Former PA doctor accused of sexually abusing 2 boys, secretly recording people in bathroom

A former Pennsylvania doctor is accused of sexually assaulting two boys and secretly recording others while they were using his bathroom.

Justin S. Rutherford, 32, of Douglassville, has been charged with rape, sexual assault, involuntary deviant sex, indecent assault, possession of child pornography, and more, according to the prosecutor’s office of Berks County.

An investigation began on July 17 when the Berks County Detective’s Office received advice from a state hotline that a 13-year-old was secretly captured by a hidden camera while taking a shower. at a friend’s house, authorities said.

The boy told Amity Township police, in the presence of his mother, that he noticed a “black cube” with a “faint blue light” plugged into a wall outlet while at the hospital. interior of the second-story bathroom of the house on Pleasant View Drive, according to the attorney’s office.

He thought maybe it was a camera.

The boy called his mother and sent her pictures of the device. After researching online, she allegedly told him to take the “cube”.

The victim also told another boy in the house about it, and they both left with the device.

In a July 20 interview with Berks County Child and Youth Services social workers, Rutherford and his wife both denied knowing they had a camera installed in their second-floor bathroom, said the prosecutor’s office.

A camera search warrant served on July 27 found that the “black cube” had a camera and an SD card, they said.

Investigators found around 2,822 videos and 1,400 photos, dating back to 2018. Many videos showed unsuspecting guests and family members in various states of undressing while using the toilet, authorities said.

They were able to identify with certainty six juvenile victims and two adult victims who were captured in some state of undress while using the toilet or taking a shower in the bathroom.

The camera appeared to be motion activated – meaning there was no recorded audio – and had the ability to be viewed live through a mobile phone app, authorities said.

A home search warrant served on August 10 found a second “black cube” inside a bedside table, near where Rutherford sleeps, investigators said.

During the investigation, authorities spoke to two boys who said they were sexually abused and assaulted by him.

On August 31, 2021, a young male victim told investigators he was at Rutherford’s house in May 2021, where he provided the boy with alcohol and marijuana.

The boy said he felt drunk and fell asleep. It was then that Rutherford sexually assaulted him, authorities said.

On September 1, a 16-year-old boy told investigators Rutherford started sexually abusing him around the age of 11 and that this continued until July 2021, the prosecutor’s office said.

Charges were filed against Rutherford on Friday. He was then apprehended at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

Rutherford is being housed in the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center in Leesburg, Va., Pending his extradition to Berks County.

Rutherford was a family doctor at Tower Health in Reading, according to his biography on the scales and American News and World Report.

A spokesperson for Tower Health said NBC10 that he was fired.

Rutherford had practiced between three and five years.

Detectives are still trying to identify other victims who were captured undressed by the camera inside Rutherford’s bathroom.

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