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Members of the Chamber attended the annual meeting of members on Tuesday, January 18, which this year had a Mexican holiday as its theme. PHOTO VERNON ROBISON/Progress

The Moapa Valley Chamber of Commerce held its annual Membership Mixer event on Tuesday, January 18 at Old Overton Gym. It was a Taco Tuesday event with great Mexican food, taped Mariachi music and lots of fiesta fun for attendees.

Forty people attended the event. Along with enjoying great food, attendees played a few rounds of BINGO for a variety of member-donated prizes. There were also a lot of door prize drawings.

The 2022 chamber board was presented with a new list of officers for the year. The new chairman of the board will be Bernie Conrique, owner of the Kuppa Joe coffee truck. The vice president will be local real estate agent Kasen Kolhoss. Last year’s president, Pam Duvall of Washington Federal, will serve as the chamber’s treasurer this year. And the secretary will be Candice Stevens, owner of Number Crunch Tax Preparation and Services.

Other board members will be real estate agent Lori Houston, Amy Johnson of MVT and Kaelynne Pendleton, owner of Go EXL Academy.

Conrique said he was excited to take on the role of Speaker and move the House forward.
“We have a lot of plans to focus on how the Chamber of Commerce can do better for its members,” he said, “while bringing more modern technology to help as well.”

Conrique said the board tapped web designer Dustin Berg of Mesquite Branding to provide much-needed updates to the Chamber’s website and to better coordinate it with the social media presence.

Conrique expressed her appreciation for the work of outgoing President Pam Duvall. “Pam has done a great job leading things through a tough pandemic year,” he said. “She’s great and she’s always there on the board to help move things forward. I’ll try to pick up where she left off as best I can.

One of the main purposes of the mixer event was to recruit new members to the Chamber. Conrique explained a new membership level program offering a range of different benefits for member companies of different sizes. The levels ranged from offering a simple listing on the Chamber’s website, to much greater exposure on the website, regular social media posts and videos showcasing the business, and even a 10% discount on Kuppa Joe.

For more information on Moapa Valley Chamber of Commerce membership, go to, call 702-398-7160 or email [email protected].

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