there’s so much talent out there and so many people we’d love to do collaborations with now or later in our careers.

Anne Wilson had mentioned before – she’s already tweeted about us,” he continued. she really loved our version of ‘The Sound Of Silence’. And that kind of opened the door for a social media friendship between her and [vocalist David Draiman] a little. And then when we wrote that song, it just seemed like it would lend itself to Ann’s vocals and then try to see that merging between her and Davidthe voices together. She jumped at the chance. Immediately, she responded, and we were, like, ‘Holy shit. She just said yes to that.'”

On Wilson say yes to collaboration, Donegan added “it’s not like she’s sitting there and jumping on people’s albums either, so we take it as a badge of honor to think that there aren’t many times when someone one as big a legend as she is that she’d jump on any album she doesn’t “I don’t have to, and she chose to be on this one. And she loves the track. And it went well.”

Disturbed will release their new album Divide for November 18. Pre-orders are available here, and you can check out the latest single “Unstoppable” below.

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First Streisand Nightclub recording remastered for release Fri, 23 Sep 2022 22:45:00 +0000

NEW YORK — A series of Barbra Streisand’s 1962 performances at a Manhattan nightclub before she became a superstar has been remastered and will be released this fall.

“Barbra Streisand – Live at the Bon Soir” features songs from a three-night stint at the Bon Soir nightclub in Greenwich Village. The singer-actor’s sessions led to his first recording contract. Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings announced Friday that the remastered sessions will be released on November 4.

The performances were intended to become Streisand’s debut album, but instead many of the songs were remade as studio recordings and released as his Grammy-winning self-titled debut album in 1963.

Streisand kept the recordings in her personal collection and she approved the release after engineer Jochem van der Saag used technology to improve their quality, according to a press release. The nightclub acoustics were not intended for professional recording, but modern techniques allowed van der Saag to separate Streisand’s voice from the sounds of the instruments.

The outing will allow listeners “to see 20-year-old Streisand on the cusp of his unprecedented career,” Friday’s announcement said.

“I had never even been to a nightclub until I sang there,” Streisand said in a statement, noting that the release comes 60 years after the Bon Soir sessions.

]]> +Audio unveils +Record Player Special Edition White System Thu, 22 Sep 2022 07:38:31 +0000

Audiophiles are likely to turn their collective noses at the mere mention of a product like the +Audio +Record Player Special Edition White system, but that would be a big mistake.

Could a better sounding system be assembled from parts for US$1,995.95?


But with everything in one very compact and well-designed component that includes a Pro-Ject turntable and an Ortofon 2M Red phono cartridge?

Not so fast.

Space matters to people.

Being able to listen to vinyl and stream from Spotify, TIDAL and Qobuz is also important. Not having to spend extra money on cables is a huge plus.

Andover Audio is another company that has done a great job in this category and can barely keep up with the demand. We have advanced previews of what’s to come from them and it’s clear there’s a market for high performance lifestyle systems like this.

With the resurgence of vinyl record listening and collecting, not only have quality turntables made a comeback, but the concept of “record player” has returned with several companies, such as Victrola, elevating this category of products for the more serious music listener.

At its core, the +Record Player Special Edition White is an all-in-one music system with a turntable and cartridge, additional source connectivity, two-way Bluetooth and a two-channel stereo system. However, there is more to the story.


The +Record Player Special Edition White features retro styling that includes a clean front panel and a brushed aluminum finish with a fabric speaker grille that gives it a fresh contemporary look.

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Turntable system

Here are the highlights of the turntable system built into the +Record Player Special Edition White.

  • Pro-Ject belt-drive record player with aluminum tonearm (model-specific information not included)
  • 24-pole synchronous motor with crystal stabilized digital electronic speed controller
  • Electronic speed selection 33/45 rpm

Source options

Although the main feature is 33/45 RPM vinyl record playback, the +Record Player includes other source options including Bluetooth for streaming music from smart devices, a digital optical input for CD players, TVs and other compatible playback devices, and a USB input/output to play music files for ripping vinyl on a MAC or PC.

Point: A 5V USB output can power a Chromecast, Echo Dot, (or Airport Express if you still have one).

