Mix and match so-called “safe and effective” booster injections

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA / KFTA) – The National Institutes of Health released a study that found mixing and matching of COVID-19 vaccine booster shots is safe and effective.

According to the report, all of the boosters created an increase in antibody levels. Patients who initially received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine saw stronger immune responses when they received boosters from Moderna or Pfizer.

Moderna and Pfizer patients have seen similar levels of effectiveness with either company’s booster shots.

“It would definitely allow people to get a recall much more easily,” said state epidemiologist Dr. Jennifer Dillaha.

This research still needs more research from scientists, but Dr Dillaha said the evidence so far is encouraging.

“It makes sense to me because each of these vaccines boost the immune system against the enriched protein, so whether one stimulates the enriched protein or the other, the immune response will be really similar,” she said. .

Meanwhile, the FDA advisory board has approved lower doses of Moderna booster and Johnson and Johnson booster.

“If they hadn’t had the Moderna booster approved by – I was setting myself a deadline of around mid-November – I was going to make arrangements to get the other one,” Lisa Neihouse said.

Neihouse is a teacher in the Alma School District. She said that despite studies suggesting the mixture of injections was safe, she was going to get the Moderna shot now that she has been approved by the FDA panel.

“I didn’t want to go into the winter months at the risk of being locked up with people in Arkansas not wearing masks – which is fine with me – but, not wearing a mask and having to be inside.” , I didn’t want to take this chance to get sick, ”she said.

This is not the last step for the Moderna or J&J recall. A CDC panel is yet to meet to go over details on exactly who can get the snapshots. These decisions are subject to the approval of the CDC. The panel is expected to meet next week.

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