Dos and don’ts of coloring hair at home

Coloring hair at home is not as easy as you might think. There are many DIY hair dyes available in the market, but we need to understand the correct process of applying the color to avoid damage. Your best bet is to visit a professional to color your hair, but if you want to do it at home, here are some tips on how to do it well at home.

* Don’t expect the same color as shown on the color box. We all think the shade of color on the box is what we will get on our hair, but the base hair color shown on the box may be different and it affects the result of the color we apply to our hair.

* Understand your skin tone before choosing the right color. The color you apply should suit your skin tone as well as your natural hair color. Start with colors that are lighter or darker by just two shades at first.

* Do not wash your hair right after coloring. Prep your hair a day or a few hours before coloring it. Preconditioning (applying oil to hair for 5 minutes) and washing with clarifying shampoo is good. After coloring, you need to use conditioner only.

* Do a patch test. Apply the color to a small section of your hair before using it all over your head. This will help you prevent allergic reactions to your hair and skin.

* Don’t overdo it with the color. If you are using the color to cover gray hair, apply it only to the roots that need coverage. Repeated application of color to already colored hair can damage it.

* Do your hair coloring with the sectioning technique. Take thin strands from your hair and apply the color correctly using a dye brush.

* Do not apply color longer than the processing time described on the color box. Keeping it on the hair longer than necessary can damage the hair.

* Make the right mixture. Read the mixing instructions on the box. Mix color and developer accordingly in the right ratio. This is very important for good results.

* Do not wash your color with hot water. Always use cold or slightly lukewarm water for washing colors. This will avoid fading.

* Color your hair using appropriate tools – gloves, apron, mixing bowl, coloring comb and dye brush, etc. Otherwise, you may end up with a mess.

Hair coloring at home should not be done regularly. From time to time it is fine but if you do it often it can affect the hair. salon hairdressers are professionally trained to perform color treatments. Mixing, applying and washing require professional techniques when it comes to hair coloring, at home it is not really possible to do it the right way. Your best bet is to visit a salon, but if you want to try it out at home… follow the points above.



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