+ Audio recording player front controls

Audio system

The + Record Player incorporates a 2-way bi-amplified speaker system with Feedback cancellation architecture. This system offers the frequency range and clarity typically only found in separate, high-end component systems.

Point: The audio system includes a wide mode that expands the soundstage beyond the built-in physical limitations of the built-in speaker system.

Front panel controls

+ Audio recording player front controls
  • power button
  • Input (USB, Optical, Phono, Aux, Line) and 33/45 RPM selection
  • Vol -/+ and Mute
  • Wide mode on/off
  • Bluetooth Mode

Point: A wireless remote control is also provided.


+ Audio recording player rear connections
  • Back: USB-A charging/power port (5V), USB PC input/output, digital optical input, auxiliary input (RCA), AC power connector and line output (preamp).
  • Front: Aux in, Headphone jack

Point: The line output (preamp) can be used to connect the +Record Player to a more powerful external two-channel amplifier, audio system or a pair of powered speakers.


  • Speakers: Two 3.5-inch high-excursion woofers and two 1-inch soft dome tweeters. As mentioned earlier, the speaker system is bi-amplified.
  • Amplifier type: Class D
  • output power: 100W Maximum Power (2x35W) + (2x15W)
  • audio processing: DSP double precision
  • Signal to noise ratio: >100dB
  • Dimensions: 17.6 x 13.9 x 8.5 inches (446 x 352 x 215mm)
  • lester: 33lbs/15Kgs
+White audio record player stand

Availability and prices

The +Record Player Special Edition is available direct from +Audio in White and retails for $1,999 including taxes and shipping costs.

It can also be ordered as The +RP System Special Edition with a matching stand with vinyl storage that will position +The Record Player at the right height and in the right place in the room for $2,300.

There are also additional +Record Player variants available through +Audio.

NASA records the sound of a space rock crashing into Mars Mon, 19 Sep 2022 19:57:55 +0000

For the first time, NASA has captured the eerie sound of a meteoroid sailing through another planet’s atmosphere and crashing to the ground.

The recording, posted September 19 on YouTube, combines “seismic and acoustic waves” detected when a space rock hit Mars on September 5, 2021, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a press release.

Lasting only around 3 seconds, the sound begins with a whistle – the rock flying through the sky – and ends with “bloops”.

“This was the first time the sound of a meteoroid impact was picked up on another planet, and it might not be what you expected,” the lab reports.

NASA reports that these three craters were formed on September 5, 2021 by a meteoroid impact on Mars and were “the first to be detected by NASA’s InSight”. NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

“You hear three ‘bloops’ representing distinct moments of impact: the meteoroid entering Mars’ atmosphere, exploding into pieces and hitting the ground. The particular sound is caused by an atmospheric effect that was also observed in the deserts on Earth, where low sounds arrive before high sounds.

The meteoroid – “the term for incoming space rocks before they hit the ground” – exploded into at least three pieces, leaving three distinct craters, scientists said.

NASA said its InSight lander picked up the seismic waves and NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter flew over the impact site and photographed “three dark spots on the surface.”

A September 19 paper in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Geoscience reports that NASA has recorded four meteorite impacts on Mars since August 2021, “between 53 and 180 miles (85 and 290 kilometers) from InSight’s location. “.

All four produced quakes (like quakes) in the magnitude 2.0 range, officials said.

“Researchers are wondering why they haven’t detected more meteoroid impacts on Mars,” NASA said.

“The Red Planet sits next to the Solar System’s main asteroid belt, which provides enough space rock to scar the planet’s surface. Because Mars’ atmosphere is just 1% thicker than that of Earth, more meteoroids pass through it without disintegrating, ”explains NASA.

It’s possible other impacts have occurred since InSight landed in 2018, but they’ve been “obscured by wind noise or seasonal changes in the atmosphere,” the InSight team says. .

The paper’s lead author, Raphael Garcia of the Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace de France in Toulouse, says these impact sites “are the clocks of the solar system”.

“Scientists can roughly estimate the age of a planet’s surface by counting its impact craters: the more they see, the older the surface is,” he said in the press release.

