City of Clarksville moves ahead with plans to reclaim historic building through eminent domain

CLARKSVILLE, In. (WAVE) – The Clarksville, Indiana City Council is moving forward in condemning the former Colgate factory, known for its large historic clock face on top.

The Clarksville City Council plans to use eminent domain to get their hands on the historic buildings at 1410 South Clark Boulevard.

When the buildings were first constructed in 1820, the facility served as Indiana’s first state prison. It was sold to the Colgate Company in 1924 and eventually to its current ownership group in 2007. The owners are listed as Clarks Landing Enterprise, LLC, and if the city wants to take ownership from them, they will have to do so. courts.

The city council says the historic buildings are not being taken care of and if no action is taken they will be forced to demolish the buildings in the near future, but they will have to prove it in court.

Council passed a resolution on Tuesday saying it wanted to prove there was reasonable cause to take action against the owners so they could maintain the integrity of the historic property. There are a few reasons why eminent domain may apply.

“[The reasons] basically there are unsafe buildings on the property, buildings unsuitable for human habitation or dilapidated buildings,” said attorney Greg Fifer, who represents the city. “We think it’s pretty open and obvious from a public perspective that there are many

The city will need to hire an appraiser and send an offer to the owners at market value in order to proceed with the eminent domain.

The city council said it has not spoken with the owners of the property, but does not expect them to accept an offer, which would mean it would play out in court.

It could take over a year for everything to unfold.

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