Is Now the Best Time to Buy an OLED TV?

Since we’re in the middle of the Black Friday rush, TV deals are flying everywhere, and what’s important about Black Friday 2021 is that it is the best opportunity yet. invest in an OLED TV.

There is no doubt that OLED has its pros and cons just like any other TV screen. But now, it seems like the best time to jump in, because OLED TV screens have never been cheaper.

In the past, OLEDs were seen as too expensive to buy, but the Early Black Friday deals saw LG’s entry-level OLEDs drop to £ 700, and that’s a figure that puts them within reach of more traditional buyers.

Breakthroughs in OLED manufacturing led to this tipping point. 2020 saw the introduction of a 48-inch model, which is more accommodating for small rooms and apartments, but with performance in line with larger models, which can’t necessarily be said about the larger ones. small LCD LED televisions.

Image retention can still worry some of the long-term effects of buying an OLED, but the problem is relatively rare thanks to the prevention features that manufacturers have built into their TVs. Use it as you would any other type of TV and there should be very little hassle.

They are also multi-talented artists. Gaming has become a staple in their roster, their refresh rates and inherent low latency make them a positive partner for gamers. Factor in the smaller sizes and more affordable price, and they start to encroach on the territory long held by LCD TVs.

Their pixel-level dimming capabilities, a feature that means every pixel in an OLED display can be turned on or off, produces excellent contrast levels and the best black levels on the market. The picture quality is therefore very good for movies and TV series with the level of control that an OLED can give off.

Like any other modern TV, they have their intelligence, filled to the brim with apps, wireless streaming, and digital assistants, there’s a portal to a huge swath of content. So, coming back to the title question, wouldn’t it now seem like the best time to buy an OLED TV?

If you’ve been on a shelf and thinking about buying, it feels like the OLED is spending its time in the sun. In its current form, the technology has matured, achieving consistency in performance and affordability that appeals to a larger audience that is starting to make LCD TVs look cheaper.

There is certainly an argument to be made that display technology has reached its peak, with little evidence to suggest that they are going to get brighter than they currently are. This year’s OLEDs have effectively maintained a sustaining pattern in terms of brightness, delivering more brightness but not enough to challenge high-end LCD TVs. Samsung’s QD displays are likely to challenge that notion, but they’re not expected until 2022 and will almost certainly fetch a higher price tag.

Thinking back to 2021, the year could be seen as a year when OLED reached its potential. If you are still on that fence, you don’t have to.

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