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Mark Price has been a reporter for The Charlotte Observer since 1991, covering topics including schools, crime, immigration, LGBTQ issues, homelessness and nonprofits. He graduated from the University of Memphis with a major in journalism and art history, and a minor in geology.

]]> Sound of gunfire captured on surveillance camera during murder of LSU student; about a dozen gunshots heard in new recording Sat, 17 Sep 2022 21:26:51 +0000

BATON ROUGE — Newly discovered audio captured the moment someone fired a barrage of bullets at an LSU student as she was stopped at a railroad crossing.

The attack killed 21-year-old Allison Rice early Friday morning. Police found her around 2 a.m. inside the bullet-riddled car, stopped on the east side of the lanes on Government Street, just east of I-110.

A person living nearby told WBRZ on Friday that he heard gunshots as the train passed. Glass and other markings at the scene suggest Rice’s vehicle was flipping over when someone fired through its windshield.

Audio obtained a day later by the WBRZ investigative unit – recorded on a nearby surveillance system – captured the shooting. The attack was not seen on video, but in the nearly one-minute recording, a dozen gunshots can be heard as a train passes. Once the hail of gunfire has stopped, the sound of car tires screeching can be heard.

On Saturday, the Baton Rouge Police Department had little to publicly share about the investigation and said it was still pursuing potential leads.

“Detectives are talking to neighbors in this community, reaching out to business owners to see if we can review some surveillance footage they may have,” said BRPD spokesman L. ‘Jean McKneely, at WBRZ Saturday morning.

Police have yet to say what the apparent motive for the attack was.

Rapper Wakko the Kidd is shot dead during a robbery in North Hollywood Mon, 12 Sep 2022 20:39:27 +0000

An aspiring rapper who was shot multiple times in a violent North Hollywood home robbery said he believes the shooting was instigated by him showing cash and jewelry on their social media accounts.

Known as “Wakko the Kidd,” the rapper and his sound engineer were returning home late September 1 from a recording session when, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, they were attacked by at least one armed suspect in the 11100 block of Califa Street.

No arrests were made in the attack and LAPD officials declined to say what was taken in the robbery, but the local entertainer told KCBS-TV Channel 2 he believed it was were possibly his videos and photos showing money, cars and jewelry. makes him a target.

Wakko the Kidd is often seen in music videos on YouTube holding thick stacks of cash in his hands, standing next to expensive cars, or bragging about cash in lyrics like claiming his “paycheck like Dubai” – standard bragging seen in most industry videos. In a video posted to his TikTok account, someone is seen dropping $100 bills through the backseat of a car window and onto a crowded sidewalk.

Just weeks before the robbery, the rapper posted a video on his YouTube account claiming he had spent $80,000 on a jewelry chain from Dumoni Jewelers, a company that specializes in custom jewelry, including grills — or jewelry worn on the teeth.

“And you know he did the grilling, and you know he did the watch,” Wakko the Kidd says to the camera while showing off the gem-encrusted jewelry.

The rapper and a rep did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Wakko the Kidd told KCBS he was shot six times.

“A bullet went through my back, went right through me and out of my stomach,” he said. “A bullet went through my stomach and out of my back.”

The LAPD said the rapper’s friend was also shot multiple times and both men were taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Investigators found several shell casings on the ground when they responded, and bullets had passed through the vehicle and Wakko the Kidd’s house, police said.

“It’s upsetting and frustrating to live in a world where you can’t have nice things without looking over your shoulder,” he told KCBS.

Law enforcement officials said they have seen an increase in the number of so-called “home tracking” robberies, particularly incidents targeting celebrities and high-end restaurants over the past year. In November, the LAPD announced the creation of a new task force to combat this disturbing trend.

According to LAPD crime statistics, robberies are up about 18% so far this year compared to the same period in 2021.

Will Aaron Judge banish that asterisk for good? Fri, 09 Sep 2022 23:48:45 +0000

Aaron Judge, like Hemingway’s definition of a great novelist, only rivals the dead. As of this writing, Judge leads the league in home runs, hits scored, runs scored, total on-bases, on-base percentage, slugging average and a slew of other categories which seem to have been invented by characters on The Big Bang Theory. Most spectacular, of course, is the Yankee outfielder’s 55 home run mark, a whopping 19 dingers past Phillies second Kyle Schwarber. Judge has the kind of season where any stat in which he doesn’t lead the league doesn’t matter.

