India sees 2,827 new Covid cases; Government may not allow mixing of jabs for recall

The COVID-19 recovery rate was recorded at 98.74%, the health ministry said. A decrease of 463 cases was recorded in the number of active COVID-19 cases within 24 hours.

The government may not authorize a precautionary dose of a COVID-19 vaccine other than that used for the primary vaccination in light of a study by CMC Vellore which showed a lack of uniformity in results when mixing shots for booster shots, sources said Thursday. The NTAGI Covid Task Force, which reviewed the results of the Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore study last week, said scientific evidence showed that giving a booster dose of Covishield after the Primary vaccination with Covaxin gives a 6-10 times higher antibody level compared to when Covaxin is given as a precautionary dose after a six-month interval after the main schedule.

“However, the same benefit was not seen when booster Covaxin was given after two doses of Covishield,” an official source told PTI. “Given the programmatic challenges, the matter would now be discussed at the NTAGI Standing Technical Sub-Committee meeting for final recommendation,” the source said.

At present, mixing of COVID-19 vaccines is not allowed in the country, which means that the precautionary dose is of the same vaccine as the first and second doses.

Mumbai has reported 139 new coronavirus cases, the highest daily tally since February 23, but no deaths linked to the infection have been reported in the financial capital, the city’s civic body said. For the third consecutive day, Mumbai has recorded more than 120 Covid-19 cases, as it recorded triple-digit infections for the ninth time in May so far.

With that, the city’s overall Covid-19 tally rose to 10,61,177, while the death toll remained unchanged at 19,563, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said in a bulletin. The metropolis had recorded 124 cases of COVID-19, but no new deaths on Wednesday.

At 139, the city saw the highest daily cases since Feb. 23, when it recorded 168 infections. Of the new cases, eight were symptomatic and those patients were hospitalized for treatment, while only one was put on oxygen, the bulletin said.

With 7,857 coronavirus tests carried out in the past 24 hours, their total number has risen to 1,69,85,715, the BMC said. Only 22 of the 25,249 hospital beds reserved for coronavirus patients are currently occupied in the city, according to the bulletin.

The number of recoveries rose to 10.40,754 after another 130 patients recovered from the infection, the civic body said. Currently, the city has 860 active cases of COVID-19.

Mumbai’s coronavirus recovery rate was 98%, while the infection growth rate between May 5 and May 11 was 0.010%, according to the bulletin. The doubling rate of cases in Mumbai was 6,116 days.

The metropolis has been cleared of sealed buildings and containment areas for several weeks. On January 7, Mumbai had reported the highest number on record of 20,971 cases during the third wave of the pandemic which started on December 21, 2021.

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