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Samsung Adds 5G Connectivity with Exynos Auto T5123, Performance with Exynos Auto V7 and Reliability with ASIL-B Certified Automotive Power Management IC

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in advanced semiconductor technology, today showcased three of its latest automotive chip solutions; the Exynos Auto T5123 for 5G connectivity, the Exynos Auto V7 for complete in-car infotainment systems and ASIL-B certified S2VPS01 power management integrated circuit (PMIC) for the Auto V series.

“Smarter and more connected automotive technologies for enriched in-car experiences, including entertainment, safety and comfort, are becoming essential features on the road” said Jaehong Park, executive vice president of System LSI Custom SOC Business at Samsung Electronics. “With an advanced 5G modem, an AI-enhanced multi-core processor and a market proven PMIC solution, Samsung is transferring its expertise in mobile solutions into its automotive lineup and is well positioned to expand its presence in the field. “

Exynos Auto T5123: the industry’s first 5G connectivity solution for automobiles

The Exynos Auto T5123 is a 3GPP version 15 telematics control unit specially designed to bring fast and seamless 5G connectivity in autonomous (SA) and non-autonomous (NSA) mode to the next generation of connected cars. It provides essential vehicle information in real time via high-speed download up to 5.1 gigabits per second (Gbps) and allows passengers to enjoy a host of new services such as high-definition content streaming and calls video on the go.

To efficiently process large amounts of data transmitted and received through the 5G modem, the Exynos Auto T5123 supports high-speed PCIe (PCI Express) interface and high-performance, low-power LPDDR4x mobile DRAM. Additionally, the unit comes with dual Cortex-A55 processor cores and an integrated Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to minimize the use of external integrated circuits and help reduce product development time. The T5123 meets stringent automotive component requirements and is qualified by the Automotive Electronics Council-Q100 (AEC-Q100).

The Exynos Auto T5123 is currently in mass production and offers 5G-based vehicle communication capabilities for the first time in the industry.

Exynos Auto V7: a powerful processor for IVI systems in mid to high-end vehicles

The Exynos Auto V7 is the newest addition to Samsung’s line of automotive brand processors and is designed for in-car infotainment systems. For powerful processing performance, the V7 incorporates eight 1.5 gigahertz (GHz) Arm Cortex-A76 processor cores and 11 Arm Mali G76 GPU cores. The GPU is divided into two separate groups, with three cores in the “small” domain for cluster display and AR-HUD, and eight in the “large” domain for central information display (CID) and others. Such physical separation allows the GPU to support multiple systems simultaneously and provides more secure operation as it prevents one domain from interfering with another. In addition to its powerful CPU and GPU, the V7 is equipped with an NPU for convenient services such as virtual assistance which can process visual and audio data for facial, voice or gesture recognition functions.

For a safer and more enjoyable driving experience, the Exynos Auto V7 supports up to four screens and 12 camera inputs that provide information to assist drivers and passengers. The V7’s imaging system provides bad pixel correction, dynamic range compression, and geometric distortion correction to deliver noise-free and distortion-free images for features like surround view and park assist . For immersive in-car entertainment, the chip comes with three HiFi 4 audio processors that deliver excellent audio quality for songs, movies, and even games on the go. To perform all of these features as easily as possible, the V7 has an LPDDR4x memory capacity of up to 32 gigabytes (GB) which offers a high bandwidth of up to 68.3 gigabytes per second (GB / s).

The Exynos Auto V7 also offers enhanced data protection with an isolated security processor for encryption operations and provides a hardware key using a single programmable (OTP) or non-clonable physical (PUF) function. Additionally, for critical functional safety, the Exynos Auto V7 complies with ASIL-B safety support requirements for a digital cluster and integrated safety island that detect and manage faults to maintain a safe state with a fault management unit (FMU).

The Exynos Auto V7 is currently in mass production and is being used in Volkswagen’s latest In-Vehicle Application Server (ICAS) 3.1, developed by LG Electronics’ VS (Vehicle component Solutions) division, to power their infotainment system. new generation on-board vehicle. system.

S2VPS01 – An ASIL-B certified power management integrated circuit for the Exynos Auto V series

The S2VPS01 is a PMIC specially designed and developed for the Exynos Auto V9 and V7. It is the first automotive solution from Samsung produced under the ISO 26262 functional safety process certification which was acquired in 2019, and it also achieved ASIL-B certification in 2021.

An Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL), specified in ISO 26262, ranges from A to D, D being the highest level. The level is assigned by analyzing and assessing the severity, exposure and controllability of vehicle operations in a number of environments. To ensure the safety of vehicle systems, ASIL-B compliance becomes a key requirement for automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers when selecting partners and solutions.

The S2VPS01 regulates and rectifies the flow of electrical energy, enabling reliable and robust performance of the in-car infotainment system. It is made up of highly efficient three-phase / two-phase step-down converters and incorporates a low voltage drop regulator (LDO) and real time clock (RTC) in the housing. For protection against harsh thermal and electrical conditions, the power supply integrated circuit comes with various protection functions including overvoltage protection (OVP), undervoltage protection (UVP), over voltage protection short circuits (SCP), over current protection (OCP), thermal shutdown down (TSD), clock monitoring and output blocking checks.

For more information on Samsung’s Exynos products, please visit

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EXCLUSIVE Chinese province targets journalists and foreign students with new surveillance system planned Mon, 29 Nov 2021 12:15:00 +0000

BEIJING, Nov. 29 (Reuters) – Security officials in one of China’s largest provinces have set up a surveillance system they say they want to use to track journalists and international students among others. ” suspicious people, “documents examined by Reuters showed.

A tender document released on July 29 on the Henan provincial government procurement website – first reported in the media – details plans for a system that can compile individual files on these people. of interest coming to Henan using 3,000 facial recognition cameras that connect to various national and regional databases.

A 5 million yuan ($ 782,000) contract was awarded on September 17 to Chinese technology company Neusoft (600718.SS), which was due to complete construction of the system within two months of signing the contract, documents separate published on the Henan government procurement website. show. Reuters could not establish whether the system is currently working.

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Shenyang-based Neusoft did not respond to requests for comment.

China is trying to build what some security experts describe as one of the most sophisticated surveillance technology networks in the world, with millions of cameras in public places and increasing use of techniques such as smartphone surveillance and facial recognition.

US-based surveillance research firm IPVM, which has closely followed the network’s expansion and first identified the Henan document, said the tender was unique in that it specified journalists as the targets of surveillance and provided a plan for public security authorities to locate them quickly and obstruct their work.

“Although the PRC has a documented history of detaining and punishing journalists for doing their jobs, this document illustrates the first known example of the PRC building custom security technology to streamline the crackdown on journalists by the PRC. ‘State,’ said IPVM chief operating officer Donald Maye, using the initials of the People’s Republic of China.

Reuters could not find any documents identifying journalists or foreigners as specific targets of surveillance systems in other parts of China.

The Henan provincial government and police did not respond to requests for comment. The Ministry of Public Security and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also did not comment.


The nearly 200-page tender document from the Henan Public Security Department does not give the reasons why it wants to hunt down journalists or international students. Another category of people he said he wanted to follow were “women from neighboring countries who are illegal residents”.

Public access to the tender document was disabled on Monday.

The cameras specified in the tender document must be able to constitute a relatively accurate file for people whose face is partially covered by a mask or glasses, and the targeted persons must be searchable in the database. data by simply uploading an image or searching for their facial attributes.

The system will be operated by at least 2,000 officials and police, and specifies that journalists will be divided into three categories: red, yellow, green, in descending order of risk, according to the call for tenders.

Various police forces covering the whole of Henan, whose 99 million inhabitants make it the third largest province of China by population, will be connected to the platform in order to take action in the event of a warning, explains the call for tenders.

Warnings will be triggered if a reporter in Henan checks into a hotel, purchases a ticket or crosses the provincial border, according to the tender.

“Suspicious persons must be monitored and controlled, dynamic research analyzes and risk assessments must be carried out, and journalists treated according to their category,” the call for tenders said.

The call for tenders also detailed various early warning systems for other groups.


Some press freedom groups claim that the ruling Communist Party of China has tightened its control over the media since Chinese President Xi Jinping took office in 2012.

In February, the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China (FCCC) said China had used coronavirus prevention measures, intimidation and visa restrictions to limit foreign reporting in 2020, citing responses to an annual survey by correspondents and interviews with office managers.

The then Chinese Foreign Ministry called the FCCC report “baseless” and said China still welcomes media and journalists from all countries to cover news in China according to the law. “What we are opposed to are ideological prejudices against China and fake news in the name of press freedom,” a spokesperson said.

While most of the Henan document refers to journalists, several segments specify “foreign journalists”.

In October last year, the Henan government posted on its sourcing platform for potential suppliers a brief summary of the proposed project in which it said the system would be “outsider-centric” and help “protect sovereignty, security and national interests ”.

