Herbert, Hero and Harlene open one-stop shop for producers, directors

Siblings Bautista Herbert, Harlene and Hero

The advent of digital equipment has democratized film and music production, allowing people with limited budgets to realize their creative vision. This has led to the growth of independent cinema and independent record labels in recent years.

However, unbeknownst to many, filming and recording is only a small part of a creative project. The essentials come afterwards, with editing, mixing, post-processing and mastering requiring up to several months, depending on the extent of the equipment. Post-production further involves the use of high-quality equipment to compose the exact end product – equipment that can be prohibitively expensive for most people.

Director, producer, actor and advisor Hero Bautista is well aware of this, having worked decades in the film and entertainment industry. Hero and her siblings – actors Harlene and former QC Mayor Herbert – created Heaven’s Best Entertainment in 2005 to address this issue. Thus, in addition to producing their own films, the company offers a multitude of services to producers and directors, from audio mixing to color grading, including film editing, music recording and equipment rental. .

“We provide end-to-end services to our customers who want a complete package. We go to small-scale independent companies. We also work with large networks and mainstream film companies,” he explained. .

At first, the company only offered equipment rental. “We didn’t start offering post-production services until 2019, when my siblings and I started discussing the costs of outsourcing our own post-production after shooting for our films. decided to set up a post-production facility that we can use for our films and at the same time offer our services to our friends in the industry, “he said.

Today, the post-production arm of Heaven’s Best Entertainment has a new home at Castor Scout.

“We moved here in November 2020. It’s a much bigger area, and it allows us to do a better facility to meet the needs of our customers.”

The new house has several dedicated rooms for different needs. On the ground floor there is a full studio for recording and mixing songs and albums. On the second floor, there are editing and grading rooms for directors and a mini-theater to watch the final product.

Hero later plans to include computer generated imagery (CGI) as part of its services. “We plan to install a few units, probably five or 10. And then a central database for all the projects,” he explained. With more and more movies taking advantage of CGI to create stunning visuals and the growing power of computer hardware, creating digital effects is now easier than it was decades ago. “

But for Hero, more than the skills of a digital artist and the advancement of technology, time is the biggest obstacle to creating well-executed digital effects. “While the technology might not be as good then as it is today, it’s the time constraints that lead to dull CGI. If it’s rushed, people will notice. You are still running against it. the watch and run after the deadlines, ”he said. share.

To resolve this issue, Hero advised aspiring directors to work with the digital artist while filming. He explained that this would allow the digital artist to get proper references for lighting and, more importantly, understand the director’s vision.

The pandemic may have halted large-scale film production due to rising production costs. However, Hero believes there is still a market for their services.

“We focused on catering to small groups such as independent filmmakers. They could rent our equipment and benefit from our post-production services at a lower price.”

Finally, when asked why the Bautista siblings really took the technical aspect of films to heart, he replied, “We have worked in the industry for years. We know how difficult it is to produce a movie, especially now with the restrictions. Because of this. , we want to help them by offering them tailor-made packages that meet their needs. “

As cliché as it may be, Herbert, Hero, and Harlene love the industry too much not to be part of its continued progression and survival.

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