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All the “Jeopardy! Nerds were saddened by the loss of game show host Alex Trebek last year. Now testing for a new host is underway.

The game show is fun. When I get a good question, I mentally strut around the room like a banty rooster. When I’m wrong, I’m embarrassed.

I don’t play by the rules. I am not answering in the form of a question. I don’t make noise. I sit on my couch and scream the answers like a wild woman. My house, my rules.

I watched with interest as celebrities try out the host position. Honestly, they have all been at least OK. I’m sure the powers that be wouldn’t let you host unless you have some experience.

I have known all the hopes except one: Aaron Rodgers.

“But who is it?” I asked a friend who is also a “Jeopardy!” nerd. He explained that there is a popular game called football that many watch on TV and Rodgers plays it professionally.

“You don’t say!” I replied, wondering how a football player will know how to pronounce all these foreign phrases. I would not know.

After some research, I realized that I had not given what professional football players needed. Some are pretty smart.

• John Urschel played for the Ravens for three years, but is now pursuing a doctorate. in Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

• Richard Sherman graduated from high school with a GPA of 4.2 before attending Stanford University. After graduating from Stanford, he decided to go back to school and pursue his Masters.

• Myron Rolle, who retired from the NFL in 2013, is a neurosurgery resident at Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital.

• Pat McInally is the only NFL player to achieve a perfect score on the Wonderlic Test, which is a psychological aptitude test that all players take. He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard and founded numerous nonprofit organizations.

Once I saw Rodgers I thought he was too good-looking to be smart, but again I underestimated a man. Even though his voice is a little too soothing, with an IQ of 130, Rodgers is smart enough to animate “Jeopardy!” Otherwise, he might make some of those recordings that help you fall asleep.

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