if you hate dog noise, don’t live near a Mission park – Mission City Record

Some people don’t want dogs or their walkers around them.

Letter: If you hate dog noise, don’t live near a Mission Park

Mission resident responds to letter about dog walkers


Re: Dog walkers on a mission must stop talking near me, save letters to the editor

I want to respond to the letter and say it’s appropriate that her first name is “Karen” because that’s a classic “Karen” thing to say.

I was waiting for her to ask to see the director.

If you don’t want to hear noise, don’t live so close to a school.

People shouldn’t have to travel further just because you don’t want to hear dog walkers talking.

It’s a public space where people congregate and there’s going to be some noise. People shouldn’t have to tiptoe in silence, because you need constant silence.

I don’t even own a dog and thought that was pretty legit.

Dogs need to walk and this is a perfect place to do so.

Move on.




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