Craig Levein pulls back Celtic and Rangers VAR warning and insists ‘noise and bullying’ will no longer put pressure on referees

Craig Levein thinks VAR WILL NOT be good for Celtic and Rangers.

The new technology will be rolled out to the Scottish Premiership next season, but the decision to do so throughout the campaign after the World Cup final in December has sparked some controversy.

The system should help officials answer important calls more often.

Rangers benefited from VAR corrections of officials’ errors on their way to the Europa League final.

And while former Hearts and Scotland boss Levein welcomes his introduction, he has warned the Glasgow big two he could see them getting fewer decisions in their favour.

Levein claimed that, from experience, he has seen many boundary calls go the way of the old company due to the pressure put on the umpire by their large crowds.

And he thinks VAR could remove that perceived advantage and restore balance.

“It’s probably controversial,” he told BBC Sportsound. “I think it’s good for Scottish football, but maybe not so good for the Old Firm.”

When asked why he thought that, Levein replied, “Hmm, well, why do you think?

“In my time in Scottish football I have been involved in games where I feel the Old Firm have been given more than their fair share of decisions, based on crowd noise and the intimidation.

Referee Serdar Gözübüyük examines VAR monitor for potential penalty for foul on Rangers’ Ryan Kent

“Referees are human beings, and if you’re under pressure like you do on those two courts, then it’s human nature that you’re more likely to do whatever calms everything down.

“And that gives a 50/50 decision to one of those teams.”

Levein would like to see more clarity regarding the rules of handball and when those decisions are referred to VAR.

He added: “Handball is the one to go for because they have completely messed that up.

“Even offside, for a while, it was controversial but I think they’re getting there now.

“They were drawing all these lines and there were microscopic differences.”

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