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Ahmedabad: Around 250 doctors in the city held an Ashram Road rally at the Danapith office of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation on Thursday afternoon to raise the issue of building use permission.
As of October 2021, AMC has stopped renewing Form C for registration of medical practice premises if the building does not have a BU permit.
Dr Viren Shah, secretary of the Association of Hospitals and Nursing Homes of Ahmedabad, said they contacted AMC officers but neither the City Commissioner nor the Deputy City Commissioner (Health) were available.
“We submitted our brief to another municipal deputy commissioner. We want to know how other commercial establishments are allowed to operate from a building without UB permission when doctors are not allowed to practice there,” he said, adding: “Furthermore, the rule is only applicable in Ahmedabad. Our counterparts in other major cities of Gujarat do not face the problem. Isn’t that contrary to natural justice where all are considered equal? »
The participating doctors also added that the concern had started after fires in Covid hospitals over the past two years. “But all member hospitals comply with fire safety standards and have a valid NOC. In addition, all hospitals, nursing homes and clinics – about 450 in total that are affected by the rule – had valid documents when they began to practice. The BU was not compulsory at the time, so several manufacturers did not take it, ”says a participant. tnn

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