How can you record audio on phone with the screen turned off?

What if you’ve ever been in a situation where you have to be a detective to find out someone’s nefarious plans? If yes then you must have thought about how you can record audio on phone with the screen turned off. This article is for you if you also want to know how to record audio on phone with screen off?

Just follow the methods or means mentioned below:

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Use the native audio recorder

Almost all smartphones have a built-in audio recorder which allows users to record audio in the background. Recording background audio means recording audio when the screen is off or you are doing other work. To record background audio with a native recorder, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the audio recorder app on your phone, it should have names like audio recorder, recorder, sound recorder, voice recorder, etc.
  2. Now that you’ve opened the recorder, it’s time to hit the record button.
  3. After pressing the record button, just go back to the home menu or just press the power button to lock your phone.

And this is how you can enable background sound recording. This hack has a downside, however. Some phones do not have a built-in audio recorder or do not allow background recording.

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Using the GOM recorder

GOM Recorder is an audio recording application which can be very useful in certain situations where you need to quickly start recording audio. GOM recorder comes with motion gestures, you just need to adjust the intensity and shake your phone to start recording.GOM recorder It also comes with a scheduled recording feature, as well as a quick widget that you can add to your homescreen, these features make GOM Recorder a simple audio spy tool for Android. You can download GOM Recorder by clicking here.

Smart recorder

Next app on our list is Smart Recorder, which is specially designed for continuous recording, thanks to its on-the-fly skip silence feature. You don’t need to press record button or stop / pause button when there is no conversation, the app does it on its own. Smart recorder

Just turn on the app once and quit it, the app will automatically delete the part where there was silence. It can be extremely helpful. The app also offers tons of useful features including sensitivity control, live audio spectrum analyzer, gain control, Wave / PCM encoding with adjustable sample rate, and more. You can download Smart Recorder by clicking here.

Video recorder in the background

Bakcground Video RecorderThe last app on our list is Background Video Recorder. With the above apps you can just record the audios, but using this app you can also record videos in the background without anyone knowing. Simply install the app by clicking here. The app has an option to turn off camera sounds and previews so that no one can tell you are actually recording instead of playing a game or watching a movie.

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