Neumann’s KH 150 studio monitors offer built-in DSP

Neumann, founded over 100 years agohave long manufactured and supplied some of the finest audio production equipment and have just unveiled their latest KH 150 studio monitors. world-class microphones – many of which can cost several thousand dollars with a little more user-friendly options in the sub $1,000 interval – Neumann also offers a line of rented studio monitors which is growing today, with the latest model as well as some interesting built-in DSP features, a first for this product family. Head below for a more in-depth review.

New Neumann KH 150 studio monitors

The new KH 150 studio monitors are due out next month. There are two variants here: the standard KH 150 version and the KH 150 AES67 version, which includes redundant AES67 audio network ports to work with ST 2110 redundancy, ST 2022-7 redundancy and RAVENNA broadcast protocols.

Standard KH 150 monitors feature a high resolution tweeter similar to previous models in the range, alongside an updated 6.5-inch woofer that brings what Neumann calls an “exceptionally flat” frequency response from 36Hz to 20.4kHz. With a focus on adding minimal color and audio exaggeration so you get a clear idea of ​​what’s going into them and subsequently outputting them to your studio, the brand says that are ideal for critical listening, EDM, urban music and film score productions.

There’s also new patent-pending amp technology that delivers up to 145W to the woofer and 100W to the tweeter, plus an auto-standby feature that reduces idle power consumption to 0.3W .

The rear panel houses all of your typical controls and I/O that you would expect to see on a professional-grade studio monitor speaker, including analog and digital XLR S/PDIF connectivity as well as EQ controls, source selection and a ground lift switch. Pretty much all of this can also be controlled with the companion software on your local network.

Alongside the brand’s Mathematically Modeled Dispersion waveguide technology to match the space the speakers reside in, Neumann has also equipped the KH 150 studio monitors with internal DSP technology.

But the KH 150 goes much further: its internal DSP enables room calibration via Neumann’s revolutionary automatic monitor alignment. MA 1 (sold separately) ensures that your DSP-powered monitors are perfectly matched to the character of your room and perfectly calibrated for your listening position. Even in acoustically treated rooms, this results in a huge improvement. Tonal compatibility with other studio monitors from the KH line allows the KH 150 to be used in mixed setups, for example in surround/immersive setups. For flexible connectivity, the KH 150 has analog and digital inputs.

The new Neumann KH 150 studio monitor speakers will go on sale next month, starting with $1,750. Take a closer look and more details on the official site.

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