There’s no question Judge is the top contender for American League MVP, even in a season where the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani hit 33 homers and pitched 136 innings to win 11 games with a 2.58 ERA. .

To date, the Yankees currently lead the AL East by 4.5 games and are heading to the playoffs (despite their lackluster performance since the All-Star Game). Without Judge, they’d be more like the fourth-place Baltimore Orioles (10.5 games out of first place), wondering if they’d have a chance of catching the third-place Toronto Blue Jays.

Aaron Judge is not in competition with his contemporaries. This season, he faces the greatest of all time: Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Ted Williams and, yes, Babe Ruth.

“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

With 24 games to play (including tonight’s game), Judge is six shy of Roger Maris’ American League record of 61 homers in 1961;’s home run tracker currently predicts he will hit 64. (Ruth, hitting 60 homers in 154 games, sent one out of the park every 2.56 games – if Judge actually hits 64 in 162 games, that will have him going to the yard at the slightly better rate of one every 2.53 games.)

Many baseball fans hesitate when asked who holds the AL record; it takes seconds to recall that steroid-packed punchers Mark McGwire (70 in 1998, 65 the following year), Sammy Sosa (66 in 1998, 63 in 1999, 64 in 2001) and Barry Bonds (73 in 2001) were all domestic leaguers. Maris is the only AL player to turn 60, the record set by Babe Ruth in 1927.

Many fans, too, would just as quickly forget that brief time and blanch at the thought of any or all of them being elected to the Hall of Fame – all three have been eligible for several seasons now, but HOF voters have so far decided that taking performance-enhancing drugs is a disqualifier.

If the idea of ​​a steroid cheater being a home run king sickens you, then Maris is your man. Roger has played his entire career (12 seasons in total, 7 with the Yankees) without the slightest controversy… except for that asterisk. (See archive story below.)

Asterisk Maris was so difficult to kill precisely because he never existed in the first place. It was a self-perpetuating myth. Like John Ford’s reporter The man who shot Liberty Valance says, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” If Judge sets a new record, he will be seen by many as the baseball player real all-time home run champion, the man who did it all without the boost of PEDs. It will also free Roger Maris from the asterisk mythos once and for all, and hopefully he can tie that asterisk around the necks of McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds. ❖

For those of you who are too young to remember, here is a story I wrote for the Voice in 2011, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Maris breaking Babe’s 1927 record of 60 homers, in 1961.

Roger Maris and the myth of the asterisk

by Allen Barra
June 27, 2011

Phil Pepe’s superb new book, 1961: The Inside Story of Maris-Mantle’s House Hunt (Triumph Books, $20.00) is the best thing yet written – or likely to be written – about the incredible season 50 years ago that captivated the country.

Pepe dispels several myths about Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris’ legendary 60-home run pursuit of Ruth, one of them being that the two were hostile rivals. In fact, Mantle looked up to his quiet, reserved teammate and actually shared an apartment with him (also with reserve outfielder Bob Cerv) in an effort to get his own life in order. Later in the season, Mickey rooted heavily from his hospital bed for Maris to break the record.

Another myth that Pepe has tried to bust is the myth of the asterisk which was placed after Maris’ achievement in the record books. Sundays Daily News includes an excerpt from 1961 in which Pepe states the case of the asterisk that never was:

There was no asterisk. Not then. Not now. Never.

The myth that an asterisk was used to indicate that Roger Maris needed expansion and a longer game schedule to surpass Ruth’s single-season home run record has been perpetuated in history and the film. But this is not true. It never was. There was never an asterisk. What there have been for almost 50 years, however, are two entries in the official baseball records, as such:

Most circuits, season.
61 Roger E. Maris, AL: NY, 1961 (162 G/S)
60 George H. Ruth, AL. New York, 1927.

So there was no asterisk on the books.

