Haivision to pilot simulcast of SNY’s Carton & Roberts

SportsNet New York (SNY) is an Emmy Award-winning, multi-platform regional sports network serving approximately seven million homes in the New York metro area and nine million homes across the country through its coverage of the Mets, New Jets York and all that is new. York sports. As the leader in local sports television coverage in New York City, SNY provides the most comprehensive access to professional and varsity sports teams in the tri-state area through nightly sports and entertainment programming from SNY’s state-of-the-art studio located in above the city 4 World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan. Owned by Sterling Entertainment Enterprises, Charter Communications, and Comcast, SNY is available to viewers in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Northeastern Pennsylvania, and nationally through select vendors.

History of Haivision
Over the past two years, SNY has deployed Haivision solutions including the Makito X series of low latency video encoders and decoders, SRT Gateway, as well as Haivision Play 2000 set-top boxes for a variety of applications. Previous plans have included transporting videos from the New York Mets Spring Training Center in Florida to SNY Studio for spring practice games and broadcasts. Haivision technology has also been used for coverage of the New York Jets from their installation in New Jersey via the public network using the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) IP video transport protocol, developed by Haivision. SNY also operates the Haivision Play Pro mobile app to provide live feeds to its producers for trust monitoring and in-home kits for its advertisers.

“The Makito X4 series is very reliable and we love its compact and lightweight form factor,” says Alex Blanding, Vice President, Engineering and Technology, SNY. “They are really easy to transport.

WFAN Simultaneous Broadcast
In the spring of 2021, SNY had the opportunity to partner with a local sports radio station, WFAN, on the hugely popular Carton & Roberts show, which airs on weekday afternoons. The two organizations have joined forces to produce a simulcast (simulcast) of the live radio show that is broadcast simultaneously on television.

The challenge: cost effective, bandwidth efficient and synchronized IP video
For the project to be successful, SNY had to transport live audio and video feeds from multiple cameras at the radio station over a private network to the TV studio. The SNY’s demands were straightforward; the solution had to have a fully synchronous multi-camera broadcast system and the technology had to be both cost effective and bandwidth efficient. Additionally, as the equipment had to be located in a radio studio, noise was also a factor, so a video encoder operating almost silently was a critical requirement.

Haivision solution
Four remote IP controlled robotic cameras located in the WFAN studio were used to generate four live contribution streams that were to be encoded and broadcast over an IP network to the TV studio. Two return streams were also to be sent back to the radio station for confidence monitoring.

The Haivision solution includes a pair of Makito X4 video encoder and decoder with Stream Sync function that allows users to achieve synchronized playback of multiple audio and video channels with single frame precision. SNY also uses a Makito X H.264 video encoder for return streams from the TV station to the studio. At the same time, SNY leverages the industry-leading SRT protocol to securely transmit streams over a low-latency private network, giving them the familiarity and reliability the team is accustomed to with Haivision solutions.

“By taking advantage of the Makito X4, HEVC and SRT, we are able to achieve high efficiency while maintaining high quality even with four power supplies,” says Blanding. “It really helps us reduce our dependence on expensive bandwidth. “

The Haivision difference
The show has aired Monday to Friday since the end of May 2021 Monday to Friday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and SNY simultaneously broadcasts from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day. To date, the results are beyond reproach.

“The solution is very cost effective for our application and the support has been excellent,” concludes Blanding. “Encoding and decoding is what Haivision does best, and its technology is backed by an extremely knowledgeable sales and support network. As a customer, I can absolutely make a difference from a sales, support, maintenance and product update standpoint.

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