How Star Wars Created The Voice Of Young Luke Skywalker Without Mark Hamill Recording New Dialogue

the star wars the franchise wowed fans with the digitally recreated young Luke Skywalker (with his signature look), who returned in Boba Fett’s Book following his previous appearance in Season 2 of The Mandalorian (a return that delighted Mark Hamill and the fans). Many were probably shocked to learn that Lucasfilm was able to create the character’s two appearances without recording any new dialogue with Hamill. Now viewers have a better idea of ​​how the company responsible for reviving the Jedi managed to create their voice, and it was quite a process.

The Ukrainian company ReSpeecher spoke to Variety about creating the Jedi Knight iteration of Luke Skywalker without recording sessions, and it’s honestly astounding. The organization unearthed archives containing old ADR sessions with Mark Hamill, as well as voice work he’s done for video games and audiobooks over the years. With all of this in hand, the team introduced a much cleaner sound to their app and began smoothing it out in order to artificially recreate Hamill’s voice.

The process of uploading new audio of the actor’s voice and converting the data to a new voice apparently took around two weeks. Co-founder Alex Serdiuk explained that throughout this process, the voice was changed in order to convey emotion and adapt to the performance, which probably takes a bit of time. But in the end, they did the work and managed to create something that really resembles the Luke Skywalker of the Return of the Jedi era of star wars chronology. While some fans have taken issue with the recreation, many others seem to appreciate what the company has been able to accomplish for Disney+ shows.

ReSpeecher’s technology is impressive, but its work could give many actors and people pause. After all, if someone can train an AI to look like a famous celebrity, it could (theoretically) give major studios the ability to record and do stuff without an actor’s given consent. While the odds of a major entertainment company doing such a thing are slim (given the legal ramifications), there’s certainly an ethical question to be asked about what is and what isn’t. And actors like Robert De Niro and others have a lot of opinions above.

Despite all the reservations of the stars, Hollywood still seems interested in using this technology and imitation for entertainment purposes. A YouTuber even landed a job at Lucasfilm for his deepfake work. You would think that the methods used by companies like ReSpeecher would only get more refined over time. And when it comes to the Star Wars franchise, that means more classic characters have the potential to appear in future projects.

All star wars the content is available to stream with a Disney+ subscription, multiple Luke Skywalkers and all. It will be interesting to see if or when we see young Luke again, especially given how things have gone in Boba Fett’s Book.

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