Pepe’s story is generally correct, but I want to add a few things. I have been fighting the asterisk myth for years. First, in the 1996 book It’s not like that or (almost) everything they told you about sports is wrong then in my 2002 book, Clean the Bases, Baseball’s Greatest Debates of the Century. In it I wrote:

That anyone ever thought there was an asterisk is at least as much the fault of the New York Daily News‘ Dick Young as Commissioner Ford Frick. Frick adored Ruth and was at her bedside the day before she died (and made a big deal of it in interviews and after-dinner speeches). Maris had the misfortune to have his finest season in 1961 when Frick was baseball commissioner. As early as July 17, with Maris and several sluggers ahead of Babe Ruth’s pace in 1927, Frick, apparently distressed that the new 162-game season would give someone an unfair chance to break Ruth’s record, summoned a press conference and rendered this decision:

“Any player who hit more than 60 home runs in his club’s first 154 games would be recognized as having set a new record. However, if the player does not reach over 60 before that club has played 154 games, there would need to be a distinguishing mark in the record books to show that Babe Ruth’s record was set according to a schedule of 154 matches.

In his biography of Maris, Roger Maris, a man for all seasons, my late neighbor from New Jersey, Maury Allen, was right. Dick Young, he said, shouted aloud “Maybe you should use an asterisk on the new record. Everyone does that when there’s a difference of opinion.

What Pepe and other baseball historians failed to understand was that Frick’s statement was not a decision but simply an opinion: Frick had no authority to make a decision on the matter. To put it simply, he was awesome. What eluded most baseball writers present at Frick’s press conference, and what continues to elude the sports media today, is that Major League Baseball had no record books.” official” and didn’t have one until Total Baseball got the job in the late 1990s. So, in essence, Frick was trying to pressure publishers over whom he had no authority to print his version of the Maris/Ruth home run chase.

No matter how many games Ruth and Maris played, it should be noted that Maris hit his 60th homer in his 684th plate appearance, while Ruth only reached 60 having had 689.

What everyone seems to have forgotten is that Frick himself denied the asterisk ever existed. The reason is that hardly anyone remembers that Frick wrote an autobiography, published by Crown in 1973, Games, asterisks and people. “No asterisk”, he wrote, “appears in the official record in connection with this achievement.” He failed to mention that there was no “official” record and that some record books chose to list the “Most Home Runs Season” record as Pepe recounted, but several others ( including the Gillette Book of Records) did not. Frick, however, couldn’t help but remind us that “His [Maris’s] record was set in a 162-game season. Ruth’s record of 60 homers was set in 1927 during a 154-game season.

Frick’s denial of the asterisk did nothing to erase it from fans’ memories. In a bizarre postscript to the asterisk story, in 1991 Commissioner Fay Vincent issued a statement saying he supported “The Single Record Thesis”, meaning that Maris held the record for most circuits in one season, period. The Committee on Statistical Accuracy, appointed by Vincent, then voted to remove the asterisk from Maris’ record.

Thus, a baseball commissioner voiced support for removing an asterisk that a former commissioner denied ever putting there in the first place. Probably nothing has done more to reinforce the myth of the existence of the asterisk than its “removal” by Vincent.

I don’t know if the combined efforts of Pepe, Frick, Vincent and myself will ever succeed in convincing fans that there was never an asterisk next to Roger Maris’ name in the record books. But here are some observations:

First, no matter how many games Ruth and Maris played, it should be noted that Maris hit his 60th home run in his 684th plate appearance, while Ruth only reached 60 having had 689. Second, there was a theory from sportswriters who disliked Maris that Yankee Stadium’s small right porch was responsible for many of Maris’ “cheap” home runs. The right-field fence at Yankee Stadium was as short or shorter in Ruth’s day, but it was just assumed that Ruth, who hit home runs longer than Maris, didn’t need a short porch. Regardless, Maris actually hit 30 home runs at Yankee Stadium that season and 31 at every other American League stadium.

On second thought, what has probably perpetuated the myth of the asterisk more than anything else for fans of this generation is the wonderful 2001 Billy Crystal film, 61*who, after Bull Durham, gets my nod as the best baseball movie ever made. I’ll give Crystal a pass for making the mistake, but as far as everyone else is concerned, it’s time to ditch the notion of the asterisk and acknowledge Maris for what he did. ❖

Allen Barra is a longtime contributor to the Voice. He writes regularly for the daily beastthe New Republic, and the national book review. He is the author of several books, including Yogi Berra, Eternal Yankee and Mickey and Willie: Parallel Lives from the Golden Age of Baseball.

