Local family opens selfie studio in Greece Ridge shopping center

GREECE, NY – Cell phone cameras can take the perfect shot without the help of a professional photographer. Now the owners of a local photography studio are putting their own spin on the smartphone selfie.

At first glance you might think this is your typical photo studio, but once you take a closer look you’ll notice the difference.

“We’re a selfie studio where you take your own photos and videos,” said Glenda Simmons, co-owner of Selfie Studio ROC.

It’s a concept Glenda and Roy Simmons III saw on a trip to Florida. The couple brought the idea back to Rochester, made it their own, and opened Selfie Studio ROC in The Mall at Greece Ridge.

“We spend so much money on these great cameras, why not use them ourselves,” Glenda said.

The studio allows you to take as many photos as you want during the scheduled time, and you can bring your own photographer and backgrounds for your shot.

“Since I also have a large family, it can get expensive,” Roy said. “I’m not a person who just likes a backdrop, and there’s nothing about people who likes something different, I just believe in creativity. And if I can give people an opportunity, listen. , I feel why not. “

The owners say Selfie Studio ROC is truly a family business.

“My whole family is involved, my husband and my two boys, we are able to teach our boys how to run a business, how to deal with customers, I teach my boys how to handle money,” said Glenda.

The family decided to open the business to be together after Roy wanted a safer place during the pandemic.

“I prefer to have my family with me because of everything that is going on, and a lot of people were afraid of COVID, so I stopped working for the hospital as a surgical technician, sterile processor, and I just felt more comfortable being at home and then I could support my family, ”Roy said.

The married couple alternate daily with home schooling for their children while the other manages operations at the studio.

Roy says having his wife as a business partner is amazing.

“I think this is the best opportunity because I can have fun with someone I love,” Roy said.

“I like it because I feed off their energy, my husband and my boys. Like my boys, my oldest wants to learn everything, he wants to be the boss, he wants to learn about money and how to talk to people”, Glenda added.

In fact, his oldest son uses the studio to create videos showing him building legos. A great example of the space used to do almost everything with videos and pictures.

“Our studio is for you to be creative, whatever kind of creative content you want to do,” Glenda said. “People use it for TikTok, music videos, models, head pics, family videos, whatever you think and wanna do you can do it here.”

The first known concept of a selfie studio debuted in New York in 2009.

The new form of photography now has hundreds of different franchises and independent selfie locations around the world in places like Japan, Hong Kong and Europe.

Selfie Studio ROC is an independent, family-owned business that hopes to become a franchisee in the future.

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