The contract was put out to tender on July 29, days after foreign journalists from the BBC, LA Times, Agence France-Presse and others reporting on the devastating flooding in Henan were the target of a nationalist campaign on the heavily censored Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The FCCC said at the time she was “very concerned to witness the online and offline harassment of journalists” covering the floods. He describes how, for example, a Weibo account asked its 1.6 million subscribers to report the whereabouts of a foreign reporter covering the floods.

The tender also stated that the system should be able to track the movement of international students through methods such as cell phone positioning and travel bookings, especially on key dates such as National Day. country or the annual session of parliament.

“On sensitive dates, launch an early warning mechanism in time of war”, we can read.

($ 1 = 6.3924 yuan Chinese renminbi)

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Report by the Beijing press room; Editing by Lincoln Feast.

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Black Friday offers on KitchenAid blenders are still live Sun, 28 Nov 2021 16:39:08 +0000

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Is Now the Best Time to Buy an OLED TV? Sun, 28 Nov 2021 13:00:35 +0000

Since we’re in the middle of the Black Friday rush, TV deals are flying everywhere, and what’s important about Black Friday 2021 is that it is the best opportunity yet. invest in an OLED TV.

There is no doubt that OLED has its pros and cons just like any other TV screen. But now, it seems like the best time to jump in, because OLED TV screens have never been cheaper.

In the past, OLEDs were seen as too expensive to buy, but the Early Black Friday deals saw LG’s entry-level OLEDs drop to £ 700, and that’s a figure that puts them within reach of more traditional buyers.

Breakthroughs in OLED manufacturing led to this tipping point. 2020 saw the introduction of a 48-inch model, which is more accommodating for small rooms and apartments, but with performance in line with larger models, which can’t necessarily be said about the larger ones. small LCD LED televisions.

Image retention can still worry some of the long-term effects of buying an OLED, but the problem is relatively rare thanks to the prevention features that manufacturers have built into their TVs. Use it as you would any other type of TV and there should be very little hassle.

They are also multi-talented artists. Gaming has become a staple in their roster, their refresh rates and inherent low latency make them a positive partner for gamers. Factor in the smaller sizes and more affordable price, and they start to encroach on the territory long held by LCD TVs.

Their pixel-level dimming capabilities, a feature that means every pixel in an OLED display can be turned on or off, produces excellent contrast levels and the best black levels on the market. The picture quality is therefore very good for movies and TV series with the level of control that an OLED can give off.

Like any other modern TV, they have their intelligence, filled to the brim with apps, wireless streaming, and digital assistants, there’s a portal to a huge swath of content. So, coming back to the title question, wouldn’t it now seem like the best time to buy an OLED TV?

If you’ve been on a shelf and thinking about buying, it feels like the OLED is spending its time in the sun. In its current form, the technology has matured, achieving consistency in performance and affordability that appeals to a larger audience that is starting to make LCD TVs look cheaper.

There is certainly an argument to be made that display technology has reached its peak, with little evidence to suggest that they are going to get brighter than they currently are. This year’s OLEDs have effectively maintained a sustaining pattern in terms of brightness, delivering more brightness but not enough to challenge high-end LCD TVs. Samsung’s QD displays are likely to challenge that notion, but they’re not expected until 2022 and will almost certainly fetch a higher price tag.

Thinking back to 2021, the year could be seen as a year when OLED reached its potential. If you are still on that fence, you don’t have to.

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Commercial activity makes my building unsafe. What can I do? Sat, 27 Nov 2021 15:00:06 +0000

Q: I live in a small rental apartment building in Brooklyn. Another tenant has leases for several of the units. He lives in one and uses the others for a gallery and an office. There is a flood of interns or employees playing music and leaving the front doors open and unattended for parties or loading or unloading of goods. This has led to the theft of packages and people coming to buy drugs. The owner must be aware of this, but has denied that it is happening. As a neighbor, I get frustrated and sometimes feel unsafe in my own building. Is there something to do?

A: Your neighbor may be allowed to use some of the apartments as commercial space, but not at the expense of your safety and well-being.

From what you describe, your neighbor creates a nuisance for you and other tenants, and that nuisance could violate your livability guarantee, a state law, according to Jennifer Rozen, a lawyer who represents tenants. You should not be subjected to excessively loud noise or music. And people shouldn’t enter without permission, which puts your safety at risk. By letting this situation escalate, your landlord is failing to meet their basic obligations to you.