Go ahead and cry as you listen to Brat Sounds cover Mister Rogers’ “It’s You I Like”

Oh, Mr. Rogers. So kind, so decent, so different from the ghouls that pass as humans today. No jokes can be made, no snark can be used. Mr. Rogers was the best. I just wrote about him now…

Yeah, here we go. Cry thinking of Mr. Rogers. Must be [insert day of the week]. Another thing that made us cry: listening to the indie rock band from Milwaukee kid noises cover “It’s You I Love” incredibly sweet and incredibly charming Mister Rogers. It’s here:


The beautiful interpretation comes from the new dust covers, a collection of five covers and two originals from Brat Sounds. In addition to “It’s You I Like”, covers include Blaze Foley’s “Clay Pigeons”, Jackson C. Frank’s “Blues Run The Game”, Neil Young’s “Tell Me Why” and Rufus’ “One Man Guy”. Winright. “Cursive Letters” and “Liminal Space” are the originals, and they more than hold their own with the covers. Seriously: “Liminal Space” touches our hearts as we type this. Maybe it’s the intimate, ultra lo-fi recording. Maybe it’s our memories of another one beautiful song by Brat Sounds, “Motortrend”, from 2019 Bad luck. It may still be Mr. Rogers. Who knows. We do not care. Just cry. God, this clip:

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