Eastshade Developers Unveil a New Wizarding RPG Blending Magic, Music, and Gardening

If you’re looking for a way to make your magic system cute but different at the same time, music is a good choice. Sure, it’s been done before, but it sounds inherently charming. At least that’s the case in the trailer for Songs Of Glimmerwick, a recently revealed new game from Eastshade Studios that promises to mix RPG, adventure and gardening.

No specific release date is confirmed other than “next year”. I have to give them credit for the name Songs Of Glimmerwick, which immediately lets you know it’s going to be all about music and magic, and there’s probably going to be a certain amount of tweeness. Specific tweeness levels not confirmed, but they look good from the trailer, where you can also clap for some pretty cool gardening, a tree telling you to stfu, and a man sincerely giving you a wooden flute while you head to Magic University.

Eastshade Studios is the team behind Eastshade, a cute game about being a traveling artist on an incredibly picturesque little island. These art adventures were 3D, while Songs Of Glimmerwick is 2D and looks quite different. Something about it still has a very Eastshade vibe to it, though. Maybe it’s the idiosyncratic NPCs or the way the buildings complement the natural world around them.

Either way, it looks like you’ll get to explore different forests and a quaint little town by going to a “magic and melody” school. Eastshade Studios says there will be RPG-style quests to pursue, with character development for different skills, including “special abilities, like talking to frogs.” You will also have classes and extracurricular activities available to you. With your aforementioned wooden flute, you can use music to change things in the world, like moving the ground to clear a pathway.

Here’s a picture of what your lovely magical garden might look like after you’ve worked on it for a while

It’s hard to tell from the trailer how deep these systems go, but what seems quite developed is the gardening. Here, you can use your musical spells to plow the earth or cut down trees with enchanted tools, summon rain clouds to get water, and plant mundane and magical plants in the university’s botanical garden. That’s the kind of thing I could waste hours on, more than just picking up quests. Sounds a bit like Mutazione too, doesn’t it?

We’ll let you know when there’s more to sing along to Songs Of Glimmerwick, but for now you can check out its Steam page for all the latest info.

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