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The Recorder – Sounds Local: Swing Caravan returns to the stage with a bi-monthly residency at Hawks and Reed in partnership with Greenfield Community College Wed, 07 Sep 2022 20:24:02 +0000

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Valley’s longtime favorite band, Swing Caravan?

The band, led by vocalist/guitarist Matthew Shippee and known for their creative interpretations of gypsy jazz music and vocal jazz standards, played throughout the Valley for much of the 2000s. gigs at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton and at events like the Green River Festival, they were perhaps best known for their informal, non-stop gigs at places like the Yellow Sofa and the Sierra Grille in Northampton. These regular performances allowed the award-winning band to show off their improvisational skills and were a hit with local audiences.

Five years ago, it all came to a halt when Shippee had to take a step back from music to devote her time to her family. But now the time has come for Swing Caravan to return, and they’re kicking off a bi-monthly residency at the Hawks and Reed Performing Arts Center in Greenfield starting tonight (September 8) at 6:30 p.m.

The band, which also includes Doug Plavin on drums/percussion and Kirk Sanger on double bass, is doing something new with these shows by forming a partnership with Greenfield Community College, where Shippee is a professor and head of the music department. In an effort to build community and showcase the GCC music program, each Swing Caravan session will feature the GCC Music Review: a special guest musician who is a college student, alumni, or faculty member. who will perform with the group.

Shelburne Falls resident Shippee is thrilled to be back playing the music he loves and bringing the GCC Music Revue to these performances.

“We started out as a more traditional gypsy jazz trio with two acoustic guitars and a double bass, and that was a fun thing,” Shippee said of the origins of Swing Caravan, a band that started in the early 2000s. “Django Reinhardt composed in a playful and intuitive way because he could neither read nor write music. He was one of those brilliant, untrained geniuses. This music always spoke to me and I wanted to dig into it.

In 2009, Swing Caravan began to evolve. The band came across a guitar and left behind the rhythm guitar sound traditionally heard in gypsy jazz. Shippee started playing a different style of guitar and they added drums and a trumpet. The group continued to play gypsy jazz but with this non-traditional formation.

“We were still playing gypsy jazz, but in a more interpretative way,” he added.

“I was singing more jazz standards and also doing them in a different way. Then there were my original songs that could be considered Americana, some even including a rock beat.

The music became more playful, spontaneous and creative in the moment.

This approach to musical creation would become the hallmark of Swing Caravan and one to which audiences would respond.

“I was doing things like playing a standard like ‘All of Me’ and playing it in 6/8 instead of 4/4, and people who came to regular gigs liked to hear that,” Shippee said. “Swing Caravan audiences loved that it sounded really fresh and that we were trying something new. And we’re good at it. ”

The band and their guests will embrace the spirit of spontaneity at these shows from Hawks and Reed. Listeners can expect to hear both covers and original material, but it should be noted that despite their name, Swing Caravan does not play swing dance music. Although some of their music is animated, it will be more of a listening experience. “We’re more Bill Frisell with an American influence,” Shippee said of their music.

The first show in the series will feature singer-songwriter Jessica Dow, an alumnus of the college’s music department. Swing Caravan will accompany her on some of her compositions, and in turn, she will sing some jazz standards with the group. “We’re not going to rehearse a lot to get back to that idea of ​​spontaneity.”

The format of future shows will depend on the guest musician. Scheduled for September 22 is Garrett Grant, another Music Department alumnus and singer-songwriter who specializes in finger-picked acoustic guitar compositions.

The idea for this residency originated years ago when Swing Caravan performed to benefit the GCC Foundation at Hawks and Reed. Venue owner Steve Goldsher was so inspired by both the band and the GCC connection that he thought it would be something the venue could host on a regular basis. And now the time has come.

“I’m really excited about the collaboration with GCC and I think it’s a fun post-COVID way for people to come together and have fun,” Shippee said, adding that he plans to try some cool things. with the rotating group of guests. .

