Cian Healy shuffles playlist and isn’t content with old hits ahead of England clash, praises Ireland scrum coach

CIAN HEALY offers a new playlist instead of relying on its old catalog.

That’s according to John Fogarty, who played alongside the loose prop before coaching him for Leinster and now with Ireland.


Cian Healy is back in the Irish starting XV for England clash1 credit

Healy, 34, is back in the Irish front line, with Andrew Porter ruled out, and scrum coach Fogarty said: “I’ve known him for a long time.

“To see him come back from quite serious injuries and be challenged like he was challenged by Andrew for selection, to see how he reacted to that says a lot about his character.

“He’s incredibly resilient. He’s really strong, mentally and physically, someone who’s really competitive right now.


“Sometimes in your career you rely on the experience you have and you can build on it. Cian is not that kind of guy. He is constantly looking to try and improve.

“He wants to be challenged, he is looking to challenge himself off the pitch. So he sees everything as a challenge.

“Retirement? I don’t think it’s something he thinks about. It’s something that will have to happen but it’s not in his mentality.

“He’s here to compete, to try to find a way to improve. In a one-on-one melee battle, he’s a handful for anyone.

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