Easy tips for getting rid of stubborn dirt and stains on your gas stove

When it comes to cooking and preparing your favorite foods, a gas stove is your most valuable piece of equipment. You may have a microwave or an induction cooker at home, but we think nothing is more efficient than this classic kitchen equipment. Knowing how to maintain the gas stove is essential for people who eat on a budget and like to prepare gourmet meals at home.

Let’s learn how to properly clean your gas stove at home.

Baking soda and washing up liquid

In a mixing bowl, combine equal parts baking soda and dish soap. Mix until they form a small frothy paste. Apply this mixture to the dripping pans and set them aside for an hour in plastic bags. Scrub the pans and replace them. They’ll be flawless in no time.


Ammonia is excellent for cleaning your stove grates. Soak gas burners and grates overnight in ammonia purchased from a local pharmacy. Before pouring the ammonia, seal the parts in zippered pouches. Wash them with water the next day and watch the particles float away.

Lemon with baking soda

Baking soda is effective in removing tough stains and lemon has antibacterial characteristics that work as a natural disinfectant. When the two are combined, they work wonders at removing even the smallest particles and plastered-on dirt. Glass cooktops will not be scratched by the solution. You can create it simply by sprinkling a spoon of baking soda on the tip and wiping it with a slice of lemon. Once the stains are gone, wipe them off with a damp towel and you’re done.

White vinegar)

White vinegar is a great stove cleaner that works all the time. Try this technique if you want to remove caked-on stains and splatters without burning your breath. Mix one part white vinegar and two parts regular tap water. Spray this on the affected areas and wipe them off. Due to the acidic properties of white vinegar, it loosens the particles and makes them easier to remove.

The water

If you don’t have solvent options on hand, use this method. Bring water to a boil in a saucepan. Pour it over the stained areas and let it sit for a few minutes. Rub the stains naturally with a sponge and a few drops of liquid soap.

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