Shippee also hopes the GCC partnership will help publicize the school’s new contemporary music curriculum. Shippee, who holds a master’s degree in ethnomusicology and has been teaching at the GCC since 2002, developed the program after talking to his students and discovering that not all of them were interested in the study of jazz offered by the college, but that They had varied backgrounds and interests. He found they were looking for careers ranging from writing music for video games to touring with a band. So he created a new program that focuses on the contemporary world of music making and offers courses in everything from songwriting to exploring the music of The Beatles and Radiohead.

Since such a long hiatus, Shippee has been catching up on social media accounts and putting all four of her recordings on streaming services. These should be ready soon. But he does not regret the time he took to devote himself to his children and learn about his own creativity.

“I missed making music, but I realized that all my creativity went into parenting and that was a big accomplishment,” he said. “Being playful and spontaneous and creating an experience is what I loved to do as a musician and I realized I was doing it with my kids. I discovered my own creative process and it felt good not to of music.

Now that he is back to focusing on music, he has written ten new songs which he hopes Swing Caravan will record soon.

In addition to providing listeners with a unique and fun musical experience, Shippee hopes these shows with the GCC Music Revue will help create a sense of community.

“We want to build a scene,” he said of the residency. “I know it will take time to develop, but we would like it to become the place to be on a Thursday night.”

The show is free. For more information, visit

Sheryl Hunter is a freelance writer who resides in Easthampton. His work has appeared in various regional and national publications. She can be contacted at

UP Government takes series of decisions to reform, improve investigation system and assures HC Allahabad to implement them in 2 months Tue, 06 Sep 2022 04:12:19 +0000

The Government of Uttar Pradesh informed the Allahabad High Court that he took important decisions to improve and reform the police investigation system. The decision was taken at a meeting convened on August 26, 2022, chaired by Additional Chief Secretary (Interior), Government of Uttar Pradesh.

The government also assured the High Court that the decision taken by the state government would indeed be implemented as quickly as possible no later than two months and that certain other steps necessary for a fair investigation would also be taken.

Significantly, the government has assured the High Court that the amended provisions of Section 161 Cr.PC and Subsection 10 of the Section 15A of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act must be respected and implemented in letter and spirit.

It should be noted that the 1st and 2nd conditional clauses of Article 161 (3) CrPC prescribe the recording of statements of victims of sexual offenses by audio-video means and by a female agent. A similar provision was made under Section 15A of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

Here it should be noted that last year the High Court had observed that in the majority of cases the 1st and 2nd conditional clauses of Section 161(3) CrPC are not followed by investigators in the real sense of the term.

Read more about what the Court had said here: Recording of victim statement by audio-video means, by female officer: Allahabad HC orders conditional clauses to comply with Section 161(3) CrPC

Our readers may note that the following decisions have been taken by the UP government to ensure that the investigation system is strengthened:

(i) Autopsy and wound reports should be typed and made easily legible and the practice of handwritten reports should be discontinued.

(ii) During the autopsy, there should be DNA and fingerprinting and the necessary software should be developed for this purpose.

(iii) In the case of gunshot wounds, instead of a full body x-ray, the x-ray should be of the area where the injury is. However, in such cases where the entry or exit wound is not apparent, the need for an X-ray should be made mandatory.

(iv) At autopsy, wounds on the cadaver should be photographed in color to highlight them.

(v) An index should be prepared for attachment to each case log, which is submitted to the Prosecutor/Honourable Judges. It should be explored whether the necessary facilities can be provided through the CCTNS software.

(vi) A synopsis must be prepared of the contents of the report containing the opinion of the investigator as encapsulated in the report under section 173(2) Cr.Pc. An index should also be prepared for convenient reading and reference. This synopsis forms part of the report under Section 173(2) Cr.PC

(vii) The importance of the role of the supervising agent should be emphasized and the supervising agent should not function only as a post office. Any investigation should be looked at under the microscope and any shortcomings or shortcomings should be reported to the investigator. Arrangements should also be made for regular training of the interviewer.

(viii) Senior Supervisory Officers shall promptly submit the report submitted by the police under Section 173(2) Cr.PC and not withhold it unnecessarily. In this context, a letter dated 05.05.2016 had already been issued by the Director General of Police, UP Lucknow.

