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John Harris ‘article (Tories’ Fatal Weakness Is Not Seeing Kindness In Most People, December 19) contained the ever-green quote from the group Brittania Unchained (definitely not Unhinged): “Once they come in in the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world. Your photo showed public employees in Downing Street Garden standing and chatting, with wine and cheese on hand, at a so-called ‘business meeting’. Having retired from the NHS, where alcohol consumption on hospital property was prohibited due to its effects on work performance, and late working hours meant working hard overnight morning rather than a balmy evening, I applaud the Prime Minister for promulgating the view of the Brittania Unhinged group even within government itself.
Dr Jonathan J Ross

I was 18 when I first entered a Covid department. I started the year studying cells and chemistry with my sixth grade friends and ended it by putting on scrubs myself in the small staff toilets, preparing to cross the red line. I sat in a corner as a nurse asked if a family wanted to learn how to put on PPE so they could see their daughter. “No,” they replied. They had already done this several times. Today was goodbye.

Later that morning, in a grim silence interrupted only by the hum and beep of the rescue equipment, I helped take a woman to the morgue. It was my fourth trip of the day, but this time I noticed the patient’s etiquette said she was barely much older than me. I took my break on my own, to protect myself and others.

That evening, I bought myself a pizza and ate it in a parking lot by the sea. The police quickly came and told me to go home. Maybe I should have worn a suit and said it was a business meeting.
Louis sanderson
Exeter, Devon

Thank you for your photo of the Downing Street party. Earlier, I wrote to the Independent Police Complaints Commission urging it to investigate the Met’s behavior in failing to investigate possible Covid violations. Alas, it seems I can’t complain. Today he emailed me saying, “To be eligible you must either be a person directly affected by the conduct of the police, a person who has been affected by the conduct of the police, or a person who has been affected by the conduct of the police. person who witnessed the driving firsthand. Anyone who has knowledge of police conduct through a third party or, through a medium such as television, will not be witnessed or harmed. “

So despite the image that still raises my blood pressure, there is nothing I can do.
Margaret squires
St Andrews, Fife

If this meeting was a business meeting, why was the future Mrs Johnson present? Alternatively, since she was present, doesn’t that confirm that she has, as many suspected, an influence on the Prime Minister’s decisions?
Honor Cooper

If it was a meeting, is it likely that someone somewhere is taking the minutes?
Eleanor Jardine

I hear Jim Royle from here in Lincoln: “Work meets my ass!” And I agree with him.
David Cordingley

Mix the wine with the work at No 10? For some of us, wine is essential at work, at least on Sundays.
Father Ed Hone
Dean, St Edmund’s College, Cambridge

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