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The Ins and Outs of the Shure MOTIV Line for Content Creators

As content creation, streaming, and podcasting become more prevalent, the need for accessible media tools and equipment for creators is growing. The Shure MOTIV line of microphones aims to streamline the technical aspect of audio management with a range of USB and smartphone compatible microphones.

The latest addition to the updated MOTIV line draws inspiration from legacy Shure line products, improves on previous MOTIV designs, and provides an easy-to-use app for expanded tone control.

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Shure MOTIV app

The power of the Shure MOTIV range comes from the accompanying app which allows control of microphone settings when powered by USB. All aspects of the signal can be dialed in and adjusted, and for those not so experienced in audio production and processing techniques there is a range of presets to suit any situation. The app handles all signal processing, eliminating the need for an interface to handle analog-to-digital signal conversion.

The application has two modes of operation, automatic level and manual. Auto level is great for those who aren’t as familiar with things like compression, EQ and limiters and instead the app breaks the signal up into smaller, easier to understand segments. Parameters controllable in automatic mode include preset selection, mic mute, mic and computer audio mix/monitor balance, microphone position, three basic EQ presets, as well as than automatic gain adjustment. Automatic mode allows for quick “set and forget” preparation, allowing you to focus more on the content itself rather than fumbling with technical settings.

Manual mode offers many of the same adjustable parameters, but gives the user more control over the setting and removes some of the automation. Gain is now manually adjusted, along with compression and limiting. More options for EQ can also be found in the manual mode, which includes four presets (flat, high pass, medium boost and high pass/medium boost). More control over the adjustable parameters allows you to dial in a more specific tone to suit the situation at hand. The app is available for free download on desktop computers and smartphones.

MV7 and MV7X

New additions to the MOTIV line include the MV7, which is directly inspired by the Shure SM7B, a legendary high-end microphone that has been an industry standard in music, radio and podcasting for over 20 years since its release in 2001. Although the benchmark for voice capture, the SM7B isn’t the most accessible device for beginning and intermediate creators. The mic itself comes at a high price and requires additional equipment such as interfaces and mixers to even get a signal. This is where the MV7 comes into play.

The MV7 is the SM7B’s USB-powered little brother, offering a much more accessible microphone at half the price that doesn’t require a range of other gear. The MV7 receives its power and sends its signal via USB, meaning the microphone itself and the accompanying MOTIV app are all you need to achieve professional quality vocal recordings. The mic has a sturdy metal construction, with a headphone output and a few controllable parameters for quick and immediate adjustments. This includes mute, headphone gain, and mic gain, all of which are touch-controlled to eliminate sounds from internal moving parts of the mic itself.

The MV7X is the same microphone except it can only send signals over XLR, much like any other standard mic. The exceptional sound quality is still there, but the settings controls on the MOTIV app are unavailable, and the mic will require an audio interface to accept the signal and power the mic. If the MOTIV app isn’t a necessity in your setup, then the MV7X is a great alternative at a reduced price. The MV7 is a great choice for musicians and content creators looking to achieve professional quality recordings without investing in an entire studio.

MV88+ video kit

If the MV7 is for the personal computer, the MV88 is for the smartphone. The MV88+ Video Kit is a bundle for smartphone users who want to record audio and video outside of the studio. The MV88 itself is a small condenser microphone designed for use with a smartphone, both for power and signal pickup. Adding the video kit is a tripod with mounts for your phone as well as the mic, creating a high quality and highly portable field camera and recorder.

The mic itself has three modes of functionality. First, it can be used as a shotgun mic, recording signals directly in front. This is ideal for directly capturing what the camera would be looking at, ideal for recording a single audio source, such as a speaker or a presentation. Second, the two-way setting, capturing signals from the sides of the mic. This is perfect for situations like interviews, where you need to capture two sources at once from opposite directions.

Third, Field Recording Mode, which records from all sides in a cardioid pattern. Ideal for room capture, field recording and wide open spaces. These polar patterns can be selected through the MOTIV app, along with a range of other presets and settings. There’s also a MOTIV Video app for video recording, which offers all the same audio settings, plus a video option so your audio and video are conveniently in one place.

The MV88+ takes your smartphone and dramatically improves audio quality to a professional level. By enabling smartphone microphone technology to catch up with advances in image quality, the MV88+ video kit turns any smartphone into a high-end professional video camera and field recorder that is extremely portable and convenient.

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