Megaphone TV launches new audience engagement feature

Megaphone TV has announced the release of its new feature: Prediction.

The premise of prediction is simple: any event whose outcome is not known in advance can be turned into a game where viewers can predict the outcome.

The prediction will allow broadcasters to improve audience retention and open new doors for sponsorship and advertising.

“Prediction games aren’t new to broadcasting, but they’ve been mostly reserved for big broadcasters with big wallets. What makes Prediction unique is that any broadcaster of any size can enable it, use it and see the results,” says Dan Albritton, CEO of Megaphone TV.

“The most exciting part for me is that Prediction is included with your Megaphone TV subscription. There is no additional cost. It’s just another amazing feature that we provide to broadcasters to achieve the desired results,” says Albritton.

Some early successful users include Sportsnet’s Stanley Cup Finals Predictor and FOX’s Sports Division NBA Playoff campaigns.

Viewers can be asked to predict which team will win, what the first game will be, who will score first, or even who will win the championship at the end of the season.

“Sportscasters are already using Prediction, and they love it,” says Paul Schmidt, Vice President of Customer Success at Megaphone TV. “They’re seeing the number of engagements increase and finding sponsors excited to be part of the games.”

Prediction games can be created, managed and deployed entirely on the Megaphone TV platform without additional hardware or software.

The game takes place on viewers’ mobile or desktop devices, with results instantly available to stream on air or view online via the built-in leaderboard feature.

Prediction is not limited to sports broadcasts.

Prediction games can be created for any content: reality TV, politics, awards shows, dramas; anything that allows the audience to guess a result.

Where Prediction has the most potential for broadcasters is its ability to generate new revenue streams.

Every prediction game can easily be sponsored – on air and online.

Sponsor logos can be integrated into live gameplay (as with any other interactive content created in Megaphone TV), and the digital nature of the game makes Prediction an opportunity for stations to expand sponsorship inventory online.

Megaphone TV simplifies displaying digital offers, capturing leads and collecting valuable activation data for advertisers.

“Nothing increases audience engagement better than adding personal stakes to a game or show,” says Jamie MacDonald, Executive Vice President of Broadcast Solutions at Megaphone TV. “We look forward to Prediction driving audience participation and providing measurable impact to sponsors.”

The prediction is now available to all Megaphone TV subscribers.

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