Forget mixing: these new Australian-made mimosas in a box will up your brunch game

When it comes to cocktails, mimosas are among the easiest to whip up, though you’ll never get your money’s worth from Australia’s top bartenders. But maybe you never get the right amounts of sparkling and orange juice. Maybe you always find either champers or orange juice in your refrigerator, but not both. Or, you might enjoy sipping mimosas at brunch picnics and dislike lugging around several different bottles.

Whatever the solution, new Australian brand mYmosa has a solution. It serves mimosas in a box, all ready to enjoy without mixing it yourself. Get one of the label’s canisters and you’ll be drinking Australian dry white wine paired with natural orange flavors, then carbonated – and you won’t be pouring yourself.

If that sounds like the kind of drink you’d now like to think of, you won’t be surprised to learn that it came about after mYmosa founders Amanda Goddard and Bec Pini went on a business trip to New York in 2017, found themselves sipping sparkling rosé from cans – and mimosas for breakfast – and had a genius idea. The two marketing and communications professionals from Brisbane then spent five years pursuing their idea for a boxed mimosa, helped by a lull in work that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic. Clearly, we now know how the duo passed the containment.

“Bec and I have always been known as the first to start a party and the last to leave a party, so it seems like a natural progression to create a drink that can be enjoyed anytime of the day, anywhere and at any occasion,” says Goddard.

“We are a classic start-up story, where the kitchen bench, a squirt of soda, many variations of wine and orange have become our laboratory,” adds Pini. “Fast forward, and we worked with a formulation team, a winery and a manufacturer to create our ‘little darling’.”

The 250 milliliter cans of mYmosa are vegan and gluten-free, and are currently available through the SIP’ER online bottle store, priced at $10 a can or $34 for a four-pack. Or, you can purchase cases of 16 through the mYmosa website for $128.40.

While the brand launched with just one variety, Goddard and Pini are working on new formulations – so your list of canned drinks could soon grow. There is something to salute, around an Australian canned mimosa of course.

Find mYmosa cans on sale now through the SIP’ER online bottle store, priced at $10 a can or $34 for a four-pack.

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