Nanlite releases six-color Forza 60C RGBLAC monolight

May 19, 2022

Nanlite has announced the new Forza 60C RGBLAC monolight, which includes RGBLAC six-color mixing technology, for both stills and video shoots.

The Forza 60C LED light has integrated, ‘Additional lime/amber/cyan LED beads in the traditional RGB light source to fundamentally solve the problem of the light’s incomplete color spectrum, while also achieving the daylight spectrum.’

Saturation boosts significantly for colors other than RGB in HSI mode, meaning Forza 60C would deliver, “Best in class color rendering compared to other RGB/RGBW/RGBWW LED lights, delivering full spectrum, wider color gamut, more accurate color reproduction and more subtle light/color quality.”

The Nanlite Forza 60C mounted on a softbox

The Nanlite Forza 60C mounted on a 60 FMM Softbox

Six-color mixing technology

A Nanlite spokesperson told AP, ‘It joins our popular range of ultra-compact FM-mount LED lights alongside the Forza 60, 60B and 150 – but the 60C brings a special new capability to the table: it features advanced six-color mixing technology that provides a highly accurate light with an ultra-wide 1800K-20000K CCT range and the ability to deliver particularly rich and vibrant colors.’

The application of the RGBLAC system was achieved by overcoming multiple technical difficulties.

The 60C is said to optimize the light source distribution and structure design, to avoid uneven illumination in use.

The power of each LED bead has been ‘scientifically calibrated’ to ensure that the light has 60W power consumption for all colors, and the illuminance discrepancy between different colors becomes a thing of the past.

Thanks to the natural advantages of concentrating light in one point and distributing it evenly in the space, the Forza 60C is supposed to bring, “Unprecedented flexibility in lighting control, making it ideal for film and video production, music video production, high-end commercial portrait production and live streaming, wherever they require all precise CCT/HUE/GM tuning control.”

The Nanlite Forza 60C Kit

The Nanlite Forza 60C Kit

Nanlite Forza 60C – main characteristics

  • High illuminance: ([email protected], at 5600K), output 60W
  • Lamp head weight: 1.08kg
  • CCT range: 1,800K-20,000K with ±100 G/M adjustment
  • IRC: Average 96, TLCI: Average 95; TM-30 RF: Average 95; JM-30 Rg: Average 100
  • Support FM Nanlite: same light shaping mount as FORZA 60/60B
  • Built-in practical effects: HUE Loop, CCT Loop, INT Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, Police Car, TV, Paparazzi, Candle/Fire, Disco, Bad Bulb, Firework, Explosion and Welding
  • L-bracket: facilitates adjustment with a 330° rotation
  • Lighting support: DC adapter / battery grip with NPF batteries / V-mount battery with D-tap cable
  • Silent fan: intelligent temperature control system
  • Firmware updates: via the USB port on the luminaire body

Price and availability

The Nanlite Forza 60C will have a UK SRP of £677 (including VAT) and will be available to buy from early June 2022.

To learn more, visit the Nanlite website.

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