County to use old Cloud Peak building as COVID test site | Local News

COVID-19 tests will soon be more readily available to the community.

Campbell County Commissioners have approved the use of the annex building across from the courthouse as a temporary COVID testing site for Curative Inc., a testing startup that has a contract with the Wyoming Department of Health paid for by the through the CARES law.

Public health director Jane Glaser said part of Curative’s contract with the state states that if a community gets to the point where available testing becomes a problem, Curative will move into that community and perform tests. COVID testing for free.

“We’re getting to this point,” Glaser said.

It doesn’t cost the community anything to bring Curative here, Glaser said. The company will be running testing Monday through Friday, starting September 27, but it’s ready to change that if it works better with the community.

County Facilities Manager Bill Beastrom said the old Cloud Peak Energy building on Gillette Avenue makes the most sense, as it requires the least amount of work to be ready for Curative.

“They are ready to come now, and the community needs them here now, so (building) would be the easiest way to get them to come here,” he said.

“Everything we looked at would require a lot of maintenance,” Glaser said, adding that it’s important for people to feel like they are in a clean facility when getting tested.

Curative will hire local people to staff the facility, and this will begin with 2,000 tests available. He will send the tests every day at 3 p.m. More information on the test site will be released in the coming days, Glaser said.

The commissioners backed the idea and endorsed it at a meeting of the lodging tax board on Thursday afternoon.

In early 2019, the county purchased the 35,000 square foot building for $ 2.9 million. It has remained empty for the most part since then.

“We have to use this building for something,” Commissioner Del Shelstad said. “We bought it, it’s a perfect opportunity.”

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