Coronavirus Vaccines: Can COVID-19 Vaccine Mix Give Better Immunity Than Booster Injections?

Several strategies have been considered to enhance the immune protection offered by current COVID vaccines, including increasing the durability and timing of vaccine-induced immunity, i.e. artificial antibodies can last.

Among these, several clinical studies aimed at studying the effectiveness and use of COVID booster and mixed vaccines.

The booster vaccination, which contemplates the application of additional COVID vaccines, is being studied and implemented in several countries where vaccination campaigns were launched early on. Booster injections or third injections of COVID are used to trigger an antibody response against the pathogen and are doses of the same vaccine.

Unlike booster shots, COVID vaccine mixing and matching is a concept in which two doses of two different vaccines are used to increase a tolerable and strong immune response. Although it has been used in isolated cases (or in accidental cases around the world), researchers have suggested that mixing different COVID vaccines can create a long-lasting and enhanced immune response. While booster shots are mandatory from the same vaccine, mixed vaccines work on a combination of vaccine models, whichever is appropriate.

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