Net zero mixed-use residential building next reading

The Council votes in favor of the third reading after public hearing.

A housing and office development in downtown Squamish has overcome most of its hurdles to become a reality.

On March 15, council voted unanimously in favor of the third reading of a rezoning application for a development known as The Dogwoods which will be located at 37781 and 37799 Second Avenue.

After a brief presentation and public hearing, at which Cameron Cope, general manager of developer ReGen Homes, spoke on behalf of the development and another downtown resident also expressed support, council voted to move on. final adoption.

“The Dogwoods is an innovative mixed-use building that complements the neighborhood’s creative roots,” said Cope.

ReGen Homes is seeking to rezone I-1 Light Industrial Land into MUD-2 Creative Zone. Moving to a MUD-2 zone would allow the proposed four-story mixed-use building.

The building would include 20 apartments on the top two floors, two office floors and a public use area on the second floor above an enclosed parking lot. An art mural will be located on the east side. In addition, the project will be built to a net zero or equivalent energy efficiency standard and no natural gas will be used in the building units.

In addition, four of the 20 apartments should be rented at market price: two with one bedroom, one with two bedrooms and one with three bedrooms.

“To be perfectly frank, this one is easy for me and easier than many decisions we face,” Coun said. Doug Race, adding that multifunctionality and imagination got his support.

“I think this building will fit very well there, so I’m happy to support that.”

Com. Jenna Stoner said the net zero energy standard, no gas covenant, rainwater retention and reuse system, and provision of level two electric vehicle chargers for all seating residential parking lots were additions that are built for the future.

“Thank you to the promoter for their creativity, to the staff for pushing the case forward, and I can’t wait to see it build,” she said.

Com. John French also believed that the building was designed to consider environmental impacts in the future.

“This project represents for me the future of development and moving it forward is the right thing to do. I believe we will revisit this project in the future and agree that this building has raised the bar in Squamish,” he said.

“I expect this building to inspire other developers to rethink their building plans.”

“We talk about building for the future, but our future is now,” said Mayor Karen Elliott. “And so absolutely, this building sets the bar.”

The final adoption of the rezoning will be presented at a future council meeting.

For more information on the building, please visit ReGen.Homes or read our past coverage.

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