Sound recording

Review: Universal Audio Luna Recording System

Words by the mixing staff Universal audio | Free with Apollo or Arrow interfaces If there was ever one brand that epitomizes exactly where we are with regards to the evolution of the recording studio, it would be Universal audio. A multigenerational family business that has been at the forefront …

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Les Faces record new music | Entertainment

The Faces are recording new music. The band ‘Ooh La La’ broke up in 1975 and have reunited several times since, but without the surviving members of the original lineup until Sir Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones put on a performance of charity in 2015, a private concert …

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Moin: Moot! Album review | Fork

In pop music, the 80s are still inescapable, but in the electronic field, the 90s currently reign supreme. The sounds of trance, jungle, garage, and IDM have all seen a major resurgence in recent years; somehow things have reached a point where even the electronics are re-evaluated and the average …

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