Keir Starmer takes on ‘ridiculous and chaotic circus’ of Tory contest | Conservative management

Keir Starmer took on the ‘ridiculous and chaotic circus’ of the Tory leadership race as he touted Labor as the party of sound money.

The Labor leader, who is pushing for a general election, said the Conservative party was failing Britain with his contest as the country struggled to cope with the financial situation.

Starmer told BBC One with Laura Kuenssberg’s show on Sunday that people were “fed up to the back teeth” with the turmoil of the leaders.

“I focus on the millions of people who are struggling to pay their bills and now have additional worries about their mortgage. I know what it’s like not being able to pay bills, it’s happened to me and to my family when I was growing up,” he said.

Labor has reached a record 30 point lead in the opinion polls since the disastrous and short-lived prime minister of Liz Truss. Polls show the party leading all indicators against Tory leaders Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson. However, it’s unclear whether either would fare better against Starmer.

Sunak, the favorite to win the Tory leadership race and former chancellor, made fixing the economy a key part of his speech, but Starmer said a new government would have to “recover a real mess of our conservative economy”. ‘manufacture’.

The Labor leader did not give details of his party’s financial policies, but said a new Labor government would face ‘tough choices’, meaning it could not do some of the things it does. he wanted to do as quickly as he would have liked.

Asked what that would entail, Starmer replied, “I’m not going to write our manifesto on that program.”

Ghost Communities Secretary Lisa Nandy told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday that even considering bringing Johnson back as prime minister was a sign of “utter hopelessness” within the Conservative Party.

Nandy said: ‘I wouldn’t trust Boris Johnson to run a bath let alone lead the country. He degraded and degraded our politics. He lost all that goodwill from the country and his own colleagues in a very short time.

“It is extraordinary to see Tory MPs who sent him a letter of no confidence just a few weeks ago saying he was not fit for the highest office, now talking openly about trying to bring it back in. This is a sign of absolute utter desperation in the Conservative Party.

Starmer also told the Sunday Times Labor was the ‘sound money’ party as Tory chaos spooked markets.

The remarks came as reports suggested Chancellor Jeremy Hunt could target high earners in his medium-term budget plan in a bid to close an estimated £40billion gap in public finances. Hunt is said to be planning to raise up to £20billion through tax changes, including possibly tightening the capital gains regime.

He could also reintroduce green levies on energy bills, according to the Sunday Telegraph, while savings could be made by scrapping the plan to raise defense spending to 3% of gross domestic product.

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