(ix) Before ordering further investigation under s. 173(8), it is desirable to seek permission/give information from the competent court, but the necessity of this step should be considered in the light of relevant and applicable statutory provisions and past judgments and observations by Hon’ble Apex Court and Hon’ble High Court. In all cases where witness statements are recorded in audio/video mode, the relevant material will be incorporated into the case log by means of a CD/USB key.

(x) The font size used to prepare the case log should be increased to a size that would facilitate easy and readable reading thereof. To this end, the cooperation of the NIC will be sought to implement increased font size in recordings uploaded to the CCTNS.

(xi) Strict compliance with the statutory provisions contained in Article 65B CPI and that the investigator is trained to adopt a sensitive approach in these matters.

(xii) It was emphasized that proper instructions should be given to supervisory officers to ensure that they carry out their duties efficiently and diligently. He was informed by the Additional Director General of Police (Crime) that in all Districts (pan-state) training was provided in the Orderly Rooms and through Crime Meetings. The Additional Chief Secretary (Interior), UP Government, Lucknow has issued instructions for action to be taken against investigators who have been negligent in the performance of their duties and thereby jeopardize a fair and proper investigation appropriate.

(xiii) In each district, the Joint Director (Prosecution) should head a Legal Cell, which should be established for the purpose of educating all investigators on the latest criminal law changes and judgments rendered by the Honorable Apex Court and Hon’ble High Court.

(xiv) The necessary government order/circular/roadmap, which was to be issued, covered a wide range and the support and cooperation of technical and other departments was needed.

Apart from this, the state government has also informed the Court that it has already given instructions to investigators only in cases against women in which the victim impact statement has been taken under Section 164 Cr.PC and in the event of variations in victim impact statements under sections 161 and 164 Cr.PC, the investigating officer must not ask any questions in a Supplemental Victim Statement (Majeed Bayan), which frustrates and denies the Victim Statement under Section 164 Cr.PC

Having taken note of the aforementioned decisions taken by the Government of the UP, the college of Judge Sanjay Kumar Singh felt that the criminal justice administration system in India places human rights and human dignity on a much higher pedestal. In our jurisprudence, an accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, an accused is entitled to a fair and impartial investigation and a fair trial, and the prosecution is expected to play a balanced role in the trial.

A fair and impartial investigation are the fundamental canons of our criminal jurisprudence and are fully in line with the constitutional mandate enshrined in Sections 20 and 21 of the Constitution of India. Any investigation must be conducted fairly and in accordance with the law. A fair and proper investigation is the main task of the investigator. In any civilized society, the police are vested with powers to investigate a crime in order to ensure the punishment of the criminals and it is in the interest of the society that the investigative body acts honestly and fairly and does not not resort to fabricating false evidence or creating false clues because such acts undermine the confidence of ordinary people not only in the investigative body, but in the ultimate analysis of the criminal justice dispensation system“, further underlined the Court.


It should be noted that the Court was hearing a set of cases relating to the mode and manner of recording witness statements under Article 161 of the Code of Criminal Procedure due to the amendment by Law 5 of 2009, Act 13 of 2013, and Act 22 of 2018 at Section 161 Cr.PC, compliance with the provisions of Subsection (10) of Section 15A of the SC/ST Act and steps to be taken to streamline fair investigation.

Essentially, in one of the cases, the Court noted that the victim impact statement under s. accused, while the provisions of recording the statement under Section 161 Cr.PC by audio-video means was inserted by Law No. 5 of 2009 and a similar provision had also been provided under subsection (10) of Section 15A of the SC/ST Act, but the Court noted that mandatory provisions were not complied with.

In another case (gang rape case), the Court noted that the investigator, in order to nullify the statement under s. the victim’s second statement (Majeed Bayan) recorded through a female constable in violation of the 1st proviso of Section 161(3) Cr.PC as well as the provisions of Subsection 10 of the Section 15A of the SC/ST Act in which it is provided that “all proceedings under this Act shall be video recorded.

In this context, the Court had ordered the convening of a meeting of government officials to deliberate on the necessary steps to be taken to ensure that the investigation system is reformed.

Case Title – Waseem v. State of UP and another with related questions

Case quote:

Click here to read/download the order