Kirby and the Forgotten Land should bring back the Crystal Shard Ability Mix

The Nintendo Direct of September 2021 brought some major announcements to fans, and one of the most important was without a doubt Kirby and the Forgotten Country. This will be the second main line Kirby game released on Switch after 2018 Kirby Star Allies, and it will stand out as the franchise’s first full-featured 3D platformer. There have been attempts at the idea, like Kirby: Planet Robobotthe puzzle-based “Kirby 3D Rumble” sub-game and its standalone expansion Kirby’s explosion, corn Forgotten land will take Kirby to the next level.

We don’t know much about Kirby and the Forgotten Country based on its single trailer, which shows the pink puffball waking up on a beach before exploring the post-apocalyptic ruins of what appears to be human society. However, the trailer confirms that Kirby will retain his classic copy abilities, allowing him to absorb certain enemies and use their latent powers. While much of the development of this game will surely focus on perfecting the series’ first release as a 3D platformer, it would benefit from more complex mechanics such as Kirby 64mixing capacity.

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A story of mixing abilities in Kirby

Kirby Star Allies coop

Kirby was unable to copy the abilities when he first appeared on Game Boy; this idea only came with the 1993 NES title Kirby’s Adventure. By sucking up the right enemies, Kirby could breathe fire, become a ball of sparks, swing a sword, and more. The Kirby The series was never particularly difficult, but these copying abilities added more variety to the exploration and puzzle-solving elements – getting a sword to cut a rope, etc.

New copying capabilities have been added over time, but this system has largely remained the same beyond improving aesthetics in the form of hats and infrequent additions like Super star kirby present aids according to specific capacities. Kirby 64: Crystal Shards, arriving on Nintendo Switch Online via its N64 expansion pack, introduced the mechanic of combining Kirby’s abilities by either absorbing two enemies or casting his ability at another enemy. This system allowed for enhanced versions of autonomous powers, such as Burn and Burn creating a super fireball; as well as unique blends, such as Burn and Rock creating a Kirby volcano.

Few games beyond that have experimented with the idea of ​​mixing copy ability, and those that do are less expansive. Kirby: Squeak Squad mainly has combinations of items and weapons, like a fire sword or ice bombs. During this time, Kirby Star Allies asks players to have an assistant imbuing their weapons with elements, as well as more unique mixtures like stone and ice forming an invincible curling stone.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land should revert to the Crystal Shard Ability Mix

Kirby flying down a city street on a Warp Star in Kirby and the Forgotten Country

For as little as the Kirby series has hit the blending ability over its nearly 30 years in the market, the Mechanic offers perhaps the most interesting way to approach both combat and puzzle solving. Squeak squad and Allies of the stars had some interesting takes – for example, a puzzle in Allies of the stars may require a flaming sword to cut a bomb’s wick from the ceiling and ignite it at the same time. However, Crystal shardsThe treatment was the most dynamic and the most interesting because of the number of diverse options it offered.

The reveal trailer Forgotten land shows a number of copy abilities: rolling like a spiked ball and throwing any enemies that get stuck, freezing opponents before pushing them towards others, lighting lanterns with fire, and more. Its Earth-like post-apocalyptic decor suggests Forgotten land could be the spiritual successor of Kirby 64, and with this game coming to Switch Online, there’s no reason not to pay homage by upgrading its mixing mechanic abilities.

Kirby and the Forgotten Country released in spring 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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