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A Courtenay resident asks Council to consider prioritizing the Memorial Bench program and updating the policy. The program was discontinued due to cost, maintenance and other factors.

Wendy Lewis said her parents built a house overlooking Maple Park in 1965. She suggests the park is a perfect place to put a bench in memory of her mother, “in a place she loved and watched over for 53 years,” Lewis said in a letter.

At the March 14 meeting, the Board. Doug Hillian requested a staff report to consider reinstating the program or another process. A memorial wall at Civic Plaza could be another option.

“I appreciate when citizens talk about memories in a particular place,” the councilor said. said Wendy Morin. “I think it’s important to help people preserve that somehow.”

Mayor Bob Wells noted that Lewis spearheaded the creation of the SkyPark Playground at Courtenay Air Park.

1810 Riverside

The council has issued planning permission for the construction of an apartment complex at 1810 Riverside Lane, near the 17th Street Bridge. The three-storey building will include nine rental units, parking, bicycle storage and landscaping.

The council had previously voted against issuing a permit because some members questioned the affordability of the proposed rental rates.

The city collected feedback from neighbors on the proposal. A resident of 1800 Riverside suggests not allowing on-street parking or making Riverside Lane a one-way street, to reduce congestion on the roadway.

Downtown noise

CAO Geoff Garbutt said staff had carried out a preliminary survey of morning noise in the city centre, where residents of 5th and England are losing sleep to the noise of street sweepers and leaf blowers .

“We have competing priorities here,” Garbutt said. “We have an extremely high level of service downtown, and it has been a priority of this council for years to ensure this important commercial node is clean and accessible.”

Staff will report with options.

Considering a city policy that encourages more people to live downtown, Hillian said early morning noise challenges will increase. Clever reduction strategies or the electrification of the city’s fleet could be options.

“I know leaf blowers in general are a big noise producer,” Hillian said.

Wells said Jonathan Whitley may have overestimated the frequency of the noise in last month’s presentation on the problem.

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