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This Friday, OSU music industry students and the public will have the opportunity to meet another music legend.

The Michael and Anne Greenwood School of Music at Oklahoma State University will host Scott Hendricks for a “behind the scenes” look at the music production industry at 9 a.m. at the GSM Media Lab. Music students will have the chance to share their music with Hendricks during a mock song pitch workshop.

Afterwards, GSM will host “A Conversation with Scott Hendricks” at 10:30 a.m. at the McKnight Center for the Performing Arts Recital Hall.

Both events are free and open to the public.

Hendricks, an OSU alumnus, earned a degree in architectural acoustics in 1978. He has produced records for more than 30 country music artists, including Blake Shelton, Trace Adkins, Alan Jackson, Faith Hill, Brooks & Dunn and John Michael Montgomery. Hendricks served as CEO and President of the Nashville Divisions of Capital Records and Virgin Records. He is now executive vice president of A&R at Warner Music Nashville. By October, Hendricks had produced 121 Top 10 singles, including 78 at number one.

But what brings Hendricks to the OSU campus is more than just a workshop or a Q&A. It is a culmination on a specific degree offered at OSU that involves much more.

State-of-the-art workshopTucked away on the third floor of Oklahoma State University’s Michael and Anne Greenwood School of Music is a hidden gem.

This is the Dick and Malinda Berry Fischer recording studio, home of student label Poke U Records. It’s also the home of OSU resident artist Jesse Tabish and his band, Other Lives.

According to Associate Professor and Music Industry Program Director Mark Perry, this studio is one of only 10 in the world with a console like this.

You’ve probably never heard of this special place on the OSU campus.

But when GSM was in the planning stages of the music industry program, the school asked Perry to design the studio and plan the equipment they needed. The school wanted a full studio. Perry knew they would need a high level onboarding to make sure the studio was all he needed.

Vintage King, Pro Audio Outfitter, is based in Nashville and is one of the world’s top audio and video engineering specialists.

“We put (the project) out to tender, and Vintage King won the tender,” Perry said.

Hendricks will see the Greenwood School of Music and the new studio firsthand.

Made it to Billboard’s list of top business schoolsRecently, the Michael and Anne Greenwood School of Music at Oklahoma State University was featured in BillboardAmerica’s largest music industry magazine.

Billboard charts include Billboard Global 200 chart and Artist 100 chart. In their article, they highlighted other schools like Abbey Road Institute in London, Belmont University – Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business and Berklee College of Music in Boston.

And there, among the list of top colleges and institutions where the music industry influences the shape of America, the Michael and Anne Greenwood School of Music is listed.

Perry was the galvanizing force behind the music industry program and state-of-the-art recording studio. Its new facilities opened to the public in 2021.

“Most people don’t even know we have this recording studio or this degree,” Perry said.

The Music Industry Diploma officially began in 2017, but Perry helped from the start, developing the program and ensuring it met the requirements, both at the regent level at OSU and at the state level. The program is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

“Any time you have a change in your program offerings, you have to go through a process to meet the standards of the National Association of Schools of Music,” Perry said.

Perry was hired to develop the music program at Oklahoma State University, and he thought he would do mostly country music. But when it started, there wasn’t much emphasis on that genre. Now there is.

“I consider myself the ‘mother of the program,'” he said.

Perry said he’s been careful to keep Billboard informed of what’s going on in the program and is thrilled that they’re featuring GSM as one of the top business schools for music.

GSM makes a name for itselfGSM is now the second largest and fastest growing music program at Oklahoma State University.

Part of the reason is the school’s access to amazing talent like Scott Hendricks. In 2000 Hendricks was inducted into the Oklahoma State University Hall of Fame and in 2015 he was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. He was also inducted by Blake Shelton into Oklahoma’s highest honor, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2021.

But others have joined the OSU faculty. Adjunct professor Zac Maloy is originally from Stillwater but lives in Nashville and visits campus once or twice a year. Grammy-winning sound engineer Trent Bell lives and operates a recording studio in Norman. His band Chainsaw Kittens was part of the American alternative rock scene of the 90s.

The Michael & Anne Greenwood School of Music lists the Bachelor of Science in Music Industry as one that “serves students interested in careers in music production, songwriting, live entertainment, and music entrepreneurship” .

In addition to offering a record label, GSM provides a music publisher, concert promotion and music product divisions. Students interested in careers in music production, music publishing, live entertainment, and merchandising can take courses in musicianship, music technology, and music entrepreneurship. Additionally, music industry students have the opportunity to start an MBA program in their senior year through the Spears School of Business.

“Music executives tell me that students also need to take business classes, so they don’t get taken advantage of later,” Perry said. “Not everyone has the ability to perform or play music, but there is a music industry support structure. There is an opportunity for them to continue working in the music industry. music.

The chance to meet Hendricks and learn about the music industry up close is one that Perry hopes his students and the public will take advantage of.

“As a native of Clinton, Oklahoma, and alumnus of OSU, Scott Hendricks will serve as an inspiration to my music industry majors, proving that it is possible to be successful in the music industry. “, Perry said in a press release. “He will share his story, but also touch on the current state of the music industry, which he knows so well.”

For more information about the music industry event or program at Greenwood School of Music, visit music.okstate.edu or call 405-744-6133.

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